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“Is going on guys welcome back to the channel. If you re new around here here like subscribe and let s get into these stories entitled mum tries to rip friends hearing aid off. So this story is my friends story. So i will be telling it like it is her talking in the first person so i m deaf.

I have been since birth at this point of the story. I have recently got hearing aids. If you don t know hearing aids take a few weeks even months to get accustomed to now onto the story around this time. I was moving from my old apartment to my current house and i was told to put something in the movers truck after i was done i got those key cars.

He used to scan and get into the apartment now. I wasn t looking. But apparently there was a mum and kid behind me so i just opened the door for myself and walked off now i would like to note as well that since i m adjusting to the hearing aid this means that some noises can get loud for me behind me. I hear someone yell excuse.

Me. Which not gonna lie hurt. My ear. A bit yeah.

That would hurt anyone s here. I turn around. And there stood. An entitled mum and her child who looked about 10 or 11.

Hi. Sorry is there something wrong you nearly hit. My son and i with the door. You should have been more careful.

Oh. I m really sorry mum. Maybe. If you took out that stupid blue tooth out of your ear.

Maybe you d be able to know what is going on around you i was confused at first then i realised. She was talking about my hearing aid. Oh. No mom.

This is a hearing aid don t lie to me. I know that s a blue tooth. My friend has one i knew this conversation was not going to fix what she thought so i just shrugged her off. You would think that this story would be over that this is a karen.

We re talking about as i m about to leave the lady says you know since you attacked us with that door. You should give that bluetooth as compensation now..

I m not sure what thought process she was going on and how dumb she was but i should have expected it what no it s a hearing aid don t lie to me give it to me. Her kid stepped in and being a genius kid. Said mom that is a hearing aid she needs her shut up kid. Now give me your bluetooth.

The entitled mum. Then grabs. My shoulders and tries to rip the hearing aid off of me i tried to push her away and her kid tried pulling her off me. But eeehm was determined to get my hearing aid.

It was also hurting a bit from the hearing aid. Luckily a person who lives in the apartment. Who also is my friend s mom saw what happened and went to get the landlord. I was really shaken up and began to cry the landlord was called and threatened to call the cops or harassment on e m and banned her she didn t live at the apartments.

Thank goodness i moved out that very day yeah that seems like quite a wise decision to me moving on to our next story. Now this one comes from my own subreddit our slash relative whitey by the way if you wanna post fanart like this one on the subreddit. You now can images have been enabled entitled aunt tries to destroy my hard earned anime merch context. I have been an otaku for about 10 years now notes that i m 18.

And i have collected bots anime merch during that time now for those of you that don t know and attack. You is people who prefer to be in their rooms. All day binge. Watching reading anime growing up with independent parents such as my mum and dad is not easy.

I had to manage my money always when i was a kid whenever mum gave me my allowance and even had to start my part time job with empty pockets again and note. That my parents are really nice. People they just tend to be that way in raising me okay. Now let s move on to the story stuff this happened only yesterday yes.

Yesterday. It was my grandfather s birthday and we ll announcing a will is a paper where s and bs are put so being the great many years. He hadn t many guests it included my entire to dance and two cousins now i am very close to one of my cousins. Who was the older one between my ei skits.

He was 17 and is also an otaku we got along very well and we re currently watching inuyasha. Which is a rated 13 anime because of how gruesome. It is it contained blood and violence. So it was surely not suitable for kids under the age of 13 in comes.

My entitled cousin. The convo is as follows ah dude have you ever tried knocking who i have no time for nothing i want to know what big brother is watching we re watching something not suitable for you lil sis. I can handle hot stuff they even scare. Me says the one who fainted from trick or treating last year look it s rated 13.

I m only a year away can t you make an exception big brother you see your nice cousin has already told you that it isn t for kids. So just do what your big brother tells you know you guys and mean these i m gonna tell mummy and then she stomped off me..

And my nice cousin shrugged it off as both of us experienced how spoiled that brat was she is still 12. And she already knows how to disrespect those older than her. Except. The granddad is she is very scared of him we continued watching and we were on the part where the mc was on live.

So i hugged on my very limited edition low key 54 body pillow when we hear my door room slam open enter the entire to dance. I heard you didn t want to let my angel watch and you young man you know better than to be an ignorant brother. But shut your f up. You little idiot you re also gonna regret making my angel not watch your stupid cartoons mum leave her out of it she s done nothing wrong and neither of i the cartoon.

You re talking about has extreme violence show. Me first. Insert smug looking entitled cousin behind. Her.

I give. Her the macbook and played the part. Where mc starts killing people randomly with blood spewing all over the place. The two s faces were pale as a ghost yep inagaki.

She is very violence. I expected my entitled anne to just admit. Defeat. When my mac flew to the other side of my room my eyes burned in anger as i stood up dropping my body pillow that banshee mother effer through my mac.

What the f you can t just do that to someone s property. How dare you show me in my daughter. That disgusting cartoon. Wait till your mother hears about this she was bold to assume mum was going to do something to me mum.

Already knows what i watch. And what i read so she doesn t really care she won t care and i stopped went to the door and gave her a smug look. I don t think you ll be on the will once grandfather hears about what you just did didn t you know that macbook was from him from his heart. She looked horrified and was paler than she was earlier my nice cousin didn t give a dang about what happening and was currently checking my macbook for some cracks after i told.

My grandfather. What happened as i expected he removed the karen and her brat out of the will i specifically told. My grandfather that my nice cousin should not be removed when i came back to my room. I saw my nice cousin holding back his mom who was holding scissors from my mergers and loki was on the very first place.

I immediately dash in front of that van sheet and got a sliced cheek. If she tried to assault me with it when i pushed her away. I was furious as anything that lady was backing up as she saw me i was always the silent normal girl out there. But when it comes to these situations where my handsome bishan ends are in trouble.

I would become something that s meaner than a demon. So i gave her two slaps one in each direction her cheeks were red..

But i wasn t satisfied and was going to punch her when i was stopped by my dad they must have heard the commotion as my room was just above. The kitchen floor and all the screaming and bustling of our actions must have been very evident below calm down dear. How the f can i calm down. She tried to effing destroy all my hard earned belongings.

Then my mom got involved how dare you this is the second time. You ve done this we wouldn t have even invited you if it weren t for my papa. My grandfather she forced us to see violence there was all blood and my asia was behind me watching as well and then my nice cousin her son snapped can you just shut the f. Up.

It was your choice not to believe us when we told you it was rated 13. Don t you put the blame on opie. My mom was glaring daggers at the entire tour dance. This is the last time he set foot near my daughter again if you ever think about hurting her again.

All bugging her. I will not hesitate to call the police then my entire dance. That s begging at my mom before she notices that my dad was also here brother what are you even doing with this lady. Why aren t you standing up for me okay now.

This is where it gets violence as you may not know my mom is the type of woman who can defend herself. Because her mother was very skilled at taekwondo and she has a short temper. Which just adds to how scary she is whenever she s angry so my mom gave a forceful slap towards my entitled aunt now she was going to run when my mum pulls her hair making her fall on the floor. As she continues to slap her my mum was shouting like this this is for every time.

You call me loads of bad words. And this effing slap is for hurting. My daughter. Yes.

My mum is a scary person note that me my dad and my two cousins were just watching my nice. Cousin was saying to the entitled cousin his sister not to interrupt or she ll end up like her mother beat up and blasted after that events. My mum filed a restraining order against my entitled aunt while my dad cut ties with her i pity. My grandfather since he really expected ea to behave and have changed.

He sees the good in everyone i know that what happened was a bit overboard. But our family in ea s family have a long history maybe i ll tell you guys that sometime. But for now. I m writing this hugging my low key body pillow in my arms well that was a little bit more violent than i had expected.

But yeah interesting nonetheless again thanks to a mezzo record 19 for posting this on our r. Editor. Yt and now for our final story of this video at age 9. I was forced to stay home from our three day school trip.

Because of entitled parents and it broke my heart and had lasting effects on my life as a child. I was involved in a washington..

Dc private school. So kids are politicians diplomats. Lawyers. Doctors.

Etc. Were there the school charged an insane amount for tuition and expected parents to pay thousands extra in feel slash donations and took the kids on their choice of for two week trips art in europe skiing in new hampshire. Scuba diving and balaji in australia every year that costs tens of thousands one girl s mom. I bought a darkroom and camera equipment for the school so her daughter could learn photography.

These parents and their kids were beyond entitled my parents could afford the tuition. But that was a stretch for them so we weren t viewed as being especially valuable to the school. My school was taking each grade on a three day trip that they got us psyched up for all year. The teacher asked each child to list their 5 top choices for roommates.

The week before the trip. My mum got a call from the principal. I was nosy so i picked up two and listened on the conversation basically. She said well none of the kids want your daughter in their cabin.

They just don t like her we suggest that it would be a nice thing to do. But the parents that think they re children should be forced to be with someone they disliked. We don t have enough cabins to put her in one by herself so you should just keep her home. I was devastated like nine years old completely heartbroken in tears.

They didn t want their children to be uncomfortable. But it s okay for a nine year old girl to know that no one likes her and her school doesn t care how she feels i refused to go back to school. I was so ashamed i thought shattered and stupid and worthless that was the beginning of a downslide into depression. I had been told by those kids for years that i was worthless stupid ugly and one year.

I did a report on being adopted and let me tell you the kids had a field day with that but the realization that not one single person was in my corner. Not even the teachers it just broke me i believe them all i was worthless at age 12. My parents put me in a residential hospital school for kids with severe depression. I am now 35 and i have a good life wonderful friends great kids and i foster all kinds of abandoned and unwanted animals well good for you life is good.

I am loved and i am happy. But i still get choked up thinking back to that phone call. If those bratty kids and their entitled parents well i for one have never seen so many entitled parents in one post. I can t believe you go out of that and still have a happy life to this day that honestly would have ruined the majority of kids.

Anyway. That is the end of this video. I hope you enjoyed it if you did remember to subscribe. We re closing in on two hundred thousand subscribers.

If you want more content click the video on screen right away and i will see you in a ” ..

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