R7 240: Modern Games and Benchmarks

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“R7 240. Is sold in store shelves with the gt 734 right around me 50 50 to 60 price. Point. So is it worth.

It is it any better than gt. 730. Is it worth getting what kind of games can it play the ground. And we ll be answering all of those questions.

Very shortly. But first a little bit more about the card itself the card that you actually see here is in our 5 to 40 that i got for 40 nu online. The only difference between an hour 5 to 40 and the r7 240 is that the r5 240 is an oem equivalent reference design. Card as far as the stats go.

They are exactly the same and as far as the stats of this card are concerned. It is the smallest and weakest gcn architecture card made and has 320 stream processors at a 780 megahertz clock with one or two gigabytes of gddr5 this particular card only has one gigabyte the card is also sporting a 128 bit memory bus with a memory bandwidth of 72 gigabytes per second putting it on par to a little bit. Behind. The gk 208 version of the gt.

730 and a little bit faster. Than. The gf 108 version. In addition.

It has a very major power consumption of 30 watts making it ideal for those systems..

But don t have any extra power to spare just like the gt 730. We are going to see at what settings. If at all the games that we will be testing our playable at m speaking of games. We will be benching follow four resident evil.

7. Dying light skyrim doom and of course grand theft auto. 5 to be sure we are getting the best performance possible we are using the latest real id crimson drivers from amd so that s enough talking for now let s get onto the benches on fallout. 4.

At 720p low. We got a solid 32 fps when liberating some mirelurks the framerate held pretty steady only dropping down to 25. When the grenades got grenading. It s actually a pretty pleasant experience at these settings and is pretty comparable to the good variant of the gt 730.

Which only got 4 fps higher on average at these settings in resident evil. 7. 720p low settings. We got a very playable.

A ver 50 fps as this game. Really isn t a twitch shooter. You might be able to bump a couple of the settings. A little bit higher.

If you re willing to sacrifice a little bit of the framerate admittedly the game doesn t look great at these settings..

And maybe a little bit higher vram version of this card would fare better in this title. Dying. Life is a great fast paced. Zombie survival mixed with a little bit of mirror s edge.

And as such it likes a fast framerate. However this card struggles to keep the framerate above. 30. At 720p low settings and only managed an average of 28 was it dipping down to 12 fps during those critical moments.

However in some less demanding areas the game managed to reach 55 fps. It may not be a pleasant experience. However the game is still playable on this card a game that isn t playable. However is doom.

We drop the settings to the absolute minimum at 720p with a 50 render scale. The game looks absolutely abysmal and has a frame rate to boot with it only achieving a 21 fps. Average a 12 fps minimum and a 36 fps max. It isn t really playable and when the gory gibbs got ruth in the game seemed to shrug like a frat boy on a keg making everything slow down like a painfully pixelized portrayal from the matrix s bullet time.

Although that can be fun in its own right. It s not the best way to play the game skyrim did fare a bit better with this card managing to play it at 1080p medium settings with a nice average of 31. However this does compare quite unfavorably to the gk 208 gti 730. Which was able to play the exact same scene at max settings with a slightly higher 33 fps.


The r7 240 might have an ace up its sleeves. Though but we ll get to that in a little bit. But finally we have gta. 5.

At 720p minimum settings. We got a respectable 46 fps average with it only ever dipping down to 27. And it reached as high as 61. Again the gddr5 variant of the gt 730 trounced.

The r7 240 with an average frame rate of almost double at these settings earlier. I mentioned that the r7 240 had an ace up its sleeve. And what i was referring to was this ability to pair with an apu in dual graphics giving the computer essentially crossfire between your onboard apu graphics and your r7 240 and i did just that i took the r7 240 out of the benchmarking rig and put it in my amd a8. 7670.

Ka. Pu the apu is a quad core with only a 39. Gigahertz boost clock with 384 stream processors clocked at 757 megahertz. The apu is also using 2 gigabytes of shared ddr3 1600 s.

The graphics. It s actually quite interesting to note that the onboard graphics for the cpu are just as powerful memory withstanding than the r7 240. This seems all well and good however amd unfortunately stops supporting dual graphics and their crimson drivers meaning i had to find a version of the catalyst drivers that supported this while making sure that the drivers weren t too old and out of date. Luckily after hours of searching.

I did manage find new latest catalyst drivers they made before switching the crimson anyhow with that out of the way..

I began benchmarking again to see if we would see any improvements in our frame rates as you can see surprisingly the frame rates and all but one of the titles actually got worse this can probably be attributed in part due to a weaker cpu. This is amplified by the fact that crossfire is very cpu intensive and when paired with a weak cpu. The frame rates will suffer. However the main thing driving the lower frame rates is most likely the drivers.

Most people liken amd cards to fine wine. Because over time with driver improvements their cards get better and better and better. However with these old catalyst drivers. The card is more like old milk.

So it just goes to show how important good drivers actually are anyhow that s what you can expect from the r7 240. It can play most modern triple a titles. If you re willing to drop the settings and resolutions. Quite a bit.

I can t however recommend that anybody spend money on a new one it was a great little card for its day. But its day is finally up so thank you folks for watching and make sure to stick around for next time. When we test these two tenacious tried and true champions and a fantastic brain filled fight to the finish so as always thank you folks for watching and may your frame rates be high in your prices low. And i ll catch you folks next time ” .


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