R7 360 Benchmarks in 2018! — Great BUDGET Graphics Card

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“Here is the r7 360 and although it released as a budget graphics card in in 2015. It s quickly becoming an easy to find gpu for around 50 bucks ebay today. We re gonna see if it s worth it here in 2018 by benchmarking ten games. Let s get into it hey welcome to zach s tech turf.

Today. We re gonna be taking a look at the r7 360. And seen if it s worth your money here in 2018. And if you want to see more graphics car videos or pc building videos then hit that subscribe button down below and also that notification bell that way you never miss an episode.

But yeah let s start checking this thing out this specific r7 360 that we re testing today is a 2 gigabyte gddr5 version from power color and it s rockin a core clock of 1060 megahertz and it actually does support directx. 12. A lot of websites say that this curve requires a 500 watt power supply like most older amd graphics cards this thing definitely isn t power efficient but i have read online that a lot of people say something a little bit less like a 450 watt psu will work there is also a 6 pin power supply connector here so be aware of that if you re planning on throwing this in a super budget office desktop or something and before getting into the benchmarks. I do want to keep this introduction short.

I just wanted to quickly mention that i found this card personally for 50 dollars using the mark re app and after taking a quick browse through ebay at only the sold items this card is going anywhere from 40. All the way up to 80. So it doesn t look like it s that hard to find at a good price our testing rig for today is rocking a risin 520 600. X.

Which actually does outclassed this budget gpu..

But this way we can see exactly how far we can push this graphics card. It s also packin eight gigabytes of ddr4 ram clocked at two thousand nine hundred and thirty three megahertz and the games are installed only one terabyte western digital hard drive. Our first game up was fortnight of course and here. I personally kept the settings at 1080p in medium with an 80 resolution scale.

And that yielded eight nice 83 frames per second you could crank the scale up to 100 if you wanted to but i like to make sure i stay above 60 for games like this next up with csgo. One that also requires a higher frame rate. Obviously and like most of my other benchmarking videos. I put the settings at 1080p high with no anti aliasing here i averaged 182 frames per second and even the one percent low stayed at 118 keep in mind that csgo is definitely a cpu dependent game so the rison.

5. Definitely helped here next up was dota. 2. And here i kept the settings at high or that third notch from the left and here.

I averaged 79 fbi please ignore my terrible gameplay with the bots. Because as you guys probably know by now i have no idea what i m doing in this game. Player. Unknowns battlegrounds.

Was up next also with some terrible gameplay mind you and here in order to stay at 1080p..

I had to crank the settings down to very low. But i did manage to score 50 fps. This is also a very cpu dependent game so if you re pairing this card with a more budget cpu. You re probably gonna have to knock it down to 720p rocket league was up next and the r7 360.

Did a perfect job in my opinion with this one i put the settings at 1080p and high quality with high detail and i averaged a very smooth 66 fps another smooth one was grand theft auto. 5. And in 1080p and normal settings. Which is the lowest mind you i averaged an impressive 81 fps doom was up next.

And i actually just beat this game. Finally. And i m gonna be talking about it in my upcoming gaming series and in 1080p low settings. The r7 360.

Could crank out an average of 45 fps doom is about as gpu dependent as games can get. And as you can see in the upper left hand corner the gp was cranking away at 100 utilization the very beautiful sim racerx. 2. Was up next.

I liked including this game..

Because it looks great even on low settings with budget hardware and in 1080p with low settings. And no anti aliasing at average 74 fps. The brand new far cry. 5.

Was up next and with the ingame benchmarking tool at 1080p and low. I only cranked out 37 fps far cry. 5. Is definitely a tough one to run.

I was honestly impressed that it even averaged above 30. But if you want closer to that 60 fps mark. You ll have to crank it down to 720p and finally our last game on this list is pretty much in the exact same boat as far cry. 5.

And that s assassin s creed origins. Which is very demanding to run in 1080p and very low settings with no anti aliasing. We could only squeeze out 29 fps overall. I m actually pretty impressed by this super budget r7 360.

I never really considered this graphics card when it first came out on the market mostly because it was just a rebranded 260..

But now that it s only about 50 bucks. I would say that it s worth it as long as you have a beefy enough power supply. I personally wouldn t set out a goal of tracking one of these down for your next build. But if you happen to stumble upon a deal like i did and it fits your price range.

I would go for it well that wraps up my review of the r7 360. Here in 2018. Be sure let me know down in the comments section. If you want to see their gpus review.

Like this and also don t forget that i m doing a huge collaboration video with other tech youtubers like nerd on a budget towstee. Bros and tech. By matt and a few others so check out this video. If you haven t already well hope you guys enjoyed this video.

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