RAY PRICE CONCERT … Archive Footage .. 720p HD

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“And welcome to this special never before seen concert footage of ray price during the the period of 1984 to 1989. A virtual who s who have superstars from the of country music s performed at doc severinsen in oklahoma city oklahoma. Many of the shows were videotaped for in health promotion. Now for the next 10 years.

These video masters set boxed and storage and were largely forgotten now kathy. Bartel doyle. Who ran camera and directed many of the shows at doc s never forgot about them kathy states. These videos were always very special to me all the artists loved performing the docs and were there to play for the crowds not the cameras.

So the video is allowed an unguarded look at the artist that is missing from most live performance videos today. She felt it was time for people to see them and enjoy all the special moments captured in time to refine sophistication of ray price along with this cherokee cowboys fan made this performance one of the best shows ever held at doc s his smooth vocal delivery was strong and pure as he sang hit after hit. This is the only ray price full concert video that has ever been on the market folks. This is a real treat sit back and enjoy the raindrops.

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Like in addition to you in case. You didn t catch it on the first show on the still guitar back after many years from being away from us. We re proud to have him back from buta texas. Jimmy day ladies and young a guitar player from albuquerque new mexico now makes his home and nashville tennessee.

Wait kirby ladies enjoy a new member just recently joined the band. We re happy to have him with us is gonna do a great job. You can look for him in the near future last welcome for san antonio boy bruce. This day.

Our percussionist comes from mozilla noise. The nice looking plays were joe holding from decatur. Texas bay omar s ladies and gentleman from denton..


Texas rob flicking from right here in oklahoma. City. Robin gummy and the mighty joe young from oklahoma city. Women.

Together. And i swear not least from del rio. Texas will cisco their own there s a song we get earlier on the first show. It s a song that i feel really very happy that i found this song.

I ve just recorded. I think it s a real great one we sincerely hope you like it the lawyer spoke our minds today swap papers in their legal way start at the beginning of the end and as they searched each other s minds probing for some bottom lines and thinking they re the only ones. Who we need as they start to push and shove divide up the spoils of love deciding. What suppose to go to do a voice down deep inside and tones of stone reality.

Says what am i gonna do without you what am i gonna do without you what am i gonna do without how can i keep hanging on when there s no one to hang on to what am i gonna do with it s funny at a time like this how your minds inclined to reminisce thinking about how it was before the velvet nights of quiet days. The candle line and loving ways that vanished for the slamming of a door. I actors will be shown. We just won t let each other know we ll save our fry and hide away the true blind both the part and legged as i can keep our heart from singing.

What am i going to do without you what am i gonna do what am i gonna do without how can i keep holding on when there s no one to hold on to what am i gonna do without what am i gonna do without you thank you don t look so sad. I know it s over but life goes on and the soul world will keep on turning let s just be glad. We had some time to spend together there s no need to watch the bridges that we re birdee lair. Upon my pillow.

Hold your warm and tender body close to mine. Here. The whisper of the raindrops blowing song against the window and make me leave you lovely one more time for the good time i ll get along you ll find another and i ll be here. If you should find you ll ever need me don t say a word about tomorrow our forever.

There ll be time enough for sadness. When you leave me. Upon my pillow. Hold your warm and tender body.

Most of mine here the whisper of the raindrops blowing song against the window and make me leave you one more time for the good time about you the gentleman. ” ..

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