Razer Phone Rugged Case – Unboxing and Review! (4K)

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“Protective case for the razor phone now i got this directly from the razor website. Website. I ll link to it down below. If you re interested and also it pretty funny.

This is the razor necklace that you can buy from the website. Now this case cost me 40 bucks. But in order to get free shipping. Yet spend 50 so the shipping was actually 10 bucks.

So instead of spending the 10 bucks on shipping. I bought this necklace for 10 bucks. So i got two items or 50 bucks free shipping. Obviously.

I think that s the better deal..

So i just got this let s check this one out real fast. Some razor swag. I m just gonna rip this open. Wow.

Tell you man razor packaging. You don t mess around. You look. At this for a necklace.

Here we go all right cool. And this is the necklace. Here you go. Razor necklace check that out pretty cool.

A little bit of razor swag alright..

Anyway get that out of the way. This is the main event. The case. So let s go ahead and open this one here we go black and green packaging.

Very very razor. Some information in the back so take a look at that if you want so let s open this up. Let s see so let s make a incision right here. Let s get into it slides out.

And this is the case welcome to the cult of razor let s get the case out how do you get the case off this comes right off nice foam piping material here on the packaging huh your packaging man you gotta give me props. Anyways here s the case that your razors branding. Right there. Okay made out of this might be some sort of polycarbonate material.

Alright and the inside here you got the green color..

Very nice and this is soft felt like material here so shouldn t scratch your device for gamers. By gamers not bad. So let s go ahead and slide. The razor phone in and let s check it out slides right in butterbean bada boom.

Here you go flip it over and look at that whoa. This is nice does it even look like you have a case on the phone looks just like i said it was bare naked. Nice cut off for your cameras and flash now depending on the angle. You can still see a little bit of the green that s on the inside of the case.

See pretty cool pretty cool wide open cutouts for your volume buttons. Here. So easy access to that wide open cutout for your fingerprint scanner so easy access to that the bottom is wide open for usb type c. And mic.

So if you drop this phone and it hits in this area like a scratched up..

But other than that the corners are protected. The top is protected here should be well protected feeling. The hand as feels really really good in the hand. Very nice.

Very nice. Case for the razor phone. Yeah easy access to friend pro scanner. And volume buttons.

You no issues with that what so ever you have a little bit of a front lip here so. If you lay this film flat on the table glass shouldn t touch the surface pretty cool. Let me know what you thought about this one thanks for watching peace out. ” .


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