Razer Viper Ultimate Review VS Logitech G PRO WIRELESS

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“Knowing the age of low latency lightweight wireless mice. The logitech g pro wireless set set the standard and now the razer vibe ultimate is contending for top spot. I reviewed the razer viper. So in this video.

I want to compare the warka ultimate to the gpo wireless. But first in the box you get the charging dock the mouse and the cable. The wireless adapter is inside the mouse which can go into the dock. And the cable is one of these smooth soft braided cables.

So you could play with a wired. Although this one is a bit thicker because it needs to charge the mouse as well still pretty good. I didn t mind playing with it in a bungie now for the comparison. Let s get to the most important part the shape.

They both follow similar good mouse design principles for grip with curved and angled sides. Except notice. The viper flows out at the front that means your ring finger gets pushed out more. However the sides are curved inward in the middle at the.

Grip width which is about. 58. Centimeters while it s about 59. Centimeters.

On the g pro wireless. Which also actually feels like it curves out with a little at the base overall. I feel like i can get a much better grip on the viper. They re basically the same.

Length however the g. Pro wireless is higher at. Its peak about. 39.

Centimeters the viper is about 375. Centimeters..

So if you re using palm claw or palm grip. You re more likely going to want the g pro. Wireless. If you re using fingertip or claw grip.

The vibe ultimate may be more suitable their medium medium. Large mice so generally recommend them for hands that are about nineteen point five. By 10 centimeters either way both are great shapes it comes down to personal preference. I prefer the deeper comfor curves in the buttons along with the overall flatter design.

The g pro. Wireless. Feels like i m. Holding a cylinder compared to the viper as for materials.

So logitech is all plastic. Very little texture and can be a little slippery. While the razor has a composite of plastic and rubber on its sides feels great to me and apparently should last a lot longer than other mice with the rubber sides as these ones won t fall off because they re part of the shell next the weight 77 grams. Without the bottom plate was really impressive with logitech.

The with or without the plate on the viper. It s only 74 grams. These are amazing weights for wireless mice. And the build quality is solid on both squeezing them there s very little flex or movement.

The design teams for both have done really well both mice have side buttons on both sides. So these are true ambidextrous mice. But logitech s are modular so you can choose which side you want them all while razer just designed them so that they shouldn t have any accidental clicks. This makes them a little harder to press in but for me.

They re fine is a listen to them. I ll just quickly. Say that the logitech g pro. Wireless.

Will is better than my new ultimate which you hear there. But the old one actually sounded fine..

So i may have just got a defective copy. I do like both. But i d give the feel of left and right to logitech. But all the other ones and the will i think razor is better logitech has had issues with double clicking on their mice.

But rosa are now using an optical switch. So. These vipers shouldn t have that issue and in the latency testing it looks like the viper ultimate is a tiny bit faster than the g pro wireless. I look through roses marketing and they do claim to be faster usually i wouldn t believe that but seems true in my testing to that said it s so slight.

I doubt it s going to matter in game. It s just interesting to see and pretty cool that rosa figured out how to get lower latency now for the sensor. I generally don t show the sensor tests. Anymore because they re so good you wouldn t know the difference.

But this is a new sensor in the viper like the hero4. Logitech this is raises focus plus or. 3399. It has a bunch of extra improvements that make it the top sensor on the market from what i can see.

And it s designed with wireless mice in mind said. The battery life is really good apparently 70 hours worth. However. I only really care about the in game tests.

So let s do those of course. It handles rocker jobs and i can t make it lose track even swiping. It as fast as i can even when tilting it and slamming it down it tracks while in the sniper tested trucks pixel by pixel so should be able to do those tiny aim adjustments just fine. And it s quite smooth it seems to handle acceleration.

Deceleration well no issue. Though with the liftoff distance set to 3 millimeters in the software it won t track on to dvds on cloth or hard pad. But it does track on one however if you set it to one millimeter in the software. It won t even track on one dvd.

So yes you can adjust it no issue with latency feels very responsive and while in game. I tested to make sure..

There was no ghosting on the buttons either everything performing really well in the line test. We see that it s all good to the liftoff movement is ok. And there s no sensor at all so it s the top performing. No optical sensor from roseau.

No complaints for me that said. There is a small issue that i don t want to mention in the video. Because i still haven t figured out what it is check the description for details and let me know in the comments. If you experienced it at all i ll leave an update.

There as well so some people had a problem with the feet on the viper. Which may have been caused by the black dye. So they ve left them white now they glide smoothly. No wishes for me or neither.

But these feet should feel faster than the previous viper now let s get to the software. I didn t use the entire battery so don t know how long it takes to charge. But i m told it s 90 minutes from zero to 100 some people have mentioned that they don t like having synapse installed. But once he set the mouse up you can just uninstall it it just won t store your macros on the onboard memory.

It should remember everything else and you get the usual features along with hyper shift. So with the extra buttons on the right you can change all the others essentially doubling the amount of buttons. You have love this feature. I use it for multimedia.

Personally so stop play next track and volume changes because i m always listening to music. While i m working you can alter all the buttons and wheel too and the usual effects for. Rgb. 5 dpi stages in steps of 50 up to 20000.

Now and you can set sleep mode and power saving mode. Here. And here s where you change to lift off distance. The sensor has extra tech to automatically calibrate the distance the generally lift off distance doesn t bother me logitech is having issues with their software.

But they re improving it a lot now. But i d still prefer synapse at this point..

In time now some highlights while i give my conclusion i love the razer viper series. They re too big for me. But there s some of the best mice ever made personally i prefer their shape over the logitech g pro. Wireless.

Along with the features. But otherwise they re quite similar. And you can t really go wrong with other they re both top mice and will remain so for a long time with the top spot. My pick is the razer viper ultimate.

It has a better shape for me. It s lighter as a nicer charging cable. A charging dock better feet better will optical switches to avoid double clicks. And all the little details to the logitech g pro.

Wireless. Is great. But it s also over a year old. Now razer have stepped up their game and taking competitive gaming mice to a new level.

So if you want the best wireless mouse in 2019 and probably through the start of 2020 at least. I d say this is it absolutely amazing mouse hope that helps usual links in the description. If you want to help support what i do big thanks to logitech and rosa for sending these mice. A for her review purposes and for including me so early in the testing.

Process always nice to feel included with such awesome tech development. But the video is not sponsored or fought to my own. But i was involved which is really cool again both are amazing hopefully. I made the choice easier.

I think the biggest factor is just the shape. If you don t like the rights of aqua shape. Get the pro wireless. You don t like that shape get the bypass easy anyway subscribe like and share this video.

And i ll catch you in the ” ..

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