RE Plumbob Pictures Museum The Sims 4 Get Baemous Collab Speed Build CC Free

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“There everybody. It is my visa. Bunning and welcome back to another sims. 4.

Speed. Speed. Build. So today.

We re building. A kind of like a reimagined version of plumbot pictures museum. This build is part of the get baima swirled collab. I m doing with a bunch of my other similar friends yeah so all seven of us are coming together to completely rebuild.

All of the lots here in del sol valley. So joining me for this collab are hey harry irrelevant sims just teach them lizzie devon. Bumpkin and pineapple. I will put links to everybody s channels in description below some of us are on youtube and some of us are on twitch.

So i will make sure to link everybody as well as their builds. But this is my little project right here. Which has been in the works for probably about a week or two. I will say that this bills was supposed to come up a couple of days ago.

But i decided to postpone it a little bit because i felt like it could use a little bit more work hashtag perfectionist hashtag blame teach. But i m so happy to finally be able to share this with you guys so obviously we are working on the museum venue. Here in del sol valley. And i will say that i m really really happy with how this museum makeover came together in the end.

I tried to go for kind of like this deconstructive architectural style and for those of you guys who are may not be too familiar. With that deconstructivism is an architectural movement. That s part of the post modernism architectural movement. That happened sometime during the later part of the 20th century.

But basically deconstructivism is known for its sculptural. Shade and basically distorted forms and yeah basically. There s many structures out. There that don t have like 90 degree angles.

And things like that so that s basically kind of like what s recognizable at least as far as features for deconstructive architecture goes. I will say that deconstructive style is very very difficult to recreate in the sims. 4. Because literally we have straight lines and those are not supposed to exist in you know deconstructive style buildings.


But you know i was really inspired because a lot of the museums. I ve seen were actually built in this style. Some of my inspirations were the jewish museum by daniel liebeskind and also the guggenheim museum in bilbao spain. Which was made by frank gehry there we go yeah this is really really technical because this is stuff that you learn in architectural school.

So yep the you know post modernism has this principal form follows fantasy. So there s a lot of really beautiful sculptural elements and a lot of postmodern architectural styles and this is definitely one of them i wanted the building itself to also be part of the artwork. If you guys got what i mean like it s also kind of like a destination all in itself. So that was kind of like what i was trying to go for it and i m so so happy with how the shape and the form of this building came together cuz.

I feel like um. I feel like you know it s it s really different i guess i tried my best to not make this boxy in a very stiff or kind of way so i m making use of the roofs and making use of the glass roofs to come up with this interesting shape for the facade of the building and i m really really happy with it also the glass roofs kind of tie into the interior as well because many of the art galleries. Inside are actually lit by natural lights. So i m really really happy that you know it s all coming together in a very cohesive way so one thing that i wanted to incorporate on the outside here are like some reflection pools.

I tried to get the fountains to be as close to the wall as possible. But for some reason. It doesn t want to be built super close to this roof. So that s literally the closest.

I could get to it so yeah. Unfortunately. It s not giving me the effect that i wanted even though. I m still really happy with that reflection pool kind of effect.

But i kind of wish that i was able to put it a little bit closer to that glass wall in front. Because i feel like that really kind of makes it more you know amazing looking if i do say so myself not to toot my own horn. But like i said earlier. I m just really really happy with the shape.

We ll just suppose by the way this build is a little bit shorter compared to my usual work and mainly because my gosh. I cannot even talk and the main reason for that is because there s really not much to really furnish in museums and this is for like i did furnish this museum with all the requirements for it to be a functional museum. But other than that there s really nothing much to do in a museum in this and for which is why when i when i do my gameplay. I don t really take my sims museums that often that might change you know.

But i don t know why but to be honest. I don t really have to take my sims out that much because i just hate loading screens. I feel like loading screens are such a barrier for me to explore the world. So you know i think there s very few lots that i actually like to visit with my sims.

I think some of them would be like restaurants maybe. A cafe once in a while but in as far as museums go. It s it s not on the list of community lots that i enjoy taking my sins to go visit. But you know that being said.


I think that if they expand on museums. I think that i might be compelled to take my sims out to museums a little bit more even though. I don t really know what else they can do you know. But anyway um back to this build for the outside.

I was initially planning to paint the entire thing all in white and then it just felt a little bit bland. So i decided to incorporate this red wall right here and i m using these windows. I m not sure what those came with i m assuming fitness stuff. But i m using those kind of like as like this architectural ornament.

Just to make things a little bit more stand out in front. Oh. Another problem that i encountered doing this build is the split leveling just does not want to work for me for some strange reason. So this was definitely a struggle.

I think i spent an hour trying to get this leveling to work um. But in the end. I kind of gave up because i was initially planning to have a two to level high foundation. If you see that what i mean or a two step high foundation.

But because the split leveling did not want to work for me. I ended up going for a one level high foundation. Which doesn t necessitate the use of stairs for the sims to go down the level. So as much as i wanted to have them a little bit of a higher foundation.

It just does not want to work for me for some sort of reason so i ended up with this one level foundation. Which ended up buying in the end. But because of that i wasn t able to really put these um set pieces. Where i wanted them to because there weren t that many areas of this bill that were high enough to accommodate these set pieces.

So i was able to include some of them. But not as much as i would have liked anyway so this area right here ended up being an art gallery. And i m really really happy with this because this little setup right here where the paintings are being displayed we remind me so much of when i was in college. I basically went to one of the countries like one of my country s best art.

Schools and basically the whole building itself. It s kind of like an art gallery like the hallways of my college were literally art galleries. So like doing this reminded me so much of just walking down the halls and appreciating. You know the shapes and the the art that s on display.

So this is what i was kind of channeling so yeah by the way this particular art gallery. Showcases this new painting that came with get famous it s so so beautiful i love that new painting. I think. It s supposed to look like it s part of the mid century modern.


But it is very versatile because it has a lot of different arts. That it s trying to exhibit so it has black and white. It has like you know portraits does it have a portrait yeah and it has like abstract. It s really really nice.

And i tried my best to exhibit it in a way where it would probably be exhibited in real life. If you can t get what i mean this little hopper right here is for sculptures so i m including some really interesting sculptures right here i really really like that bird sculpture. I thought it was really dramatic. It also comes with its own lighting.

Which was quite interesting to see as well and then right here is where i decided to kind of like incorporate some custom or compositions. Because you know when you go to museums. Especially more modern once you would see art installations. That are specifically made to you know like to italy like i don t know they re like specifically composed to deliver a specific message.

So that that would that s what i was trying to accomplish with that wall of vicious. I don t know what message. I m trying to to to convey there. But yeah.

It s it s my attempt at making custom artwork. Anyway. I thought that this was a little bit of a fun um little area right here underneath. The stairs.

So i just put like a little sitting area and i really enjoy that by the way you. Guys it s like 3 00 am in case you guys haven t noticed my lack of coherency in this commentary basically. I m up so late because i had to wait for my parents to go to the airport. Because they stayed over for a couple of days.

So yeah. I just saw them off to the airport and now i m just like you know what let s record. A voiceover. This is actually the second voiceover for this you know the other one was recorded for the first attempt at releasing this but i was like you know what let s just do another recording because some of the stuff that i might have said in my previous recording was probably irrelevant so anyway.

I was really really happy about this the way this one set piece was exhibited over here you guys can see the one that we re looking at in the middle right there because it kind of like transcends two different levels of the museum. So yeah i had to kind of like make a hole in the ceiling to accommodate that set piece. But i m really happy with overall how this museum came together cuz. It s very like i don t know what word to describe it.

But maybe like psychedelic if that makes any sense psychedelic in the sense that you know it s very like disorganized. It s very disjointed almost incoherent. But in a way that s a very artsy if you guys got what i mean so yeah. I was really really happy with that by the way one thing that i forgot to include in this build is actually the lighting.


I just was not able to record me actually fixing the light. So in case. You guys are like why are all of the lights in random spots. It s because it s not the final lighting.

So yeah that will change. But i really enjoyed doing this little area right. There the one that we just did showcasing different costumes and props as i was really happy about that little art gallery and then right now is kind of like the art gallery for movie posters. I guess which i kind of made in a way to look like a red carpet.

So yeah. Iii really really enjoyed all of the items that came with get famous. They just had such great and so appropriate to what the pack is as well. I m so i was really really happy with all the stuff that we got so i tried my best to show them off as much as i can in this build.

But there were some stuff that i wasn t able to show off like the camera equipments which were on display in the original museum that ended up replacing. But i mean those are camera equipments. I just decided to focus a little bit more on the artwork itself also i m showing you guys footage of me furnishing the bathrooms. I don t even know why.

But you know this build wasn t really that long so you know we might as well. See what the bathrooms look like and they re just really simple bathrooms and nothing too crazy going on this topmost level. I imagine would be kind of like a workshop for those who are interested in arts or in filmmaking. This is actually a requirement for the museum venue it requires you to put some easels.

So i put a couple of those over on that little area right. There which i imagine would be a place to take kind of like a workshop on painting. Obviously and then over here. We have like a little area for showing movies.

So i imagine this place to host like indie movies like i don t know maybe community filmmaking workshop or something. Like that so i just wanted to incorporate this little area because this is a film museum. But that being said i feel like this build is actually coming to an end so hopefully you guys enjoy it don t forget to check out everybody. Else s spills.

All of it will be linked down in description as well. But yeah. Thank you guys so so much for watching hope you guys enjoy this video. And i will see you guys next time bye bye.

” ..

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