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“Guys today. I m doing another video in my video series of the best android android wear apps. And today. We re taking a look at reddit for where reddit.

Where is a free android wear application that allows you to view reddit post directly on your android wear smartwatch so you set the frequency and the number of posts that you want to receive and they pop up as notifications on your android wear smartwatch and then you are able to view an image if it s a post that contains an image you re able to open it on your phone download it upvote it reply view the comments and more so we re go ahead and take a look at some comments on this post. And it takes a minute for it to grab all of the comments from the post. But then you can flick up and read through the different comments that have been posted and i think this is pretty darn cool it s very easy very intuitive so i m really darn impressed with all of the functionality. The developers been able to put into this application.

But that s not to say that this application is perfect because it s definitely not what i really wish the developers would be able to do is perhaps make just a dedicated app..

Where i could browse subreddits in real time from my android wear watch. I think that d be awesome and then also i don t really like viewing images on here because there s no way to zoom in and on an image. So right now darth vader and princess leia are talking. But i can t make out what they re saying.

Because the text is too small you can improve this by choosing high resolution images to download to your watch. But still without the functionality to zoom in and zoom out there s really no way to be able to read very tiny text. But other than that this is a really cool application and i love all the functionality. So let s go ahead and take a look at replying to a post.

So we ll go ahead and hit the reply button this is a reply and then using voice dictation..

It s able to tell what i ve said and then automatically post your reply to that subreddit. Which is just awesome. And then as you ve seen. I m able to upload and download things very very simply you just get the green check box to confirm that you ve uploaded or downloaded.

Something and i love the fact that you can browse through all of these different posts and i just love reddit in general. So this is why i think this app is so cool because breaded. I m hooked on reddit. It s really the front page of the internet and i am a redic addict.

But let s go ahead and take a look at some of the functionality on the phone you can choose which subreddits you re subscribed to and which will show up on your watch you can also choose how often they are synced to your watch..

I do three hours that way it s not using up too much battery you can also choose how many posts retrieve at any one time. I wouldn t recommend going beyond five because each post. Does take up a space as a notification and you really don t want to have to go through all those notifications also another thing. I would recommend is if you view a lot of images put the image drag it up to be the first one that way you don t have to swipe all the way over to view the image.

So i do like how much customization. The developers have put into this and that you can improve. It you can choose to download high res images you can move around what buttons you have so there s been a lot of work put into this app. I think it s a great little application.

There are some improvements that could be made but right now this is the best way to view reddit on your android wear smartwatch thanks for watching guys if you re interested in learning more about any of the apps..

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