Refurbished Computer from Tiger Direct$300

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“Gang. We re going to be unboxing a microsoft all in one computer today. It it is a i ll see if i can get this up here. Where you see it it s a pro one 600 with a core i3 4133 point.

4 gigahertz. The memories. 8. Gigs anyway.

The storage is 500 gigabytes let s win this pro 10 let s put on it and that s about it so let s see what we got here. 6. Unboxing. Let s go here s the scott it might says microsoft.

I don t know if you can see that or not let me see if i can get it closer for you microsoft are authorized refurbisher redone..

The computer and i got it from tiger direct ok so everybody knows. It is a refurbished computer. It s all in one. I don t like laptops.

So this is the this is what i decided that i wanted to get and i m gonna try it first before i have to be in you know i may have to get a laptop. But this is what i got then i m gonna take around with me and make videos on ok. Let s take a look at it and see what it is we re gonna unbox it so so yeah there we go seal has been broke so everybody to know the seal had been broke like a fact it pretty good this came from like i said tigers arrest. And then we ll see what kind of computer.

They re putting that out we re affecting check it out pretty good won t get damaged. See congratulations and thank you for your purchase. Okay that comes with a lot of foam. As you can see things with the keyboard.

While this thing looks like it s already set up so by record..

That s gonna be the mouse yep. There s the mine. There s your mouse let s see here s the keyboard. It one more time here s the keyboard issue.

It s in there. Let s see if we can pull it out of there huh heavier than it looks. There s the front of it i don t see any scratches. Yet.

But we ll take a look at that here in a minute. What s it s an hp. Okay won t set it down spots down. There s a computer and it wrapped up in plastic as you can see so we re gonna tear the plastic away from its already put together that s good you have to put stand on it.

He is wrapped up pretty good all right there we go screening looks nice and clean okay now i m gonna go ahead and hook..

The the the power cable up and all that and get that hooked up and then just a minute. Okay we are plugged me. And it s time to turn this bad baby on now. See what we got we re going to skip the ethernet connection right now and proceed on i do have this to put on.

But i don t know if i can put that on before it starts up or not high performance wi fi. A usb adapter. I don t know if i can hook. This up right now or not i ll get back with you here in a minute as soon as i find this out works like a charm.

No they get it all set up let s see i ll let you see how fast. It is let me put you on the internet. No all right go look at there. I fast you wanna go to your favorites.

There are fast thoughts on this girl..

I m catchy kovas and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one pair unlimited 2 cash back on everything i buy and last year. I heard 36 yeah i can you know i fastest is punch. I m jim harbaugh first of your maker yeah it looks like it s a wrap male bought that offline. It wasn t much looks good that looks like that s a wrap looks real fast.

And it s quiet. I thought we needs quiet and fast what 300 bucks. 300 bucks for the computer 20 bucks for this and the downloads stick it goes in the back. I mean the wi fi stick goes in the back laughter.

All ” ..

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