Removing Someone from a Group in Snapchat!?

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“Makes it super easy to communicate with your friends and family through photos. Videos and and text. Messaging. While one on one communication is still snapchats bread and butter snapchat can be way more fun.

Unfortunately. Though. Messaging with your friends. In one big group can let you exchange memories.


Even when you aren t all together. Sometimes you have to kick someone out of the group let s take a look at how to remove someone from a group in snapchat. Unlike. Most other messaging apps.

That support group chats snapchat. Doesn t give a single user. Admin privileges instead anyone in a snap group can add members rename the chat modify notification settings and basically manage the chat all on their own in some cases. This makes snapchat a bit anarchic since any member could rebel and erase the group chat entirely most of the time.


However it just equals. The power dynamic between members letting everyone have a say in how the group is managed. Unfortunately. That also means snapchat makes it hard to remove members from a group.

There are still a few options for kicking someone you don t like out. And since snapchat doesn t require special admin access anyone can follow these steps open snapchat on your iphone or android device and find the group you want to modify tap on the bit logee s icon to the left to open. The group page and then select view more under group members to open the full list for the group. Find the person you want to remove from the group then click and hold on their name.


When the full menu for this specific person opens look for the more tab and tap. It there s a few options you can use here. But you re going to want to tap on the block option. This should block the person in your group chat from being able to view your messages and interact with you and if you can get everyone in the group to follow.

But essentially be blocked from interacting with the group the other method. We recommend is a bit simpler. If everyone agrees that one single user is causing issues. Just make a new group without that toxic user.


Once everyone has moved into new group and snapchat. You can block or leave the old group without having to worry about being followed by the other user snapchat doesn t make it easy to kick out users. But with some patience you can limit who interacts with your friends in just a couple steps. If you liked this guide make sure you subscribe for all sorts of videos.

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