Repair Corsair m65 gaming mouse of middle click button

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“Guys. This is our to open the m65 mails first of all you got two two screws here. One will be here. The other one will be here.

Which is and here you remove those two i ve removed the white just in case. If there was extra screws underneath them. But there s not now the way to pop in on the top part open like it is now you just have to pray on the side. Like here.

Just here that will be nice and flush right like it is now so what i ve done i ve just pried. It from here slowly nice and easy one side in pop. Then what i ve done. I have pried.

The other side here. And now just a hole mouse start to lift off you know as you can t see so. This is how i m doing it right now. We ve got to do it with one hand should pop straight up mmm now okay.

That s just i ve had to use two hands for that. But this is how it looks like okay once you opened it up because the white part is clipped onto the bottom part. So now the other part you need to watch out for is this one here. See the transparent one here well here so i m in submitting this one so.

Here is what here see the black ledge that s exactly why it s clipping onto the transfer on part so take your time nice and easy just open it up. And you should see something here about here. See if i can see it there it is at the back here..


So yeah. It s definitely this one here after once you pop that up that should be all good so i do apologize if the video is stop and start it s because i you need to use two hands okay guys i ll cut the other part or open. Now see it s just came off of this part here okay. That s just a reflector for the leds.

So all you need to do is to mmm. If you can make a picture of these those connections. Because you got a ribbon. Which is this idea on this side here and on this side here.

As well so. What you need to do is disconnect the connector that ribbon that connector and that ribbon here. I should give you a free space to that now this video is just to show you that the middle wheel is having problems with the clicking as you can see there s a lot of residue of plastic being burnt hair and you re going to clean all that off and make sure this one sticks. Because every time i click.

I really have to press. Really really hard in order to get a click out of it so i don t know if you can see it here. See that way it has chewed it off of course you know manufacturers default hair. She lose her focus on it no i suppose i can get all right okay.

Just finish disconnecting everything. As you can see this is the part here. I ve done it another way away. I left all the connectors and the two ribbons.

Which are here this one here. And this one here are the two that are disconnected and this is the only cable that i ve left disconnected off the top of the mouse to get it off now please take extreme precaution when you do this because those little clips here they need to be lifted up on both sides. So you lift up one side slowly the other side and same thing with this one just push it forward like this get your screwdriver in there or flat blade..


We do recommend a precision flat blade. I ve used this one to do the job. So i do have myself a precision skip as you can see here. I ve got all the tools and all that that i need the extenders and all that sort of things so get yourself one of those and you can fix almost anything with it so that s it you know for now.

I m gonna pause. The video again and see what i can find out to photo fix now what i find out is that the tax which it s called tax. Which it s actually here this one here. This is the one causing.

The problem here sorry about the light. So this one here right here. This is the one causing your problem right now. So i m just going to find out it is dry john under the ball.

But in order to do that i m just going to find remove the screw that s here you re letting focus just crew. That s here and here watch out for that little earthing pin. Because you need to put it back. Where here when you re finished so moving everywhere.

And then you re going to take this ball this entire board here help then clip it around okay guys i ve removed the board. The board was literally sitting like this it lifts up straight up and i ve looked you know at the base of it look. Where i let that switch here wasn t a detroit on it. So you have those two pins.

Here. One here. One here..


So. When i look closer. There was no joy joy. So i did a very careful look about it so there s no drugs whatsoever.

And that would would surprise me if they were but i just had to check so it looks like you know hopefully because i really have to press hard on this one so. What i m going to do i m going to give it a bit of a dust blower inside otherwise you know this tax. Which is gonna have to be replaced as you can see look at those beautiful leds. Making those beautiful cars.

Thought will love this smell amazing isn t it well since 2014. Yeah. Well you think you buy wood product. And you end up fixing.

It at the end. Yeah. Oh anyway. We re going to make another video.

Which is actually a tutorial where i m going to be taking picture by picture as i m putting it back and exploding it backwards and forwards thanks guys for watching i ll make another video. When i fix it thank you And when she did have her limiter removed. She was able to survive in space. Without any extra assistance along had been able to just smash through cruise ships cream missiles without any damage to herself whatsoever or discomfort actually the opposite she was enjoying it she was whooping a hollering how much she was enjoying it like a kid on a roller coaster so i do think based on this and also dialogue in the film.

They make it sound like she s practically invincible to physical damage well at least. She s in her full power states so i want to say that this is more of a tie. I feel like you could argue for one over the other i feel like if you re arguing forth or arguing for him would pretty much just be pointing out more feats..


But captain marvel s feats allow a more minimal are pretty impressive in their own right and when you consider she gets her powers from the infinity stones. As well it automatically kind of puts her at a higher tier of being for a lot of things such as durability energy manipulation. Things like that considering how powerful the infinity stones are now for fighting ability. I think door wins this category with ease.

I mean kara was able to fight and defeat 20th tallis s most skilled squirrel warriors. Sure even with her hands bound. But she also still had trouble defeating yawn drug in combat and beyond that her experience in the field for missions was minimal due to the supreme intelligence deeming her emotions a weakness which hindered her focus now thor on the other hand has been fighting various aliens and threats across the galaxy for over a thousand years and thor actually makes him mention to this when he tells rocket racoon. I m 1500 years old.

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However even without the acts thor. Does have natural energy projection and manipulation relating to electricity and lightning relating to his title as the god of thunder and thor can summon lightning bolts powerful enough to destroy the rainbow bridge or the bifrost damaged hella ” ..

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