Replacing The Battery In A New 3DS XL – Let s How

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“There everybody jason here and i just wanted to talk a little bit about replacing replacing your battery for the nintendo 3ds so this is the new nintendo 3ds xl i ve been having some issues lately with the battery just basically dying too quickly on me not really performing to what it should be now i have this i ve had this 3ds since 2014. And that might be the reason why it could also be something to do with just like always having it charging and everything like that while i m playing it and so that s basically it so i ordered a new battery on amazon. And it cost basically about like 11 dollars. There s some that are straight from nintendo.

Which can be anywhere from nine to ten dollars or extended batteries. Which can be a little bit more and then also much extended batteries. Which are like fifty to sixty dollars..


Which actually give you a brand new bottom case to put on the bottom of your three via. So this is gonna be nice and quick. I m just gonna start by unscrewing these two screws. You don t have to unscrew them very far basically just unscrew them until a click they re gonna stay inside the casing and then you re going to go on the side here where you see these little sort of recesses and then you can basically pop off the casing so once you ve done that you can then take out the battery.

That s in here. And then replace it with a new battery now this is actually the new battery so i m gonna leave it in there the main thing that you want to make sure of is that you re lining up the metal portion here with the lower end so to slide it in push it in and that s basically it one of the reasons. Why i wanted to talk about this is because if you do take a look my battery is kind of swollen..


It s bulging on both sides and part of that is things like overcharging there could be age. But basically. It s just it s not able to dissipate all of the lithium. That has built up inside of it which it explains a lot of life.

My battery might not be performing properly so of course be careful when you are removing these batteries they are potentially dangerous especially when they re getting swollen. They re extremely susceptible to basically puncture and that s not anything that you want to do and never ever ever throw these in the trash. Always take them to a place like best buy or most electronic stores they offer some sort of lithium ion battery recycling that way you don t risk hurting or damaging somebody else but yeah once that s all done and taken care of you can slide the casing back on your 3ds and then tighten up two screws again again it doesn t take very much at all..


But your stylist bye again if you have a case like me put that back on anyway. That s basically it if you have any questions or comments about that just let me know down in the comments below and of course. I will try to put a link to the battery that i have put in my 3ds in the description. Below and thankfully.

It all works. I m hoping that it gets me a little bit better battery life one that i have it s not a nintendo brand. One so i m sort of taking a risk there..


But it also has 2500 milliamp hours rather than 1750 milliamp hours. So maybe that ll just get me a little bit more longevity. But anyway. We ll see you guys later ” .


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