Rescued A Dell Dimension C521.

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“Guys and girls. I have wrapped up there a computer. The thing is i do don t know what it is the story is what s not a story. The is fingers crossed touchwood and i m so hoping this goes through my mum and stepdad brother and sister should be moving to time.

They should be exchanging with a woman in town. Who s in a three bedroom house who needs to downsize when my mum needs to expand. So. But she s a bit of a hoarder so there s a load of crap.

There she s got big old skip in the garden. And this pc was in it and she let me take it and i clip. The monitor as well cuz. I am short on monitors hence.

The air staff. They would take the cables. Because i ve got enough bloody cables. So i haven t actually a raptor.

I just literally today picked up bought at home tucked on here. And me instead that should be going back tomorrow to help her clear a bunch of stuff that i know is the mono will unwrap that in a minute. This is the interesting piece it s been rained on. But i think you figure you know i let it dry out it ll be fun just don t turn it on to the strai deck.

So i have no idea what brand. It is how old it is i ve got a funny feeling it s a dell because there was a dell keyboard there it is a tell with a mouse wireless mouse thing in the back. But i very much doubt i m going to find that that s a silver crest as well same brand as mine. That s how much lee yeah.

This is where so i have actually had one of these in the past..

I sure had two and i got rid of it so this has got windows vista sticker. I can go in and so did they actually buy food ella shut up. I know. This is gonna be at least dvr.

With a ram with a dual core processor. Excuse. Me yeah. That s yeah.

That s far too wet to turn on so. I m gonna take the cover off in a minute one. So we can have a look into lean off the dry off. What is it lerton dimension.

See five to one no card reader on it. But it does have a dvd rom on it it s just a dvd rom compact disc. Rewrite you know there s a hell of a lot of war on this amd sempron. Yeah fill out my birthday presents or christmas.

Present or something yeah you got me like i said. I did with the father with any of the cables. All the keyboards. I m like tomorrow when we go back depends well i didn t like the keyboard that was gonna skip anyway.

Sir is it is a complete down setup. Because that is actually relatively dry that just goes on there like that so i ve got another mana. You know so i could in fact put my other pc back to dual screen. You put this one on the other system.

So yeah..

It s actually relatively dressed this that s got that probably because it was just wrapped in that whatever it was not sure what it was my blank. I think it was a curtain or something right it certainly is the side that comes off that said. I had two of these and i got rid of them no wish i haven t gotten rid of one once. I ve kept one for the collection.

But no one all right so. We ve only got two sticks of ram in here. Oh yeah. It s all soaking wet in here.

As well. I might go sit this down by the bathroom radio. You re actually. There s no chance of turning this on it s only got two gigabyte of ram on well.

I can actually change that so. Yes. I sort of got a gig on there we re not a problem like i said change that i could change that to possibly three gigs power supplies a bit dusty. I m pretty certain i do have a spare supply for one of these turn up seat and see it turn up right see that s it zoom you in as well so that s what s inside this i m done if you can actually see it on camera.

But that is sopping wet. But let that dry like i said i m gonna stand it like this and frank the bathroom radiator freaking the camera cut off anyway as i was saying i can t stand this like this in front of that bathroom right here. I ll crack the radiator up one full and drive this out do what hard drive that s got in there as in sighs. I ve got my slop here.

Where a floppy drive would have gone so i could either flip your drive on it for the sheer hell of it or gonna have to see if i get one of my carburetors on there as i ve got bunch open. But you ve got one two three four at least up here well that cover is actually bigger than the front of this. So i just assumed no nah oops. There we go yeah i cover it on the front here is that bigger than this was easier dismantle.

It right you don t need tools you just pull that up slide that back there s the hard drive..

So. What s the digital in here. I m guessing. That s only something looking hey no 320 gigabyte drive in it who if this is actually on windows vista that does work then i might just leave exactly as it is and just upgrade the ram.

But so i was distracted by the front cover that i m not sure how this would have wrapped round on one gig of ram. And this must be no windows. This dog was um rather you know hungry on the resources. And whatnot sure that s good to go a bit further forward isn t it isn t it no i was locked in this on here as it is then not so much question.

These sorts of doubts were never really designed to be upgraded by that much i mean you can upgrade the ram. But so there s four dimm slots in here with white clips with black clips. I presume dual channel that s usually the reason they do that so you know i m matching rated pair in each this one this one should be us 4200. So it s not bad speed wise for ddr2.

So i ll probably put that back in and go and get the other two gigs. I ve gotten add in here as well if they re 4200 more on two different channels. That might be okay might shall spare molex connector here as you ve got floppy drive connector. Some obscure reason yeah.

That it s just so absolutely everything is just dripping whitening scot pci e slot for a video car. Don t have to be a low profile. One to go in here not sure really need better we could find one cheap enough on ebay at some point. I might just stick it in for the hell of it.

But i don t really think has even got ide head in there don t you looks like a floppy drive ide header. Now suppose i would be wouldn t as it s got the power cable. I don t know if there is a version of this that actually came with like a disk drive. Install actually looks if i get the carburetor on there then again yes.

I can i was just looking to see if there is a usb header on the board..

There is actually one right at the back here. So i could i could potentially do that if i wanted to us what i like about the estelle s is well i sent no tools to get both the hard drive well the floppy drive. It was if it was there and the cd drive you just lift up this so. It is and then you slide it back and pull it up simple the same with putting the upgrade cards because there s a pci slot here as well.

But it s just gotta. It s just like they ll leave of it you just pull that up take out whichever blank. You don t need them slot in your card push the clip back down. Most screws required.

I could ease easily sell this when i could upgrade it to something like windows 10 or something and the easily sell in fact. It would still sell windows 7. But of all the os cds. I ve got on as you have a windows vista or windows 8 or.

81. Don t have any of those i saw bypassed those mainly because they re getting bad reviews and whatnot. So i just thought that you know i never upgraded to vista cuz xp was still working perfectly fine while that was out so i thought there s just no need i was late upgrading to windows 7 and then basically. Skipped.

8 and 81 went to windows 10 because it was offered for free there s a free upgrade. So i was like yeah i ll take that anyway. That s it for this little video. I would go try this out because i need to head to the bathroom direction anyway and ok so i ll talk to you guys in the ” .


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