Resident Evil 2 Remake Ghost Survivors Runaway Walkthrough NO DAMAGE

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“And welcome to the walkthrough of resident evil. 2. Remake ghost survivors. The mayor s s daughter run away the video will show strategies for each screen or room.

And it will help you beat the game easier. Unfortunately for this one aiming is pretty important. So you really have to be precise. When you start the game run over irons body and over to the table.

You ll find a note teaching. You about a new enemy called pale heads basically here s what you need to know in order to stop them you re gonna use enhanced ammo. If you shoot them in the head. They can die not always and if you shoot them in the body.

They will freeze. So that you can run past them now back to the game. The first zombie around the corner is pretty simple just give them a couple of headshots until he goes down. You can get a critical head explosion shot once he s down you re gonna press r1 that s gonna switch your handgun ammo to enhanced ammo and then when this white dude walks through the door.

Wait one second for him to go back. And then shoot once you shoot him with that enhanced ammo. He actually freezes you re not gonna use any other ammo on those guys switch back to the regular ammo and at the top of the stairs take out the zombie with two to three shots and inside his backpack. You ll find a key you ll have to find a few keys in this mode in the vending machine.

You re gonna want to take the enhanced bullets. You re gonna do this in every single vending machine switch back to the enhanced bullets and shoot the guy once at the bottom. So that he freezes or dies. And then use the key to open the door now if you really want to be careful you can stand inside the doorway and kind of scam the game and take out the enemies out here.


But we re gonna have the enhanced bullets remember to keep those out run up to the guy with the backpack as soon as he starts to get up shoot him. He ll die in one hit pick up the flamethrower and the key and then run directly to the gate. Keep in mind. This method is not 100 and about two out of every ten times.

You will get bit by a dog. So you may want to try that scamming method. I mentioned in the beginning make sure you match the x button. When you get to that gate.

Because you want to make sure the dogs don t have that split second to get you and when you re through the gate. Run over to the bus and just start flaming away the guys coming out maybe circle from left to right and do not get trapped in the corner. Here like i did the mayor s daughter has an infinite night. So you can use it to defend yourself like i did here you just have to remember you re gonna have to get it back and in this segment.

You can use up all of the flame rounds you just need to make sure you kill the one with the knife and the backpack now once all the flame is gone go to the vending machine get your enhanced bullets. Like we do every time and now it ll clear out a little bit and find the backpack where there will be some flame or fuel. And we ll use that later now get on the bus with your enhanced handgun out and you re gonna take out these two guys try to do it with one bullet like this they re right behind. Each.

Other the bullet will go through and take them both out you may have to use two bullets. But really really try to do it with one bullet once you get out of there you re gonna run to the basketball court when you get to the gate. Stop and walk gonna go over to the zombie and knife him as quickly as possible because sometimes he jumps to the left towards liquor and the liquor comes towards you and you ll be in big trouble. Once he s done take his backpack and the item inside.

Which is the key and look over on the bench. Where you can find one of the first mister raccoons. Now walk walk walk walk walk walk walk over to the gate. And use the key to get outside once you get through this gate.


You can run again and the liquors will not chase you or anything so make sure you re out before you start running now. We re gonna run around the corner and we re gonna run past all of the enemies. But the last enemy the pail head at the end. We re gonna have to shoot them so make sure your enhanced gun is out shoot him to freeze them.

And then run past him and in the vending machine. You guessed it we re gonna get some more enhanced ammo now at the top of these stairs. There s gonna be two pale heads that come across you ve really got to shoot them in the head. So that they die and not freeze.

And so you kind of aim at that pipe over there in the back. And the first guy who kind of run into your aim. The second one however will kind of go to the right sometimes. But you really need to get the head shots.

And you know you got it when they fall down this part you re gonna walk forward and aim your gun and as soon as you get a little bit forward like there. The dog will activate there s gonna be four dogs the first one we re gonna kill with our regular handgun as soon as he s down switched to enhanced and get ready the next three. We re gonna kill with enhanced bullets and we re gonna try to take two dogs out with one shot like that you need three enhanced bullets from this point on so if you re running low or something you can try to use regular handgun. And do the way we killed that first dog.

But these dogs are so fast and when you reload you really get crushed so that s why we reload on the second dog instead of on the third and fourth dog because they will catch up to you while you re switching ammo now after you have killed the dogs and hopefully gotten that double shot there that s very very important. We re gonna run around the corner in this video. I think i have five bullets here and you really need three because there s three key enemies here note here do not do what i did i was testing something out it s very dumb basically just run down the steps and when the zombie guy busts through the wall just shoot him once and run around and very simple i tried to be cute and hit him in the head from far away. He didn t freeze long enough and then i ended up losing that knife.

If you want that knife back you have to shoot those white dudes in the head. And it s really a waste of the bullets. So you do not really want to use the knife on those guys unless you re desperate and now what we re doing out here in the city area is we re looking for a zombie with the backpack and it s one of those pail head ones and inside that is kind of the key to survival and making this game. And a lot quicker and a lot easier so we found him there and that shot right there hit him in the head.


But it didn t kill him cuz he didn t fall in the bag. Didn t drop and then i missed. But luckily with the third bullet. I took him out and now we have zero of those enhanced bullet left and i told you we need one so we re gonna have to be creative here and we re gonna have to also be creative with how we get ourselves to that backpack without getting hit.

It s kind of easy to dodge these guys out here. But you got to make sure you stay away from the pale heads. Because they twice as fast and hard to avoid. There is a mr.

Raccoon number two he s in that ambulance on the right. I didn t have time here because i was in a panic to go over and show you now at the parking garage to get inside. We re just gonna do one of our good old fashioned duke out moves and pull out the handgun with the regular ammo. I thought you needed these enhanced ammo here.

But this zombie actually with the backpack down here has low hp and he died with one bullet. So i believe he ll die if you just shoot him once and save your enhanced bullet. If you have it for that second white guy in the back. I m gonna have to just dodge him.

And he s kind of stumbling around so it made it kind of easy to dodge that s a little bit of a harder dodge than you want to deal with so. If you have that enhanced thing that will really help at this point you have two keys. Which is important because the first key will open this door to get you inside. And now you can go to this vending.

Machine. Over here grab a green herb out of there mix it with the red. One that you got in the beginning of the game. And now you ve got yourself a full health.


And that s gonna be very helpful if you get hit here. Because you will get hoarded by zombies so come in here run forward once you hear the jail cells open quick turn and run back out here around this side. You have to have both keys to do it the mr. Raccoon number three the final one is in there and we ve got this pale head here and no enhanced bullets.

But that s okay if we flame him with all of our flamethrower that we have left over. We ll be able to take him down and now we can get some more enhanced bullets and basically what we re gonna do is use the key to go through that door. But we want to clear that area before we go through it so that we don t get hit there most of the zombies are actually chasing us in a you turn around so they re they know they can t get through that locked door so they re coming from the back over there so basically i tried some flames. I ve tried some enhanced bullets to get these guys and the fire hitting you does not cause any damage.

But it s kind of annoying and as you can see i ve got terrible aim. But i finally took that out and here s where the important thing is to have your enhanced. When you use the key here and you start running. There s gonna be at least one probably two enemies that pop out at the end you know that guy freezes uh.

Oh. It s a lady oh we got buyer if you had the knife there you could save it on that lady and and be saved. But very complicated very complex a lot harder to do than the other ones no damage. But hopefully that will help you understand how to beat this game for the mayor s daughter and remember there were three mister raccoons in this segment.

And if you get off of the keys. You actually unlock the egghead mask. So getting the keys not only helps you beat it quicker. But it gets you a benefit and if you can t get that key from that backpack zombie.

You re gonna have to run straight through all those guys and you can make it with health and a knife. But it s gonna be tough and you re gonna have to really really get lucky there at the end you want to play it safe and get that key from the zombie with the backpack thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video or if it helped you please leave a comment and let me know of any strategies that you use to beat it and please consider subscribing and ” ..

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