Resident Evil 7: 10 Things To Know When Starting a New Game

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” s finally here and honestly i think some series newcomers have a lot to learn. Learn. But whether you knew it in a series or not you should pull up chair as always i m jake valve. Zeno and today we re talking about 10 things you need to know when starting a new game of resident evil.

7. Starting off at number 10. The first thing you need to know is that no you don t need to have played the previous game. This is probably one of the most asked questions i get about resident evil.

7. And a series historically has a big crazy lore filled with all kinds of weird stuff. And honestly. You don t have to really have a grasp on much of that at all of course.

I would of course say go back and play the original games at least just to get an idea of the characters here. But this resident evil is very very much far removed from the series. Even though it is a numbered entry. This is almost like a standalone soft sort of reboot while not throwing out the events of the previous game so don t worry about it going in there s going to be some subtle references and things here.

And there that you re going to miss if you haven t played in previous games. But other than that you ll be just fine and at number 9. Let s talk about the difficulty levels. The game starts out giving you the option between easy and normal.

And i think you need to choose very carefully because this is a hard game. Especially if you re a player who s not used the traditional survival. Horror game play with real real. Strict resource management.

You should definitely think carefully. However. I do think normal is a very challenging and very satisfying experience. But if you re really hardcore after you complete the game normally you unlock madhouse difficulties in man house mode is even more like traditional resident evil s items and resources are even more scarce enemies are way tougher to put down.

And there s no traditional checkpoints..

The only way you can actually save is by saving at the save point. There s no checkpoints to kind of keep you busy in between it s an awesome experience. But definitely not one for the faint of heart and at number eight this may sound obvious especially to people who have played these games before but listen don t waste your bullets. The bakers are total bullet sponges and once you get the way to land.

Sometimes you ll get killed by them multiple times enough to realize that you can get through a section. Without necessarily dumping all of your bullets into them and just in general as you ll play pay attention. Because you ll get to know. Which enemies you can skip past and save precious full of for now listen to me never ever use precious ammo like grenade launcher stuff or even enhanced handgun ammo or flamer ammo on standard molded enemies because trust me you re going to need it later if you do unfortunately have to use ammo on the molded and you will at times.

Because there s a lot of confrontations in game you better make those bullets count target specific body parts. While the head is always usually the easiest best bet. It can be hard to hit at time and sometimes these things move kind of fast. So using two bullets or so on a leg to actually slow one down and possibly save you seconds and save your life and at number seven since resident evil.

7. Is very much a true survival horror game the name of the game is definitely inventory management get used to it if it s not something you re into if you don t like storing your items and crates. And using limited inventory slots you better just walk away. Because resident evil.

7. That is basically the whole point of the game. This is a basic tip. But one that a lot of people don t pick up on always keep at least one or ideally.

Two inventory slots open. All the time. There s going to be so many things out in the world. That you re going to be picking up from very much needed resources that you can combine into health or bullets.

But also of course key quests and puzzle items that you are absolutely going to need now. However you should also use those storage crates to your advantage. If you think you ve unlocked everything with a key or you ve at least come close to unlocking everything with said key store it in the box for a while and give yourself a precious slot. And at number 6 master those controls quickly quick turns and block guarding will actually save your life.

The classic resident evil survival horror..

Quick turnaround is still as useful as ever well. It is a little bit more disorienting in first person. It s still the best way to immediately turn around and run away from an enemy. Because you re going to need to do that sometimes as for guarding.

This is a new feature to resident evil. But it is very important watch for at enemies animation is signal an attack usually they ll telegraph their attack pretty easily. I didn t you have to hold the guard button to essentially block the attack and save yourself some health. The guard block if timed right does actually muffle a significant amount of the attack and you won t lose a lot of health.

It will stagger you for a second. But it s almost always going to be the best thing to do in a bad situation. And it s something that you can find yourself forgetting about in a moment of panic. Just always keep it in mind.

Though and at number 5 resident evil. 7. Handles its doors very differently than the original game always closed doors behind you all you have to do is tap the interact button when pointing at a door to automatically start to shut. It and you re going to need to do this because this is going to save your life because dumb enemies can t get through doors definitely practice running through a door quick turning around and automatically shutting it in the earlier stages because later in the game.

You re going to be running for your life. And slamming these doors shut right behind you with enemies right on your tail. That kind of leads me to my next point with number 4. Don t be afraid to cheese.

This is the resident evil game it s a survival horror game. And if you re low on resources and you re really trying to save don t be afraid to like i said earlier run past enemies. But also use that knife to your advantage. It s definitely grindy and it takes a long time to kill enemies.

But it s also a good way to finish off a weakened or downed enemy and save some bullets. Don t be afraid to swing your knifes. A little bit turn around run away hide around a corner. And then come back after you recovered a lot of the molded.

You have a tendency to give up chasing you pretty quickly..

But don t always rely on that because they can be a little unpredictable. If you re really struggling. Sometimes you can actually try and trap. Them in between doorways and start whittling their health down that way if you really want to cheese.

Things it can be done and at number three make sure you save hold onto and use those antique coins. It ll take a minute for you to come across where you actually use them. But once you finally do you ll be very glad you have them even as you re picking them up early in your adventure. Just throw them in your crate.

Because you can access them later. You don t need to use up inventory space for them anytime. Soon and the place. Where you do spend these coins has a storage crate right next to it what these coins do is buy you different upgrades.

And even a special weapon. If you save up enough. These coins are hard to come by so take your time and slowly explore the environment because you re going to get an upgrade to reload speed and health that you re going to absolutely absolutely want to have later in the game you cannot miss that do you understand me and at number two speaking of looking around your environment. Carefully weapons are miscible so be careful always take the time to fully explore your environment and figure everything out because you could be missing out or potentially huge and important weapon.

That you re going to need later in the game. For example. Here s a quick tip when you get the scorpion key immediately go back and use it on the door to grandma s room to get the broken shotgun from there you can do the classic resident evil switcheroo that i m not going to spoil in the main hall because if for some reason you miss that and you don t do that. And you re going through the game.

It without a shotgun. You re fucked dude. And at number one speaking of backtracking. Let s talk about that it s very important because every single ingredient and ammunition and item and means of survival is absolutely absolutely necessary you re going to be wanting to find all the ingredients to constantly be combining items to always have health and ammo stock.

Because it s a really short supply. Obviously also don t be afraid to use the psycho stimulant drugs. When you find them this new drug temporarily gives you special sight that highlights any items you can possibly grab in the environment. This is very useful especially when you killed all the enemies around you you want to fully explore an entire area and get every little looking cranny and every item you re definitely going to want to use that drug don t bother wasting these items.

When you re busy running away from monsters and stuff..

Because you re just going to waste. It and it doesn t last that long. But once things quiet down pop those drugs and scavenge as much as you possibly can because like i said. It s not an easy game.

And you re going to need every single thing you can to survive so guys those are 10. Things you need to know when starting a new game of resident evil. 7. It is a very fun and challenging game and if you got more tips for newcomers.

I m looking forward to hear it if you guys have anything down in the comments. Let everybody know if there s some secret item. You came across or some weird thing that no one else really seems to have had or i didn t cover let me know let s talk about it. If you have any other questions.

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