RESIDENT EVIL 7 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 20 – Annabelle Ship (RE7)

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“Guys i wanted to welcome you back to more resident evil. 7. Want to go go ahead and just say. Thank you guys for being the best audience on youtube s might be a random little area.

But anyways want to say thank you make sure the love and support what the hell is that and let s get it now the mother actually did that when she officially died. But can i get this. Oh yeah. It s 15 extra bullets.

Why not i actually conserved a lot more than. I thought let me put another crate up under him well that s one way to end this area. I suppose i just can t wait to get back to the mansion. Again so i can try to find the grenade launcher and stuff.

People keep telling me about because i keep getting em. Oh. I get like the loading screen tips and everything for it. And i got all that ammo self right everything else seems good go through this i had to use one there s only one left there s only one left.

They can t just be one last. What the hell are we going to do now. Oh. I have an option.

Oh god you know what no matter who i pick. I m probably going to go a mia just because we came all this way the entire game has been to help her out. And i really don t know zoe that well even though we talked on the phone. A couple times.

And she made the cure without her we wouldn t have the cure so it s a tough choice. What i could do since i save it so frequently what i may do was after i beat this game. I may see what happens when you choose her afterwards our time a cure mia. I feel like i don t know if it s the alternate ending type thing.

It was foolish thinking i could escape. But zoe go both of you just go come with us and i m sure there s someone who can help it s not so apparently i belong yeah. I ll send help don t bother. There won t be anyone left to hell.

She got reminds me that chick for the walking dead with the short hair..

I can t remember her name. She s been in like all the seasons is this the end of the game. All of a sudden. Oh no i have a good feeling about this ethan thank you how else was i going to choose meah.

I know you ve been through a lot we need to talk when something to do with office to do okay i just want to know the truth. Ethan i honestly don t remember try oh look at that boat or the ship or whatever holy shit. Did that come here. He s the odd spot for a big ass ship like that the hell thing.

The hell was that oh my god this is dad again no wait what the hell is that what strange bottle that you found your pocket after waking up at the baker resident. So everything i ve ironed up to this point doesn t matter that s some bullshit waiter. If we re not if the game continues from here. Then i may never go back to the mansion.

I know what i ll probably wind up doing though i m definitely this is the type of game. I want to play more than once i may show clips or whatever after i beat. It i want to go back. I want to get the kind like a little speed run type thing get the grenade launcher everything you get after beating this you know i ll most likely show anything that s maybe left out in some extra videos after the series is over holy shit man.

I have any first aid or anything complete barebone right now holy shit you saw his watch. It was like blinking red. So that means already in critical shape. Anyways maybe nuts.

If you get a kill. Ethan. The guy even playing as the entire game. Like is the final boss that would make any sense alright where they re actually making dlc for this game or downloadable content for those that not only know the slang or whatever would be interesting to say all they have to do is add a new tape mini.

Little story line kind of like outlast whistleblower that was actually better than the original game. I thought this shit is bananas. Though. Oh my god is this going to be like honking tofu.

Where you have a knife. Only how do you have that if you guys have never seen it there was an extra mode. And did you actually had to beat the game with a really good rank. I think is a s or an a to unlock hunk and tofu yet to unlock them separately in resident evil.


And i remember i had those save files. When i would try to play it and it s just the most difficult shit ever. Whole mission is to extract on the helicopter all right back to this game. I guess i m just kind of looking around right now so we re on the ship basically and that is this the ship from revelation.

You know you re on that i remember i forgot i actually played that game on my channel. I don t think ever finished two. But i definitely finished the first one well that s not i just have a little flashback. There what the hell was that or a flash board maybe who knows a little like wondering like how this big ass ship gets into an area like this you know because we re we re like way out there and like the bayou and stuff man.

I don t know you see maybe a regular boat or canoe. But never a big ass ghost ship like this. Oh fuck oh fuck that was a person and they got eaten just a whole bunch of people that s scary holy shit. It s like the life aquatic movie.

The very beginning that dude falls in the water and bill murray pop stuff like he was eaten it was oh so he was bitten no he was eaten fucking crazy just kind of take a minute to appreciate the silence. I guess oh my got a valve right. There we can t even mess. With destiny.

Oh. This is just like day. It s crazy we work for the mention to this alright. So there s that before i go down.

There let me just double check everything i honestly have nothing it looks like a room where they give me the instructions on something i don t know hang out the room. Let s go this we need to get out. Now. The fact that mia was here for three years.

Before ethan got there i it could be very. Well. That she was the one that killed all these guys alright. We ve already said.

I don t know why this is like the only thing you can open. But there s nothing there nothing down low either maybe this belonged to the crew maybe let s go down. There why did this thing open. I didn t realize it nice.

I m about to see a fucking tentacle come around the corner and grab..

Me. I just know it the hell s back. Here. Oh wait oh shit yes.

I do it. If you get a new game. I am saving up for everything i just want to have like a video. Where i have everything unlocked like yeah.

There has to be something with effort and ammo like that be badass. Oh god a saving something big. No okay. Oh fuck man.

I don t have a mat. Yeah. I do wreck ship second floor. Let s get three floors.

Okay. We just fell down from the top that s kind of where we started that working our way to not really sure actually this looks like a dead end okay nice well not nice. But be kind of funny. But i m kind of bummed out because i had this huge plan to get to 44 and then the the grenade launcher and all that but i m pretty sure that s all the way back in the earlier parts of the game.

And i just i don t know i kind of bummed that i never got it so well look in here all right captain kind of see if there s any names because i remember most of the characters from the earlier resident fog that scared me holy shit. She s not my child good because that d be the mother talking about can i not close this motherfucker back in oh it scared me so bad that s the the first condemned game condemned criminal origins. They did a lot of that lockers shit man that s uh yeah. I m good i m good bam.

All right. This is the right way i kind of feel like he s going to get up no okay. I don t understand what the point of finding an antique coin is okay. She s inside me.

She s inside everyone i can t drink caffeine when i play this game my heart i can fill my heart like just pounding already i m gonna get grabbed all right well we re definitely on the horse on the second floor. What is this painting of like a angel saving somebody maybe looks like archangel from from x men. This as i m taking right now. What is this all right lng tanker and a bell holy shit hold on guys i got to check something really quick sorry hey gus art i was mistaken so i did i actually went online just look because i looked at the name of the ship from revelations and it s like to clean.

Something for this devil out of what why does annabelle sound..

Familiar though built on my birthday deadweight 71000. Length 948 feet. But this this game takes place after six oh shit are you remembering what what are you there s no way. That s not me there s no way try to think of all the names of seen.

I remember the evelyn named zoe mia evelyn. I don t remember some of the other names on the list clancy. That s definitely classy. Oh fuck.

There s a ladder to go up. Oh. God every time there s one of these i just know just know. It s going to be some bullshit carts look around alright.

We re good she s going to be at the top. I got a feeling i got a feeling guy oh. There s another dead person. There the hell.

I ve no idea. We are we re supposed to hop down right here looks. Like it. Oh.

God have mercy on me right now. Please. I m unarmed. There s nothing down here either.

So. I m guessing the dad is finally dead. Because he did that little gray freeze over things right just like the mom did. But the thing is we don t know if the mom still dead.

I don t think they can die. I think oh shit. What are you talking about ” ..


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