Resident Evil: Red Falls – A Fan Film

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“Oh my fellow americans. We are the ones who did this dear beautiful towel right right falls of course is how the best shape. Now is its citizens inflicted by tradition you re not here for money nor. We here the causality for any state.

Each state now bring us what we asked for this while to give precious bsaa offerings. I m tensions here simple the system is broken justice is being distributed unevenly when we can fix it as i mentioned reform. We need something from you chris redfield everything he doesn t take responsibility for his students. And the nsc will take this place that is a promise take it off so what the hell is this when you suddenly have a drastic change of heart.

And you decide to defect to the good guys you do realize that no one knows you re here. No one which basically means your dental ready. No red tape. No bullshit rendition protocols.

We ll do it right here. Unless of course. You give me something that makes you useful rise and shine. When the last ones left johnny boy and longer realized the more false hope we build.

I guess. That s part of the job right better have our heads blown off and be ripped apart or be in fact it was something unholy no i tell me you turn yourself in without a struggle and now you don t have anything to say sorry. But i m just not seeing the synergy in that i mean do you even speak english. Yeah.

That s something now we re getting somewhere let s talk about chris redfield. And what he has to do with any of this you turned yourself in you must have something to say shana plz more balls copy that fuck strap find out the team over i don t know if i told you this. But uh it s kind of a funny story. I was sent to south africa a couple months ago.

Terrorists had sold a remote controlled tyrant to a plantation owner can you believe that we had to tell him it was a little too risky having a gigantic weaponized humanoid just walking around especially with that t virus infected flesh. Funny thing was all he wanted it for was to plow the fields..

But if the computer chip inside his head malfunctioned old man. The media would had a field day me to put that sorry monstrosity shut up dennis. What did you just say i said shut up instead of talking about nonsense how about we try to find a way out of here or still alive. If there was a way out don t you think we would have found it by now maybe but weren t we tried back when there were seven of us.

I kept hoping and praying that they would come save us that came yet they will chances are we re gonna die in here even if the bsaa do find out we re being held at as to say they haven t already what do you think these guys are gonna do when they make the attempt to rescue us do you not have faith in our brothers sure i do but these guys are right down the hall. All i d have to do a couple of steps put bullets. Yeah. Yeah.

So what do you propose well the carry knives. Where are they excuse me. I ll shut the hu first possible target area cleared. No luck.

We got an x cool copy that foxtrot. This is hq proceed with caution over copy that engage target you girl with it i think. It s thomas you push the river. I ll meet you have a click door pums can t say anything thomas stay with me don t close your eyes.

Thanks fox trax hq. This is erickson. I m reporting that that a human by organic weapon has killed captain richardson and the rest of fox trot annoy survivor. I repeat.

I m the only one left over what happened to your team is regrettable. We did not have intel about humanoid brw s are you in a secure location over yes. Sir. Over well.

Then you can either stay there. Until help arrives or you can move on to the next school take your chances..

The choice is yours over wake him up. Where am. I you are here and here s all you need to know. But why you re here is because chris redfield.

Still isn t now it looks like to me your celebrity bsa agent is a coward gone well it could be worse. I guess. But i m sure they discovered that we broke out by now we probably shouldn t stay in the same place for too long sounds like a plan he wouldn t waste his time with the lowlife terrorists like you just shoot me and get it over with when i signed up i was willing to die for my country. And i still am you think i m wasteful excuse.

Me well you must think i m wasteful. You obviously hear well enough. And no we ve been shooting your brothers back to back now why would we waste our ammunition. Because we don t shoot to kill do it don t shoot now as i was saying.

We don t shoot to kill kill the boy just the boy. He ll know he was already dead john what you did what you did was mercy. You think he wanted his body walk around by t people for me in 20 minutes. I ll have a 95 chance of recovery.

There betsy didn t our my probability jobs down 50. I know i i ve paid attention during the training. I think i know where they keep the antivirus so t virus okay plug us infused with t virus demented. But plausible so where does a kid s table organization like you guys get your hands on humanoid buy organic weapons is this some kind of game to you baby i m sorry to get the very distinct feeling you were deliberately wasting my time who do you work for wesker.

I didn t take you for a comedian albert wesker. Died in africa. There were four who witnessed his death. Chris redfield among them getting closer captain ellis.

I never said i worked for albert wesker. You can t unwin go on be careful..

Though i don t want to read all those things come on right here in iran school asshole bullshit. Where the hostages will take a look around don t you find this isn t the school why are you here why i m here well here s a decoy. I m gonna take morgan hostels. They should have brought more than six well you missed the punch.

What the hell is that supposed to mean oh one overall sounds on agenda went wrong with our tyrant. What s your friends from a team doesn t mean before you left you just got lucky can t say the same for you mr. Black. I need you to find intruders and kill them i m getting sick of your games.

You came to us you all but turn yourself in and now you have nothing to say i don t like cell phone when i was brought in yeah. What about it it s not really as though then what is it check it everything taken care of dog is coming every time. I see this reminds me of promised. Alex wesker.

Made us this isn t the first time. We ve met you know we have met before i m a virginian. I ll admit it wasn t quite as formal. But what we have had before not a lifetime ago.

It seems. I suppose what the hell are you talking about there s a small town biohazard outbreak about ten years ago. Bring any bills tell me the rest of this story well justice you near the death your village inspire you to join arms. I guess i needed the death of my family to do this a guessing twisted way i need you captain else.

I wasn t a captain back then i was just following orders good little soldier always following orders you always do what you re told on you when it s for the greater good yes. I realized some of the worst things known a man ever done for the so called greater good. We had to take the proper containment measures to ensure the infection. Didn t spread do i fucking look infected to you hmm do i do i well we couldn t take that risk.

No. I suppose not well..

I guess. Y all. Have motivations. Then don t we.

And what s yours. I mean you throw a wesker s name. What is that just bullshit misdirection. I wouldn t let my personal attention to get away of the ultimate goal captain.

Which is what this bird feels their white knight that they ve taken him out of the equation in my brain. I m one step closer to having the world in their hands all tyrants underestimated sighs. I don t think you re that narrow minded. No i don t think you are at all so.

What is all this to you then that s question captain ellis. Fortunately for you i do speak the truth. I do work for a wizard. But it s alexandra.

I work for her not over and they really do want chris redfield. 10. A mistake. Yeah actually i couldn t care less low.

Then why i like their toys whoa. Why you dressed like that blending. What happened to you we got punched in the face me. Too yeah did you win yeah me too yup that any virus.

” ..

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