Review: Plantronics Voyager Pro UC

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“Episode of sojourn knows best is brought to you by audible hey sup guys soldier soldier knows best sit here with my review of the plantronics voyager pro. You see is one of the top of the line bluetooth headsets out there i m gonna jump right into this review with the design and the hardware now first glance you re probably saying. This is a pretty freakin big headset and i must say. I said the same thing.

But at the way that this is also the most comfortable headset out there i guess the back acts as a counterweight or a counterbalance or whatever so we had the microphone boom extend it out you ll forget that you have this headset on after the first five minutes of use you just forget about it totally so that s a really really good thing at the top of the handset. You ll find some volume buttons also at the bottom of it you ll find the power button at the very bottom of it you ll find the micro usb port now at the back of the microphone boom. You ll find the call in they call answer button also i think if you press. It like three times.

They ll call back the last person you were talking to now the microphone boom does twist. So you ll be able to wear this headset on either your left or your right here. And also that whole little connector piece with that microphone in the earpiece itself does twist and this helps with storage options. Because it s does come with a leather carrying case that comes inside the box.

So you d be able to store your your headset without losing this to be honest with just the main reason. Why i got this because i lost my old jawbone here sit. But you ll be able to store this without losing. It also that case does has a little slot.

There for the mini usb adapter. Then that adapter is for to be able to plug it right into your computer. And now you can use this headset as a microphone for any application. Really for your skype application conference.

Calls or anything. Like that you ll be able use this headset for those things another thing. Too is that this headset can be paired to two devices..


At the same time. So you have this headset paired to your computer and your phone at the same time. So you could be on the skype call on your computer hang up and then start dialing a a phone call on your actual phone itself. And they ll automatically just send that all your straight to your headset.

So that makes it a little bit easier to navigate between multiple devices. Now let s talk about sound quality and audio quality. Now. The speaker itself inside this headset isn t as loud as it could be now.

I will say that because i was driving the car and trying to listen to some of other people on the other end on a phone call. And i just really couldn t hear them as clear as i wanted to on a couple occasions. Now that s was when i was on the highway. Then just drive around the streets.

I was able to hear just fine but on the highway. We had that extra wind noise. This speaker probably could just just a little bit a little bit higher now that being said though people on the other end in that same environment. Says.

I sounded loud and clear so the audio coming out of this thing as far as you talking to it is it s gonna be really really excellent. And what i m gonna do right now is just i have that bluetooth receiver inside of my computer. I m going to put this headset on to sync it up and i m going to show you how it sounds right now all right everybody get this thing on my ear. So all the audio that you hear right now is coming right from the headset and sorry for the noise as i think it is adjusted on my face.

But there it is and kind of see how it looks there doesn t look too bad. It looks a little bit stylish and professional you know it s kind of big in the back. But again this microphone boom..


You can t adjust it that s a good thing for it. And i did this test a little bit earlier and it sounded good to me how does it sound to human. I can t see you leave a comment below. But i will say that i did talk to a few people on the phone when i was even driving in the car on the highway.

And they said. I sounded loud and clear so the microphone. Does it do a really good job at win. The reduction as far as the wind noise.

And also noise cancellation with all the background noise. Does she may be in any type of environment. So that s always a good thing where they can hear you on the other hand. With the bluetooth headset.

So this microphone does check out and now. Let s talk about the coolest features of this headset. And that is the smart sensor technology so for example if you have your headset sitting on your desk. You have a synced up to your phone that s also sitting on the desk and you get a call coming in to your phone.

All you have to do is just pick up your headset and place it on your ear. They don t automatically answer. The call. Because there s a couple sensors on each side of it you know no one is sitting next to your face.

Where justin is awesome. Then you ll have to press any buttons or anything like that just put it on your ear. The caller s answer and also in that same situation..


If you just pick up the phone and your headset is still on the desk. And you answer the call on your phone itself. It knows that the headset. It s not on your ear.

So it s not going to send the audio to your headset. He ll just send the audio straight to your phone because you all been in that situation you have your bluetooth synced up to your phone and your phone may have in your pocket your headset is in the other room you answer the phone call on your phone you don t hear anything right because it s all going to boot to headset. So that s where this comes in handy. I just really like that feature now another good case where this technology is that this headset also does do a2dp streaming audio.

So you can actually stream music coming from your mp3 player or your cell phone via the bhoots who straight to your headset itself and also you listen to audiobooks. Movies as well and with that feature is that if you take your headset off. You hear why listen to a song. It ll actually pause the song to stop the music and then when you put it back on you re going to start playing again so this smart assistive technology is the first i ve seen in the headset myself.

I think it s just really really great a nice nice added benefit to the headset and now even with all those features. I just showed you that this headset can do it still gets about six hours of talktime and 5 days of standby time so my overall opinion about this headset. This is one of the top of the line out there i would say there as far as it features especially with their smart assistive technology and just because this headset is very very comfortable now. It is kind of big again you don t want to be walking around in the mall.

This thing probably look like a starship trooper. But it is very very comfortably most comfortable headset. I ve ever used plus i m the audio smartest people be able to hear me on the other end load and clear and again. I ll come right back to my one gripe about i think the speaker can t be a little bit loud especially for those lao lao zi buzzy lousy.

But those loud situations that you may be in the loud environments. But but even a thought those two gripes that i do have about the size and the speaker itself this still is a very very awesome headset. I think you ll be great for a lot of people especially kind of a business type people as well..


As far. As price. You can pick. This headset.

Up from plantronics website. For 200. Yeah. I got a shiva that s a lot of money.

But i actually got mine from amazon. I paid about 120 bucks for it so that s going to be the place to go if you re interested in getting this headset. So overall. I still think that this is again one of the top on headsets out there if not the best out there.

And it s just very comfortable to use that s my number one point. I m going to dig into just very very comfortable so anyway guys before we head out of here. It s gonna take the one that s look at our sponsor for this video and that is audible audiblecom. Is the leading provider of downloadable digital audio books and spoken word entertainment audible has over seventy five thousand titles to choose from to be downloaded to your ipod or mp3 player and playback anywhere anytime choose from books in every genre including science fiction thrillers drama comedy business.

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But just let me know guys and thanks for watching and i will catch you ” ..

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