Review: Q-See QT5716-9L6-1 Surveillance Security System

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“Everyone you know security is no joke. Whether that s computer and network security or or physical security for your home or business. So today. I want to take a at a surveillance system kit.

Allows you to easily and quickly set up a surveillance system in your home or office. Now this qc system is an everything included surveillance system. You can check my youtube video for the previous unboxing video. I made of everything that comes in this kit.

Let s take a closer look at the system components. Here s one of the 8 included bullet cameras as you can see it s got a metal weatherproof housing. And it can be used inside or outside so if i turn it end on you can see the main lens in the middle surrounded by 36 infrared leds for up to a hundred feet of night vision. So the camera has a joint here so that you can change the angle.

As well as the ability to rotate..

It once it s mounted and the camera also has an adjustment here for the amount of shade that this little shield provides to the camera depending on your lighting for your particular installation and the base you can see the notch here that provides allows a flush mount against the wall for the cable. This is the end of the cable. So here s the entire camera has a power and a bnc connector for the video and each bullet. Camera comes with 60 feet of cable.

Allowing the camera to be attached to the dvr. I also want to mention that power supplies are included for all the cameras. But i do want to point out that one power supply feeds up to four bullet cameras with this included adapter. This is the pan tilt zoom camera it provides up to three times optical zoom 360 degree horizontal rotation and 75 degree of tilt.

This is the entire camera itself showing the attached kable. Which provides power video and a data cable to allow the camera to be controlled it also has a solid metal weather housing can be used indoors or outdoors. The camera comes with two mounting brackets one bracket allowing the camera to be mounted from the ceiling and the other bracket. Allowing the camera to be mounted from the wall.

And just to show you an example..

Here s the camera attached to the ceiling. Mounting bracket and this bracket. Like the bullet cameras. Also has a notch in the base for a flush mount against the surface.

And the ptz comes with a hundred feet of cable to allow it to be attached to the dvr here s a close up of the front of the dvr. Which also comes with a remote control. The buttons here allow for system playback recording and menu. Configuration.

And there s also a usb port here. So that you can export videos to an external hard drive here s a look at the back of the dvr there are two rca audio input ports there s a port here for the data connection of the ptz camera there are 16 bnc channels for video input there s a rca audio output port a bnc video output port hdmi and vga video outputs an ethernet port to allow remote monitoring a usb port for the included mouse and a 12 volt. Dc input power supply since everything you need to get the system up and running is included in the kit. I found setting up the system to be pretty much plug and play and of course you should test all the pieces of the equipment.

Including all of the cameras before actually making installation in the final location..

The only trouble. I had was i did find one instance. Where there was a documentation labeling problem. There was a discrepancy between the label in the documentation.

And what i actually found on the back of the dvr. But that was a minor problem. And i had no trouble figuring out what needed to go where note that these cameras do require a physical connection to the dvr. So when setting up your system.

You ll probably want to put the dvr in more or less. A central location in your house or business and as an example. This is actual video footage from one of the bullet cameras using the default values of the camera just so you can get an idea of typical image clarity. There s a lot of functionality in the system.

Too much for me to go over in a simple review the software it gives you full access to customize the surveillance system..

According to your needs from programmable cruise patterns for the ptz camera to changing the color and brightness values for individual cameras as well as setting alarms and scheduling. When you want your surveillance system to run. And the ability to access your surveillance system remotely is a very good feature is their surveillance system perfect. Well the fact that the system requires the export disk to be formatted fat32 was a little annoying and on my mac i had a really hard time getting the exported video footage to playback in fact i was only able to get it to work under windows 7.

But all in all especially for the price. This is a great full featured surveillance system everything you need is included and it s got a very powerful ptz camera along with the ability to remotely monitor your surveillance system. So that s it for look at this qc surveillance system package. I hope you found this video to be helpful please like this video and subscribe to my youtube channel.

So you don t miss out on any more videos coming your way soon and if you d like to see. The unboxing video of this qc surveillance system. Just click right over there otherwise thanks for watching. And i look forward to seeing you next ” .


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