Review: Samsung T7 Touch portable external SSD with fingerprint sensor

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“This video. We go hands on with the samsung t7 touch portable ssd with an an integrated solid state fingerprint reader check it out thanks for watching. Nine to five be sure to thumbs up click. The subscribe button and then enable notifications with the bill icon.

So you won t miss any upcoming videos. Alright. Folks here it is the t7 touch portable ssd from samsung. Now everyone.

Knows samsung t series ssds they are pretty much legendary at this point for being small and portable being fast and just being an overall good value so does the t7 live up to the high standards set by its forebears like the t5 and the t3 and what i found is that yes for the most part the t7 touch does live up to the standards set by its predecessors. We re gonna talk all about it we re gonna first of all unbox it see how it compares in size to its direct predecessor. The samsung t5 we re gonna run some speed tests in of course. Yes.

We re gonna talk about that fingerprint sensor. As well so here is the samsung t7 touch. So let s go ahead and remove the unit from the packaging. And see what lies beneath alright.

So you have looks like a couple of usb cables and a getting started guide perhaps yes. That s what it is so that s pretty boring. We re just going to set that aside let s see what else is inside the box. So you have a usb c2.

A cable in a usb c2c cable. I don t presume that many mac users will be taking advantage of this right here this is for a legacy usb. A connections. Most of you guys are probably going to be using this right here the usb c2 usbc cable.

It s a very short cable. It s also kind of stiff not a huge fan of it. But it s probably gonna hold up pretty well over time..


And this cable is about about 15 inches or so in length by the way alright. So here is the samsung seven touch portable ssd. It has the usb type c. Port.

It looks very similar to the samsung t5. But there are some noticeable differences as well first and foremost. It is a little bit wider than the samsung t5 not by a lot. But i d say about 10 millimetres or so samsung says.

It has the length and width profile of a credit card and i d say that is right on the money as you can see the apple card. Almost perfectly matches the form factor at least from a linkedin with perspective. So here is the t5 on the right versus. The t7 touch on the left you can see that the t7 touch is wider.

Not only is it wider. It s also thinner not as thick as the t5 and that s illustrated really well right here you can see the t5 on the bottom noticeably thicker than the t7 touch. So let s compare the t5 to the apple card and you can see right there. I mean.

It s no question that the t7 is a little bit longer than the t5. But despite these changes both of these devices are still ridiculously small both will easily fit in a pants pocket. And you probably won t even notice that they re in there okay so before we can get started with using the fingerprint sensor we have to go ahead and install these samsung portable ssd software and that s what i m doing right now so samsung has this software right on the drive for your convenience and of course. You can go out to the web and download.

It as well so here s what you see when you boot back up and launch the utility for the samsung portable ssd and once you plug in your drive you ll see the welcome screen there you can name your ssd. And you can set the security mode. So right now security mode is off you can secure. It with just a password or secure with a password and a fingerprint so i m gonna click begin setup here keep in mind that you must establish a password before you can use the fingerprint sensor.

So i ll go ahead. And do that right now confirm my password as well alright so click next. And there we go so now..


It s time to scan. Our fingerprint and guess what if you ve ever used touch id on the iphone our ipad. You re gonna know exactly what to do here you simply touch the fingerprint sensor multiple times at different angles. And as you do you ll see the percentage increase on the utility.

There you go so eventually you ll get to a hundred percent and you ll be good to go okay. Just a couple more taps and we re done so now you can either click done to finish or click add to add additional fingerprints and these prints can be from the same person or it can be from multiple individuals that you want to share the drive with so whenever you want to edit any security settings. You re gonna have to put in your password. And confirm and once you do that will allow you to go in for instance.

And delete. Fingerprints or rename. Fingerprints disable. Fingerprint.

Security. Change. Your password etc. So you re probably wondering what happens.

If i plug. The samsung t7 touch into a mac or pc. Or a game console. Or any other computing device.

And i don t have the samsung software installed well you ll see something that looks like this it s gonna actually present to you the installers to install the utility and it s gonna say hey. This is a read only partition you re not gonna be able to see what files are on the drive or add any files to the drive. Until you authenticate with your fingerprint like that indeed. The t7 touch lets you authenticate with your fingerprint directly from the device itself no additional apps required and that answers my biggest question about this device because i was wondering what happens.

If you plug it into a ps4 or into an ipad pro. Well just like it did on the mac. Before you authenticate..


It s gonna say hey this drive is read only only after you authenticate with a valid fingerprint will it allow you to access the contents of the drive and add new files to the drive. So here. I just authenticated and now i can access all the drives contents right there from a high pad pro and i was skeptical at first. But that s actually really handy to have especially if you travel you don t have to worry about what happens.

If i lose my device will we won t have all my data all my important files. No it s secured using your. Fingerprint. Now here s another thing about the.

T7 it. Uses. Usb. 32.

Gen. 2. For 10 gigabits per second. Connectivity.

But the real story is that the t7 uses embedded in via me flash. So unlike its predecessor. The t5. It s able to put more of that precious bandwidth to get used as you can see right here.

The drives rated at 1000. 50. Megabytes per second read. And as you can see it comes pretty close.

Now. Let s compare the benchmarks from the t7 touch to the t5 here s the t5 and you re going to notice that despite having the seen 10 gigabits per second bandwidth available to it it s a lot slower because the actual flash storage components inside the t5 are a lot slower. So really the big deal here with the t7 touch..


Besides the fingerprint sensor is the use of pcie nvme. Flash and that may be a reason you would consider upgrading now that all being said you ll need to temper your expectations when performing sustained file transfers with large amounts of data and that s because this drive as you can tell is extremely tiny. I mean it s a little bit wider than the t5 but it s also thinner than a t5 in these flash storage modules especially when under sustained load get very hot and of course this device being as small as it is has no active cooling. There are no fans inside for instance so to deal with the heat experience with very large file transfers.

It has to throttle down. And that s when you ll start to notice that it takes a little bit longer than you may have expected to transfer those really large files. So for example. If you re transferring a really small file like 5 10.

20. Even 50 gigabytes. The t7 touch is really fast. It s faster than the t5.

But you may notice that after some time with the sustain file transfer that the performance begins to take a dip and that s just the reality of working with these really fast and really tiny form factor. Steez throttling. Is actually a good thing in some respects because you know your drive isn t going to fail. Because of overheating.

So if you really need that extra speed go with something a little larger maybe like the samsung x5 the 500. Gigabyte version of the x5 doesn t cost all that much more than the t7 which starts at 130 dollars. The t7 touch comes in 500 gigabyte. One terabyte in two terabyte varieties and launches today.

Samsung plans to launch a regular t7. Without the fingerprint sensor later on this year. So ladies and gentlemen what do you think about the t7 touch. Do you plan on buying one do you like the idea of having that embedded fingerprint sensor.

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