REVIEW: Truly Ergonomic Model 227 Mechanical Keyboard [2016

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“Folks your os reviews you re watching our ear view of the truly economic model model 227 mechanical keyboard truly ergonomic is a pretty interesting company they ve manufactured these keyboards for a long time now. In fact. The model. 227 which were reviewing now is actually the updated new generation.

Which has been just released here at the start of 2016 before the 227 and the model 229. Which has a slightly altered lay out the composes of two keys. As opposed to just one alt key on the bottom right hand corner. Have been on the market for around.

I would say six seven years already however this newly updated model improves upon some of the woes that previous reviewers have noted in the first iteration models of the 227 into 29. So for one people have noted in the past that the truly ergonomic keyboard seemed to lose her sensitivity with mechanical caps as we use them over time. Which is of course. A large issue that people have pointed out to address this problem truly ergonomic has gone through with the development process and they ve actually swapped out the key caps.

So instead of using cherry mx brown switches. Which offer a pretty silent response. It s actually gone with a lesser known company based in china. And they claim that this swap swap in terms of the company manufacturing.

The keys will make a difference in terms of the longevity. As well as ensuring that they don t wear out break down as easily as the cherry mx brown switches that were originally used whether or not this claim is something that will take effect in reality will have to come and see because we only use this for two to three weeks so far. But we haven t come across any issues in terms of the pricing. The 2 27.

Is roughly 250 dollars same thing. The 229 so the art sheet. However it s a fair price to pay considering it s a herb anomic keyboard just like some of the microsoft sculpted keyboards as well as other organ on them some doors in the market. It tend to be a bit more expensive because they offer a faster and more comfortable typing experience after you get used to it factoring in the fact that this is a mechanical keyboardist wall.

It makes more sense that it s slightly more expensive. Now. The truly ergonomic keyboard has a few advantages. When compared to some other products.

That might also be organ amin for one..

It s a very small and portable form factor. In fact. It s 60. The space of a full sized keyboard.

But it still retains a hundred percent the size for the keys. So it s a lot more narrow. Which makes it perfect for traveling and we re taking it with you it also features a detachable palm rest area which makes it even more small just great when placing it on a desk. That might be more limited in the surface area.

Department. Otherwise this is also using a usb 20. Connection. So just plug and play with any mac os or windows based computer.

I would like to see a wireless model in the future considering that the company has been producing you know a few updates over the years perhaps the logical next step would be making this folio wireless using bluetooth. And that might be interesting to see and perhaps justify the more expensive price even more but otherwise the truly economic keyboard uses this very unique non staggered arrangement which they claim helps with your finger postures as well so if you re a pianist you might know that when you are playing the piano. Teachers will always tell you to kind of curve your fingers like you re holding a bubble in your hands. And not prevents you from getting their fingers tired.

And prevents any carpal tunnel syndrome. Developing over the years. The same thing in the same logic is applied here. So if you re typing you can see how the index finger.

Which is your longest finger kind of reaches the furthest as well on this keyboard. Whereas. The q and the t. The y and f.

The penny in your hand. Is also a lot closer to their thumb and also their pinky fingers. So it doesn t you don t have to reach as far to access those keys otherwise those are the main things that really set this keyboard apart. The packaging here is pretty nice and simplistic.

It tells you a bit about this the switches of course..

The benefit of a mechanical keyboard in general is that it s supposed to last a lot longer than a traditional membrane stops board. It also offers a more responsive tactile click. Which is more reassuring. It also lasts for again easily 1020 years and it used properly and manufactured properly as well with the usb 20.

Connection. It s a pretty decent and measures roughly two meters in length. So i didn t have any issues there i kind of wish that the cable came out of a more left or right hearts on the back of the keyboard itself. Rather from the center that s because it seems to get a little bit more easily tangled up.

But other than that it works pretty nicely the actual cushion padding on the bottom is pretty comfortable for your wrist. When you are typing. I think to know about this particular keyboard is brown switches they are very quiet so. If you re typing on them compared to a memory now keyboard.

You won t really hear a difference. Which is great if you are using it in a place where there s also other people around you you don t want to really annoy. Them with the loudness of a mechanical loose wood. Going up close with the keyboard layout.

You can see that the space bar. Here. Is actually staggered and split apart on both sides you can type on it with your left hand or your right hand and you can kind of look at the keyboard from an angle. You can see how there are also keys that double up in terms of functionality expression on the right here you have some special symbols.

That you can access like a number pad one two three four five six seven eight nine that you can tap on when pressing on the on the key and the control key together. However we did find that this layout for the numeric pad was a little bit limiting so if you are planning on using this just for typing in numbers. And calculations may be using it as a calculator for finance. It s not going to be the best option because sometimes it s not as accurate as we would have liked on the back.

There is a special feature. Which allows you to easily change out some of the layout. Functionality and corresponding to the keys and you can use a pen. Which is actually not provided.

But you can use it to shift up at these tiny little points on the on the back there to access some alternate layouts perhaps if you re using it internationally it has a post in us..

This is a very special feature we haven t seen it before and it seems to work quite well the customization route because truly ergonomic does offer a software that you can download through their website. Allows you to further customize the keys specifically to your liking. So it s quite a nice feature and it works. Very well.

So you can see some basic info on the back as well otherwise as far as the comfort of this keyboard. I would say it does a very nice job again because the keys are full size. So you don t really have to be cramped. When you re typing.

They re splattering on the center. So it works nicely. When you re typing fast. But the thing.

I would say is the layout is something that will take a bit of time to get used to especially with the placement of the caps. Key and also the backspace key those two things are slightly irregular on this keyboard. Compared to maybe. A laptop keyboard and this made me have to use this keyboard for roughly.

I would say a week before i really got used to layout on here and after that i could type quite quickly on this something interesting. I found though was when i transitioned back to a traditional non staggered layout. Maybe a laptop. I found that i wasn t really used to layout anymore and i had to type a map for another hour before i could kind of transition.

Myself back into the traditional normal keyboard style so this the time that it takes you to get customized. This is something definitely to note. It s not something that you ll be used to immediately and after you are used to it. However you can get a pretty reasonable speed in terms of typing and supposedly also faster than a traditional keyboard just because of the natural positioning of the keys are closer to the length of your fingers.

And so you should get a faster response time on the very top there s also dedicated controls to some media buttons including the volume skip track and that works pretty nicely as well overall. The sound on these are still pretty reassuring and when you click on them. I m a huge fan of mechanical keyboards. I feel like they make a lot of sense in terms of investment.

If you are someone who does a lot of writing a lot of editing as well as maybe a computer science because over time..

It s gonna you know make your fingers feel better make you feel better. And that s a reasonable price to pay for something that you ll be using for 10 years down the road in my opinion. So this is also pretty pretty portable as far as the design is concerned the only thing. Though is like most mechanical keep it still is fairly hefty.

So it does weigh you down a bit. When you are traveling with it even though. The construction is mostly on a plastic. Although the base does have some metal components something else that s missing on this truly economic keyboard is the ability for you to prop up the keyboard at an angle so you can notice that when we turned it to back there weren t any kickstand where mini kick stands for you to prop it up.

So that s something to take note of but overall it does a decent job. When you re sitting at a desk and hiding on it so at the end o day they truly urban on the keyboard. I feel like is a pretty decent option as far as agronomic keyboards are concerned some people love them some people aren t you know too much fans of them. But for those who do need an ergonomic keyboard and also would like one that uses mechanical switches.

This is one of the better options on the market. Its unique its compact it s easy to tote around and the constructional quality seems to be pretty good. The company is addressing some issues that i had with the first generation model and we are glad to see that however we would also like to see it take things even another step further as they continue with further iterations of the model 227 down the road such as ability for you to use it wirelessly. And maybe more easily detach.

The palm rest without using screw. So it d be interesting to look at as well overall a very solid. I would say improvement over the original and we re now going to give you a quick sample of the sound. The keyboard makes when they re typing on it oh.

It s an interesting option to check out if you are looking for something that might be better in your fingers. And if you are a typist that s looking to write long articles or papers. This is a good option to consider there are more information about the truly argonautica model to 27. And to 29 be sure to read our full written review.

This is thinner. ” ..

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