RokBlok (vinyl killer) Wireless Portable Record Player review

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“Break broke. 23. Today we re going to take a look see at the rock rock block wireless portable record player. This unit will just write on top of a and it it works has a built in speaker.

It s bluetooth capable. So yeah let s take a look at it stick with me okay so yesterday. I was at walley world checking out to see what new vinyl. They brought in and they do they ve been bringing fresh vinyl.

They don t have a big selection. But anyway. So often the corner of my eye. I saw this little box here actually they had a whole stack of them of rock blocks.

This kind of caught my attention and i m like well let s check this sucker out. So basically what this is this is a portable record player. And you can put it on top of record and she ll go round and round and play your album for you this is a bluetooth capable. Which is what really caught my attention.

But it also has a built in speaker. So that s what we re gonna use today so i just want to basically show you what this thing does okay so first of all it comes with a neat little quick start up manual here it comes with the charging cord. No ac wall adapter..


So you want to charge out into your laptop or some sort of a cell phone charger or whatever so let s look at the unit itself. It s kind of a faux wood box here that looks kind of cool. It s pretty cool looking. We have this lever.

This is the play and stop lever underneath. We have the power switch bottom position is off center position. Is 33. And a third top position is 45 rpm.

We have little status indicator to show you that it s on over here. We have the little jack for the mini usb and then a charging status indicator as well we have the needle assembly. Here and a little guide wheel. Here the pivots and then we have the drive wheels these are like a plastic wheel with a rubber type coating maybe even a silicate type coating on it over here we have a momentary push button for bluetooth to turn the bluetooth on and off and then we have a volume control for the built in speaker.

I m not gonna mess with the bluetooth function on this i just don t feel. It s worth it. But i don t know if the volume control works for bluetooth as well so i m gonna i m gonna say yes. It probably does but who knows okay.

So there s a little learning curve to this so mmm two things we re not going to put a hundred and eighty grand mint pressing of dark side of the moon down here to play that s not gonna happen for a couple reasons actually well you know this thing could move around you don t want to scratch. It it doesn t have the greatest cartridge in the world or stylus in the world. They do say it as a diamond stylus..


I m not too sure about that looks like one of those ceramic stylus is that they put on the victrolas and the crosley s and stuff to me. But who knows so on top here. We have the little we have a little dots kind of hard to see. But a little dot net shows you were the true you know where you re gonna that s your track marker.

I guess basically so there is a learning curve to this and i m getting fairly good at it. Although i ve put a few scratches in the album here so anyway. Let s see the test album is a garage sale find and underneath. It i have a spare cork mat.

Yeah. I don t know why really protect the album. Okay. So.

If you just go and pick it up and put it on to play it like this it s not gonna happen. This is part of the learning curve you can hear the wheels are kind of going in the little boxes vibrating here. It s trying to get up and go not going to happen. So.

What i do is i take the stylus and i put it in this straight position here and then i just kind of roll. It over on the record here like this you take and you flip the handle down. So the handle up is to play handle down is to turn it off you can try to use the track market or the track indicator and find the you know the the blank groove in the middle here..


And i m somewhat successful with it if you want to start at the beginning of the album that s kind of a little tricky. If you say just put it on like this on the edge of the album and you think it s gonna go. It s not gonna go just hit some spins its wheels. Now because i ve done this quite a quite a bit.

I m getting somewhat good at it so what i m gonna do is i m gonna lift this up. I m gonna put the indicator even with the beginning of the album and we ll try it oh just derailed all right let s try it again so we ll center that stylus up now. I m gonna go over on the album. I m going to put it on kind of sideways.

Like this see now let s see if we can get it let s try it. Again. There we go okay guys well it works couple. Things it s 5999.

At walmart even i mean it s 59 bucks. And and i don t know if they re cheaper on the internet. I honestly i always thought these were just kind of a joke. So i ve never looked into them this is my first time.

I ve even mess with these or even cared about how much these things. Cost but it s 5999. At walley world..


I don t know me it s not worth it i mean generally when i buy something to do a review on it i keep them or give. It and give them away this one s going straight back. I mean as soon as i m done with this video. I m packing this sucker back up and it s going back to walley world.

So i don t know some of you guys may dig. It it is kind of a kind of a cool novelty item. But you know beyond that yeah whatever it s not worth it to me so there you go i don t know you guys tell me what you think about it it s the rock block wireless portable record player. I mean it s kind of cool as far as like somebody actually engineered this and and it works actually better than i thought it would when i went into this with kind of a more open mind.

I got it to work properly at the very beginning. I m just like what a piece you know i ll screw this and i did i put a scratch scratch the album a little bit on here. But once you get used to messing around with it and handling it and and whatnot in the weight. And you know how to set it up you can get pretty good with it.

And it is what it is so there you go all right yeah. In the comments. You know let me know what you think of this thing and please subscribe. I appreciate that i really do appreciate my subscribers.

We re nearing 4000 and i appreciate every single one of you guys so thanks. ” ..

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