Root the LG G3 T mobile d851 running lollipop update 5.0.1

t mobile g3 lollipop This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Root the LG G3 T mobile d851 running lollipop update 5.0.1. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“One and this is my first youtube video. My name is alex and the reason reason why i made this video is because i had a really tough time rooting lg g3 t. Mobile brand of course running the update of lollipop for five point two zero point one first off i just want to show you what i m running so we go to general. About phone and of course software information its.

501. Of course lollipop. And this is the software version of the d8 501. Which is the t mobile brand.

Now i tried the normal one click methods before and it just would not rule my phone. I would not have to get you a super user access so i looked around and i had a tough time..

But i found this app. Which is called king route. Now king ruud works great for the lg g3. It actually has its own su binary or super user.

If you will it s version four point eight point one this routed my phone right away. And this is just the ui that you re looking at of course. The route authorization it shows all my route apps and they re all holdout and of course. You know these are all move apps.

You know like titanium backup of course it gives you a warning it says your su binary version three point five point four kinguser so it s. Functional but might not work reliably on some android 43..

Roms. If you encounter any issues. Please try super user instead of course. I want you to try super user.

But of course. It i m just fine with this app. It just always comes up. But no no problem as you can see might have a full access to titanium backup.

And i have quite a few backups already so there s no problem with this app. It works great now of course..

All you have to do to get this app of course is just go to google or any of your of whatever you re gonna use to navigate the internet and you re gonna go ahead and select alright. Kingroot version four point eight point one you just go ahead and select that and you ll have various places. Where you can go ahead and download the app of course absolutely free and from any of these sites once you ve downloaded it we just go ahead and run the app. It will route your phone within just a few minutes and you can and it ll bring you directly to the kingroot ui and from there you can go ahead and route in any of all your apps now this is by far the easiest method that i could find the route of course.

The lg g3 which i was not to able to route through the conventional methods. And i hope that this video will help anybody else out there having the same problem that i ran into now when i looked in youtube. I could not find a video. I mean i had to find this information on my own.

I just thought maybe i wasn t looking correctly or not but anyhow. This is the best way to route the phone and its work to find with all my route apps..

These are all route apps. Here and that you can see blue browser. Everything is working just fine now so i mean i have full access to route and there s no problems at all now of course if you have any problems. Finding or downloading this app kingroot please.

I just send me a message and i will go ahead and send you the link the direct link when any case. This is my first of course video. And i hope that you enjoy it i would like you to give me a thumbs up if it helped you out a bit so thanks again youtube and you have a ” ..


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