Rose Gold iPhone 6S Plus Unboxing

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” s up guys this video. I m going to be unboxing the new iphone 6s 6s plus. Here it is right here. I got the rose gold version.

As you see by a little like rose gold or pinkish coloring around the edge look at the little picture on the front and i also have the iphone 6s. I m going to be unboxing this so make sure you check out the unboxing video on that i will look at the pictures on the front of these my girlfriend is saying it was a betta fish. Which i can kind of see that i guess. It s just not showing like the front of the fish.

But i don t know what do you guys think these are either way it looks cool alright let s go and slide this to the side and let s check out the iphone 6s plus. There it is on the side has it sits in pink. I m gonna say that s pink because that s not really rose gold. That s just pink.

Maybe the phone is rose gold. But i may beg to differ on that also so this year for the plus. I did the 64 gig model now we re on the iphone 6s i did the 16 now i m kind of hoping that i didn t make a bad decision with that last time. It was the other way around this phone right here is actually 64 gig and this one is 16.

I ended up starting using the 6 plus..

As my main phone. Then went back to this or not kind of prefer this size a little bit better. But i do like the bigger screen real estate. I just rather have this in my pocket.

So it s kind of hard to choose yeah. I m hoping. I made a good decision on that and getting the iphone 6 plus. In the bigger size rather than iphone 6 alright.

Let s go ahead. And cut into this thing. Alright. Low unboxing knife.

Broken. Let s tear. This thing open and total give a little shake come out iphone. Tada.

There it is sorry yet some like dust on it like that the iphone 6s plus in rose gold..

There it is so that to the side alright. So let s go ahead and check out what s in here. We ve got the little thing right. There.

The little pamphlets designed by apple in california going to open this up see which in schad this time. It s a little pocket that s pretty cool so it showed up a little bit alright iphone 6 plus. We got the information about the buttons. We have some iphone info and then we have apple stickers yay under that is the apple earpods so you get some new ear pods.

With your iphone you get a charging cable. And then you also get a charging brick and there you go. That s pretty much the unboxing. So we can go ahead and put all the stuff to the side not too much to see in there let s look at the phone.

Alright here. It is the iphone 6s plus and rose gold. Which actually kind of looks pink. I m not gonna lie a lot of people have said that me included and yeah i kind of agree with them it looks pink.

I really just depends though on the angle are you looking at it because if you look at it kind of like this it looks more like pink and then here..

It kind of looks more silvery and then i ve heard outside it kind of looks coppery or just gold or yeah. It really just depends on lighting. I and the angle. You re looking at it.

But me i think this thing kind of looks pink. What do you guys think is this rose gold or should they just call this the pink iphone. I m kind of happy i don t mind a pink. I 4.

I kind of wanted to switch it up i ve always had the silver or i ve always wanted space gray and never end up getting it so i m kind of happy i have that in the 6s and yeah. I just wanted to switch it up and i mean i thought okay so in it anyway so like this is give me covered up so what does it matter. I wanted a pink iphone. Let s go and peel.

The plastic off look at that fresh it s a fresh iphone listen that sound that s like so rewarding is peeling at all alright let s go ahead and boot. It up now just for comparison while that s booting up here is the iphone 6 plus. All right beside it are going to flip it over and what there is no difference. No it looks pretty much exactly the same you literally you can look at both these phones and as far as i know there is not a difference on the outside.

Like you can t tell them apart other than this one of course being in the new color..

The pink or rose gold as far as the insides go. Though these phones are completely different. This one has all new specs inside it s got a new chip. It s got a new camera.

It s got a new touch id. So the fingerprint scanner is better it s got a whole new screen. If you flip it over to this side should be booted up now you can actually like pressing the screen. And it can tell how much you re pressing it in which i ll get to that in a little bit.

It s called 3d touch obviou. There s the unboxing. I thought i d just show you guys this quick if you enjoyed this video make sure you click the like button down below subscribe to the youtube channel right there. If you see more videos like this and stay tuned.

I have again the on boxing of the iphone6s coming out so check that out if there s any videos you want to see me do on either one of these phones leave in the comments down below. And i ll be sure to try to do that for you guys. And yeah thank you for watching. ” .


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