Running the Mighty Mini reflux still

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“Welcome back to barley in house. We re getting ready to run the reflux still still we re gonna do this step by step some from beginning to end. I already gone through the other video for the introduction of what the components are where they look like where they fit and how they go together what comes with the with the mighty mini. This is a three gallon.

I m using the induction cooker again as i did when i was making beer because this is just a three gallon pot so look if i was using an 8 gallon pot you have to be on a 15 to 16 hundred watt hot plate because of the mass or a. Turkey fryer and then of course. I d be doing it outside don t use a turkey fryer inside what i m gonna do now is i m gonna roll up some copper and this copper is the copper mesh that we talked about earlier. I got a lot of blowback when i didn t mention the copper in one of the other videos.

One guy wrote in you said you know where s the copper in the column. If there s no copper is undrinkable well there is a belief and there is some data that supports that copper inside the column on your run are reflux even if you run on a pot..

Still that there is some value out of that it removes some of the sulfites or sulfates that are produced. But there are people that will also tell you they will confound that opinion. The data is not so scientifically exact that it says that you can t use it or you have to use it if you don t use copper trust me in my opinion. If i use copper.

I don t know if i don t use copper. I don t know but i put copper in just because it s a great medium for my distillate in my vapor to start to condense on and then we condense the most volatile substances rising through the column. So we re gonna add the column and you ll notice. I ve already i ve already added the reflux tube that goes from the exit of my condenser to the import of this jacket.

So here we go we ll connect this and then all we ve got left to do is to add the thermometer so that we can track the head temperature and while i m hooking this up let s talk about temperatures first of all methanol methanol comes off at 145 degrees. At sea level ethanol comes off at 179 degrees at sea level..

There are some differences in those temperatures. But that s a great guide so your methanol will always come off first because there s nothing you can do about it you can t get to 179 without hitting 145 first. So that s why you always collect the first two ounces on a five gallon batch. There s more methanol in a fruit based mash than there is in a grain based or in a sugar wash.

Almost none in a sugar wash. George s recommendation is hey look man make it a habit always throw away the first two ounces and we ll even show you how to test that just look it s i m gonna show you i ll just tell you just start collected in a small cup and light it if it burns yellow. It s methanol if it burns blue its ethanol that s a good point for you alright. We re here we re gonna add the bung that goes to the very top because we re gonna start tracking the temperature and when we add our thermometer you always want to make sure that the thermometer is measuring the temperature at the exit port.

Which is right here that goes into your condenser. Where you measure..

The temperature is always going to make a big difference to make sure that you do it the same place in the same way each and every time because if you measure the temperature too low you ll stop before it gets warm enough because it s going to be warmer at the bottom than it is at the top or at the top and it is at the bottom. So you always want to make sure you re measuring the same place each and every time so there goes my bung it goes in there and right now we re at 85 degrees getting ready to hook up the water we re back in the exit port right now we re at 164 degrees. And what i ve got is i ve already been through the 145 range and you can see i starting to get drops of distillate coming out so my methanol is already running out and i ve got ice water in the bucket with a small pond pump and what that s doing is that s actually pumping ice water into the bottom of this condenser. Right now at the top of the condenser and through this column.

This is a a jacket that goes around and i can feel that s cool. And that column is absolutely scorching hot and then my discharge line runs right back into the bucket. So i m just recycling that same water. We re at 171 degrees.

And you ll notice now that i m starting to get some drops coming out what i ll do is i m gonna collect about to almost about like like about 2 ounces of that because i know that that s my methanol. It s coming off and then pretty soon we ll start running the ethanol party..

It s pandemonium this goes to show you that you have to keep your eye on things i m now trying to clean up a mess you know i thought i d get myself i thought i would get ahead and show you what was going on. But then my hose popped out of the bucket water went everywhere so we re right now at 170 475 degrees. So we re really really close you can see the methanol scum off getting close to about 2 ounces. I ll be back in just a moment.

Okay well look. We ve got a ways to go. And it s going to take a while look. I hope you enjoyed this out we ve run a reflux till.

Today so we ll see you on the on the next edition of one of our ” ..

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