RuPaul s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 1 Oh My Gaga Entrance Looks – Weekly Round Up

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“Hey hey. Hello. Everybody and welcome back this is davina de campo and these episode. Episode.

I am. Joy black. Okay hi. Don t angry just tell everybody a little about yourself.

Where can they find you i m the manchester queen and you can find me up and down canal street. Oh yay line. Where they re gonna give me a couple of parts for my sim also you ll find me there take out in their restaurants call the shops you can find me anywhere but i mean kiki exam. Leeds viaduct everywhere else as well you pay i m glad we have a new union of course.

Yes so you can catch me anywhere all right how long have you been doing track four efrain cute bitch you asking me that but she s shady bitch. I ve been doing it for 14 years now yeah. I was 2. When i started that s the truth big nora i was 2x.

I do four down here we do them 12. Okay yeah we re there today that s why alright so we re gonna have a little comment. A little opinion and that s all it is it s an opinion. It s like a dick.

We re gonna get ours out and show it to you haha. So we re just gonna give an opinion on the the queen s entrance. Look. Yeah.

Oh fabulous so they ve had eight months because you have about eight months in between finding out that you re gonna be on the show and being on the show. So that s what i m kind of looking at it with a view of that you ve had eight months to prepare for this and this is what you served up okay first up we have peppermint and she s in this satin blue a kind of housecoat almost like a coat dress cinched in the waist with those amazing braids and a hit and those great big gigantic earrings. I love the look the hair. Yeah.

She reminds me of janet jackson from back in the days. You know i look i m not keen on that jacket. I just think the length is a bit runny fide sorry like a fermi. I have liked it to have been a little longer and a little bit more fishtailed at the bottom.

So you then you get that please swish swish swish swish that would be it s just i look if you re gonna hop down there bitch you better wear some shoes her pump saying well yeah no comment about the pool next up. We have got valentina. Oh. So that s a nice choice.

Yeah. Yeah. And she s super gorgeous isn t she she s in this beautiful red dress with the matching golden red jewels great big head piece in her wig. Which is very nicely styled and i think she looks super elegant really pretty yes.

Fantastic. The way. She s much too tall up from these glowing to the jessica rabbit like a modern. Jessica rabbit.

Look dress. I am. Gagging and the thing is this dress is a similar length to peppermint isn t it. But she s got because in america super.

Yeah. And it s just a touch higher and it the cut so different so just he it s just a bigger and the fat that she d got split showing makes her legs look longer than even on them. And the shoes are amazing as well she looks young as well no she yeah well she s only been doing it what ten months. But she s only been doing drug demos.

Yeah. These kids these drag queens. Again. I feel like la you know back in the days.

You used to say drag. Mother. I feel. I can flip in drama.

Ha ha. Welcome. Put. Together fall.

Yeah. Tenma. Yeah..


Definitely. Yeah. Well definitely. So.

Our next. Queen. Is. Eureka.

Oh. Ok. Who is a slightly larger queen full of body slightly well see you but she s in this really really cute pink and then the kind of baby blue greeny at pvc number yeah. The the reason why i like this number.

So much is bigger girl to try and play it safe a well this black and depressing dresses. But i love the fact that she s confident with it yeah. I should confidently actor. She s wearing that great like i and i like the way that the shoes are perfectly paired with it exactly the right color.

Yeah and the wig is styled to perfection. It s gorgeous that s the thing about bigger queens as well when this cinch. I hear all these bloody bits that end up coming up there yeah. Whereas.

Diff is perfect. You ve got. She has the shake alright. So next.

Up is a queen that both of us. Know. It s charlie hi. It s charlie hi.

So here. She is the oldest drag queen in the universe barnum adopts our banana. So charlie comes in and she said time to get shady and she has this kind of boxy dress on which actually she s doing a lot of now she s wearing. She s got a lot of these dresses that she i don t know whether she s made them or she s had them designed and made for her.

But she s wearing a lot of these and then these ma. These enormous glasses around her neck. Has her jewelry. See this kind of sums up drag.

It s camp is funny. She s not taking herself too seriously i like to do all that song yeah. But if i was entering rupaul s drag race for the i don t think i d be wearing a boxed dress got beautiful people should florida south a bit morning. She wants to perhaps give a taste of personality.

She out of the net have some on the runway or someone like that not when you first come into paul s drag race and you you re just like a paperback. Yeah i mean if charlie had has a fantastic body she does have a fantastic body and and you would never guess her indra now in truck. She is beautiful yeah. She really i asked in that i ve even gone cool.

Yeah. I d be like in a gig are you jealous sister wrinkles on everything. But uh uh no bitch very season. Boo yeah yes our next queen pheromone.

So she s in this to me. It s more of a necklace than a dress yes. Because it s just like the little bits of metal. And there s a because i do love a suit.

I love love love a nice little suit to dress on and it s looking a bit question at the same time so i love it yeah. I i agree actually i think she looks absolutely sensational and the body is killer absolutely killer all the young queens seem to be doing that same must were them not old school. But it s like a vintage forte with a marcel wave in the hair. Yeah.

It s a purple like not being rude with the proper white girl thing isn t it at the moment with with the platinum wig and it s always will be the vols got the same basic traits. A simple dove but my base. I m doing a show that s why that basic face up yeah. They saw it and they were beautiful north skinny.

And all ah sick of looking at it. She s not better in out is now all right. She s beautiful. I m just jealous.

I believe i was well i was beautiful as well you bastard. I was never your beautiful that never happens to me. Neither do this right have i ve become more more polished and better looking..


Yeah god i looked back on it. 23. How lovely were you jesus christ okay. So moving along.

We have our next queen is sasha velour mmm. How to describe this it s a black dress with a bit of a neck. Thing going on black gloves and a black party hat. I got a background like a morbid christmas pie.

Yeah. Yeah so she s throwing an alternative christmas look together when she comes in she goes. Ah mmm sounds like me. When i m going to the toilet trying to have a number two up it wasn t emily croce.

No honestly ha ha ha ha. It s never look at that i will ever do i got that oh sooyoung fingers in a and she s trying to be quirky. And she s trying to be cool. I am not a massive fan of the eyebrows.

I m not a massive fan of the glasses. I m not a massive fan of the shape. And that must have fun of the crown on the head. So basically late you loved it didn t ya she s a really love date he s gonna win okay.

He s got my style that s all it is so i like following on from what you ve just said about the wig that comes from her mother had cancer and so then she caught. I know so then she said. I m not gonna wear the wig. I m gonna get rid of it you know because her mother s had such a tough time.

And it women with no hair. Like that s hard isn t it. Yeah. Right okay.

Okay. I get it and this many reason. Why a queen s shake off their hair. A good honest.

That s the reason why she s doing it just to ask me to shave my hair. So next up. Alexis michelle now she s pretty in purple. She s kind of like a lilac.

A shade isn t she oh right okay. This outfit right i love the hair. It goes really nicely with the skin tone as well and i love the way she s styled they re all back beautiful. I do not think this is going to sound really awful.

But it s just my opinion. I don t think it s for her i don t think she s got the figure for it just underneath the belt. Just that little midriff. I don t think that s very flattering on her if it was me i would have had a bigger cost sit on just to push that back in the little i give me a bit more of a bigger like i think you re probably right.

I think jumpsuits are very difficult anyway. Unless you are perfect like the body has to be absolutely right doesn t it because it shows everything off because there is just the silhouette. There s nothing else added to it so you just have the silhouette and then the fact that it s a sequin. One and we just have this slight bit of action going on here so like you said.

If they ve been some kind of boning or quarter trick inside the jumpsuit. Then actually that would have kind of negated. Any of that like i think she looks good i like a look at the side to side the beautiful deluxe proper amazing. Legs.

Yeah. They re pretty much a beautiful piece. As well yeah. Yeah.

Her makeup is perfecto next up. We have shakily. Oh for me. There s a lot going on in this isn t there.

There s a lot of information to take in just this one outfit. There s a lot growing up. But she s a colored girl and she s like chocolate skin. So she could get away you re beautiful yeah.

Oh my god she could get away with all that busyness. And she looks turning and i i love this outfit and i love the fact that she s got that m. And we re all greeny yeah shoes on to clutch with the red which just bounces off the skin torn..


She looks stunning. I love it i don t know there s something in the outfit that just isn t quite right there for me i don t know what i don t know whether it is the clash of the boots. Maybe cuz. I just don t like putting flashing things together it could be that it just reminds me of the 90s hooker girl.

Yeah you know just hanging out in the screens with the 7 or that s all because we do not ever know 2020. Okay next up we have trinity taylor who s in another kind of jumpsuit sleeveless jumpsuit loads of cutouts in this i am a gaga. I did everything about it her figure. She looks like i m saying this in the nicest way you know if you met her you would probably not wanna talk to her do you know what i mean gingka.

She just looks like she perhaps could be a bit of a bitch. But everyone says that my pretty girls stop there so maybe she she s lovely. I don t know and she is stunning. But i would not approach her first and just the way that she stands is she comes in like i m ready i m here pay attention so back in the days when the ripped jeans came out my users ripped jeans on my mom used to be like why can t you just buy one that s not real do you want me to store.

Those oh okay. I m turning too much. Oh god my thing with always you know you ve got a 20 pound pair of jeans and 15 pounds of it s up your ass yeah. So there s a very clear look from eureka as trinities entered because there s history between them is less yes well.

This is like another coco and alyssa story that they re pageant queens and trinity. Always seems to beat eureka in the pageants. Oh well i could see why that s not surprised you didn t have to tell me we win. I could have fucking told.

You what our next queen is kimora black. She s in a black all in one jumpsuit with this kind of lila kiefer and then a blonde wig which i m not sure if we ve seen it before in a few pictures is she like the chub michael. The plastic girl well apparently not because in untucked. She says that she s had no surgery their cheekbones are natural.

Which everybody was really shocked about oh. But she s vietnamese descent and she said that her mother just had the most incredible cheekbones and that s why it s come from i ma pull a whitney who stone yes yeah i want to see some receipts yeah ha ha ha because sometimes they say yeah it s all real it s all real and then later in the season. I got well i might add a little bit of surgery. Oh good good and you and i know that there s nothing wrong did a little bit of surgery okay.

So our next queen is james mansfield. So james mansfield has these big blonde hair. Which actually we ve seen quite a lot of in in the video that she does. And she s then got this pink love heart.

Sweetheart neck. A fitted dress with a little bit of ruffle down the bottom. And she enters with the puppet for the puppet is actually the first thing that enters off james mansfield. All right oh.

What i think she just looks. Like she s one of the helpers you re not that you re a girl you know what i m talking about you know when you ve got a baby queen that carries your shit for you here and zips you up she looks like she s there to sit the girls. Oh sorry about it oh like i feel bad for her because when she comes in. He said.

She s got the puppet and the physicality is quite okay. But then that eyes all over the place if like it hat. It makes you it makes you as a viewer feel uncomfortable. Yeah.

I m hoping she is a bit like a door. Remember when a door came in and i mean. A dog was a lot more confident. Yeah.

She was a grown girl. Which within herself. I think she would descend. She s that s not as confident.

But i m hoping she ll grow and she becomes more confident within herself and that would be a beautiful thing to what yeah somebody who s coming like this but then later on and actually they make statue in a nina for nina brown has these incredible mouth is on hissing insane makeup. This fantastic black olive wood padded to heck all around here and it s a like a dinner. A dinner suit all in one yeah. I love the quirkiness of it all and that big fun of gonna that shape that it s like two chicken drumstick matthew take.

Heed roba yes. I m not musty. But i wish it would just blend a bit a little bit more. But i understand that a lot of queens are doing that now uh facebook s amazing outfit looks amazing a skin tone is beautiful yeah.

But apparently she s creative. Though isn t she yes super creating amazing. Yeah. So hopefully there ll be lots more coming.

I could tell she s create because her face looks amazing what she s done here is amazing. I just don t like the ears. The ears just look like two cardboards that she s too gonna read up which quite possibly they are like for me..


It s a look you re not going to forget is it yes like you re gonna remember that that s gonna be one of those iconic looks as people enter the work room where you gonna go oh nina bye. Nina. The mouse. Amazing next up we have our sure so asha has come in in this big pvc coat.

And then underneath is a pvc dress in kind of little sections. And it s there s a little bit of see through and then she s in an ombre black to gray a wig. Which has that sort of forties wave in it that we talked about already and huh. I like it i think she looks really young trendy.

She looks cool. She looks approachable as well even though she d got all non black black color. I think she she looks approachable got one of those kids that we will he end up like she might be a girl. Yeah.

What i like for me i think that s what we re gonna see with asha and that s what s gonna be the most interesting thing is how she grows because a few of the queens do clock her on her makeup skills. Straight away as soon as they see you they re like her face oh and but later in the episode. She talks about how she s a performance queen and when she brings it she brings it i ve always said i would rather see somebody who doesn t look great. But can really bring it onstage.

Then somebody who looks amazing. But can t do anything on stage because for me as a booker for a venue. If you can t deliver the goods on stage. You re no use to me you re not going to entertain my audience and keep them.

In there. The toilet is the main thing yes. So what well maybe her makeup stop perfect but at to me she seems likable yeah so far i agree so we ve seen all the queens in this first episode. We ve seen what they ve served up who would you say are your top 3.

So far like obviously we know that characters are going to change. And people s looks and all of that stuff will develop as we go along so right. Now who are your top three churches on their looks. Only and hopefully.

The nice queens as well the pretty young one pheromone by ramone i like her fabulous the colored girl shakily hey kool aid. Kool aid god this stuff really bug. The cheekbones kimora black kimora black kimora black them three stunning. But just from this episode.

Because we haven t seen anything else of anybody yet. I actually really like you rica. I think she has the right mix or at polish and comedy in there nina by nina brown is just insane just amazed like she s my top from just what we ve seen today probably pheromone actually. I think she s had the not maybe the most successful in terms of the criteria.

But in terms of the look and how she s presented herself. She s been just incredible beautiful. There was a big twist at the end of this one. Because nobody left the con competition nobody sashayed away this time well actually everyone was somebody else joined the competition.

And it s rumored to be cynthia lee fontaine. Who had to leave the competition. Because she had cancer thankfully. She s all all fine really and all of that stuff.

But if you could see any queen back on the race. Who would it be that s a good question. I m gonna go for this is gonna be really really bad shangela you want to see shangela. I m sorry.

But i met her and she did a gig before i might just add. She s so nice it was gonna be like no you not bring that you look like on lipstick athena no. But i do you become alright and did you want to know who i would pick of course. We do come on i would actually pick.

I would pick nina flowers. I want to see nina flowers. Oh. God i love nina flowers.

So much feel free to comment below and let us know who it is that you would want to see. And don t forget that you can subscribe and follow us here here here here. And there alright. We ll see y all.

Again thanks everybody see you again. ” ..

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