Ryzen 3 vs Intel i3 – ANOTHER AMD Win?

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“Time has come my friends it has been nan exciting journey. Covering amd s ryzen ryzen cpus. We start off the year with nryzen. 7.

Which offered fantastic multi core while also being nrelatively inexpensive. A few weeks. Later ryzen. 5.

Came to the horizon showcasing ngreat performance. Compared to intel s mainstream set of processors like the i5 n7500 and 7400 in some cases it even knocked out intel s 350 7700k. Which nwas awesome say hello to ryzen. 3.

This is amd steak on a sub 150. Cpu or cpus nbecause. We ll be taking a look at two of them. The 1300x and the 1200.

We ll put nthem through their paces compared to intel s low end. I three variants and nsort of judge for ourselves or analyze. Where it stands within the market nespecially for gamers on a budget. But before that a quick message from our nsponsor.

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Because it has everything covered link will be in nthe description down below at the top of amd s ryzen. 3. Stack is the 1300x npriced at 130 which sports for physical course and for threats. 2 megabytes of l2 ncache and 8 megabytes of l3.

It s very much similar to the baseline ryzen. 5. N1400 cpu. Except that processor has eight threads and lower bass.

Boost coke clock. Nspeeds basically. This is a 1400 without smt enabled from a price to performance nratio. The 1300x could run head to head against the ryzen 5.

1500x scenarios. Nthat don t necessarily require a large number of course amd has given a very ngenerous 35. Gigahertz base clock speed for this. Cpu and it can also run at a nnominal 36.

K. Hertz on all its. Course provided adequate. Cooling is supplied.

Nmeanwhile the two core. Booster. 8 hits 37. Gigahertz while amd s extended nfrequency.

Range or xfr can pump things up to 39. Ngigahertz. If we start throwing single thread. Workloads at it on the other hand namd s ryzen.

3. 1200 looks about the same. Except it has significant cuts to its nfrequencies its base cloth of 31. Gigahertz is still quite low and unlike nthe 1300x.

Which allowed for a higher all core..

Speed that base line would nstill. Remain at 31. Gigahertz. Until only when 2 cores are required when that nhappens you should see it boosted 34.

Gigahertz. Since this isn t an x series npart of the 200 megahertz of additional headroom for xfr is cut down to just 50 nmegahertz. So this cpu will run at a maximum of only three point four five ngigahertz even in single product tasks. While this may all sound confusing nhere s a quick chart.

Which shows how both of these processors react in ndifferent scenarios. Now when compared to what intel offers nthe 1300x is 130 price point aligns with the 140 four thread. I3 7300 cpu nwhereas. The 110 dollar.

Ryzen. 3. 1200 would go against the 120 i3 7300 ncpu in addition with tdp s of just 51. Watts.

Nthe. Intel. I3 processors. Seem to be quite a bit more efficient as well that ndoesn t mean that wiesen.

3. Would require beefier psu. It would just run a few ndegrees warmer than intel. But that would be a topic for another video on paper nthe thread counts on both intel and andes processors look quite similar.

But namd could have an advantage here since their quad thread layout is achieved nthrough. 4. Physical cores. Whereas.

The i3 cpus are actually dual core chips that nhave smt enabled. Remember smt can add some latency into the equation. Another nbonus feature is that ryzen. 3.

Is fully unlocked so you can overclock it without na problem. But if you we re on team blue. You will need to pull out 160 for the ni3 7350k. Which honestly still doesn t make any sense.

These days at least not nwith ryzen. 5. Around just to quickly go over memory support since it remains nsomething of a minefield amd has indeed improved memory compatibility and nstability with their latest micro code updates. But they still support ntwenty four hundred megahertz with dual rank ddr4 and 26 66.

Megahertz with nsingle rank modules you can get higher frequencies through overclocking or npotentially using ryzen certified memory kit but for maximum compatibility i d nrecommend sticking to 2666 megahertz and tightening timings to nachieve better performance now with ryzen. 3 processor is achieving naffordable levels. There is no doubt that amd s b350 platform is a perfect ncompanion for these chips. These motherboards have quickly become nmainstream for folks who want access to all the benefits that ryzen has to offer nlike native nvme storage connected directly to the cpu and a chipset that nboasts usb.

31. Gen2 capabilities. Amd has also included a full stack of noverclocking options on their more affordable motherboards. Which is so nrefreshing to see when compared against intel s much expensive z270 platform ndo note that x370 does have support for dual graphics cards at x8 speeds a few nmore chipset drive sata ports and two more usb 31.

Gen2 on nodes. But the vast nmajority of users won t need that extra productivity anyways be through fifties nreal selling factor is its price with most well equipped examples going for nbetween 80 to 110 dollars. Take this gigabyte b350 mitx nmotherboard. For instance.

It s got all the bells and whistles that most gamers non a budget are looking for like dual channel memory. Support a 2 pci. Slot usb. N31.

Gen2 type a built in rgb lighting..

And much more it s a solid foundation nthat. One can build an amazing system moving forward. You know what s even nawesome unlike the higher end ryzen. 7.

And ryzen n5 lineups. All ryzen. 3 processors come with weight stealth coolers. Now many ntend to disregard this inclusion.

But if you re strictly and i mean strictly on a nbudget. These coolers are quite decent. And it should even provide some more nthermal headroom for overclocking. I would not consider picking up an naftermarket solution simply because you could use that money towards other ncomponents like a faster gpu or a nice looking case ultimately.

It s your ncall and now. I think. It s about time to reveal the benchmarks. So prepare your nbodies are you ready bam.

Let s kick things off with a little bit nof ida. A benchmark suite that uses high level algorithms to simulate ndifferent processing scenarios here. We see that the 1300x and 1200 compete npretty well against the i3 7300 and i3 7100 respectively. Except in nphotoworks.

Which tends to use a single core other benchmarks show the usual nryzen highlights and multi threaded environments. Particularly in a des ndecryption and hashing algorithms these cinebench multi core results have quite na strong. Showing for amd s and new chips with the 1300x handily beating intel s n7300 and actually coming close to the i5 7500 the ryzen 3 1200 did pretty well ntoo. But there s a massive gap between the ryzen 3 cps due to the 1200.

Very nlow frequencies moving up to pc mark and there s not really much different to ntalk about with the 1300x and 1200 trading. Below. The intel i3 series ndepending on the workload w. Prime.

Backs us up too. But again. The 1300x shows nsome amazing results while the 1200 lags. Quite far behind even though it does beat the 7100 by a narrow margin moving on to single core.

Results and nthis is an area. Where amd s zen architecture may have made some big ninroads. But it still can compare to what intel can offer. It is great to see these nvery affordable processors competing with higher end ryzen cpus.

But intel nreally does dominate here next up. We have some benchmarks a few more of you nmay be able to relate to 7 zip shows the ryzen 3 processors exactly where nwe would expect them ahead of the 7300 and 7100 meanwhile adobe premiere. Really nlikes those two rising processors since they score very well in our 4k media. Nencoder video test as a matter of fact with a little bit of overclocking.

The n1300x shouldn t have any problem achieving results that are pretty close nto. The ryzen. 5 1400. However blender shows that the ryzen.

3 n1200. Just can t keep up with the competition due to its lower clock nspeeds that s a bit of a problem since these rendering tests have been a nstrength for amd. Luckily the 1300x performance very well given its price ncorona has pretty much the same results as blender with the 1200 lagging behind nthe 1300x. Really showing some strength.

But when we move on to programs like ngimp. Which uses between 1 and 2 full worker threads as it processes an image nthings don t look good for ryzen processors. However this is absolutely nnothing new since intel has always been ahead in lightly threaded workloads hand nbrakes video conversion tool seems to be a great fit for amd s since. The 1300x nand 1200.

Both come up with some amazing results as a matter of fact not only ndoes the ryzen 3 1300x handily beats. The i3 7300. But it also comes close to nmatching the 8 core fx. 8370 guys.

That s pretty awesome neven pov ray shows these very good numbers so it looks like there are ncertain applications that really do benefit from for physical cores while nothers seem to prefer intel s higher clock..

Speeds and smt winrar is a bit of na mess for amd unfortunately since it has integrated optimizations for intel nprocessors. And it only uses a few processing threads. That s the perfect nstorm for amd and they lose by a big margin and now onto some game tests. Nstarting with 5 strike.

And the scores are actually very very good indeed. The nryzen. 3. 1300x keeps ahead of the i3 7300.

While the 1200 does the same nagainst. The intel 7100. The dx 12 times by benchmark brings things a bit closer nbut. Even in that situation.

The amd processors are still able to come out nwith a narrow win. But what does that really mean for in game tests. Well let s nfind out ryzen just can t seem to catch much of a nbreak in games. And despite being a game that was heavily sponsored by amd s nbattlefield 1.

Shows. The ryzen. 3 processors. Very close to the back of the nchart here the i3 7300 is more than 10 percent faster on average than the 1300x and the i3 7100 is nearly 15 percent faster than the 1200 deus ex sees a ngraphics cards become a lot more of a bottleneck so the top end of the nprocessor is between the ryzen.

5. 1400 and i7 7700k nliterally. Offer the same performance that includes the surprisingly fast nryzen. 3.

1300x. As well the 1200 shows some respectable results. I have a nfunny feeling that we will see these new ryzen. 3 processors in quite a few nentry level.

More and fps rates. So performance and noverwatch is pretty important well. Neither ryzen. 3.

Cpu can directly ncompete with the i3 processors. They do put up quite the effort that twelve nhundred dose in plea. Doesn t have these stock clock speeds necessarily for nadequate gaming performance. Call of duty on the other hand exhibits a game engine nframe rate cap so pretty much all the processors perform equally.

So let s move non much like call of duty doom has an in nengine rendering cap that limits performance to two hundred films per nsecond. However while the ryzen 3 1300x is able to keep up nwith the big boys as is the more affordable ryzen3 1200 rounding out the game testing is a bit of an oddity neven. Though grand theft auto game engine is dx11 based. It absolutely loves two nthings many threads and intel processors that means the ryzen 3 1300x and 1200 ncome a bit short against the usual eye crease.

But not by a huge margin as for npower consumption. I wanted to spend a bit of time explaining. These. Results.

Nthere is no denying both of these new ryzen. 3. Processors are quite efficient nbut. They are also showing what happens.

When quad core parts go up against dual ncores. Remember these are essentially eight core chips that have half their nlogical processor nodes cut and that itself leads to some efficiency losses nas a result against intel i3 s ryzen. 3. Really doesn t fare all that well in the npower consumption department.

This isn t to say the ryzen. 3 is inefficient since nits its electricity. When compared to amd lineup of 6 and 8 core chips. But nit won t win many performance per watt competitions against intel ok so now on nto overclocking and i definitely have a lot of fun playing around with a 1300x nand.

The 1200 let s start with a 1300..

I got it to about 4 gigahertz with a core nvoltage or offset voltage of. 015 and an soc voltage offset of 01 0. The nsentiment score is significant compared to the stock score that we were able to. Nachieve i was only able to get the 1200x to about 37 with a core offset nvoltage of.

014 and an soc voltage of 01. 0. And unfortunately i wasn t able nto memory or overclock the memory for some reason. Even 2666 or even 2400 nmy cards.

Did not work. So it is something that amd still need to address. I nguess. We just have to wait for motherboard or bundle board updates for nthe for that bios for the respected bios in my case.

I was using the asus prime b350 plus. It s nice an option for a b350 based motherboard. But i guess you nknow since this is a new series of processors. We just have to wait for a nfuture update to fix memory overclocking.

Oh hey. There nci xcom is canada s nleading. A tailor for anything your mind desires just keep within those ncategories. Which are plenty and get tempted by the weekly deals visit ncx ncalm for all them sweet deals.

Alright. Guys. So. This has been a long one so i m ngoing to wrap it up here with fear my own thoughts and recommendations npersonally.

I enjoyed my time testing the ryzen 3. 1300x and 1200. Which is nactually sitting at my test bench over there it exactly shows how amd is going nafter. Intel.

Where it counts while also providing excellent performance for npeople on a budget. Now before you hop into the ryzen. 3 bandwagon. There are nsome things that you need to be aware of for the most part these processors will nbe beaten by intel s i 3 series in gaming.

And some lightly threaded napplications and simply the nature of the ryzen versus kaby lake equation nright now. But i personally feel like ryzen. 3. Offers a better value for ngamers than what an i3 good you see overall platform cost is extremely nimportant and when one of these new amd processors is combined with a b350 nmotherboard.

It becomes nearly impossible to beat for someone on a budget. Remember nthat unlike the i3 series ryzen. 3. Processors can easily make up any nperformance deficiency by overclocking and overclocking is fully supported on nb350 even though both of these processors have their strengths and nweaknesses.

I feel like ryzen. 3. 1300x is a lot nmore appealing than the 1200. It s high frequencies go a long way towards ncompeting against the i3 7300 and at some points.

It even starts knocking on nthe. I five seventy five hundreds door. Honestly i can t recommend the ryzen. 3.

1200 simply. Because the 1300x only cost 20. More you could suck nprovides a few starbucks coffees to afford that because i think that from nits stock performance to its overclocking headroom and price. The n1300x is still one of the best processors available in the market today nand that s one of the reasons why we re giving it the hardware.

Canucks dam good nend to end good value award well that concludes this review of ryzen 3. I hope nyou enjoyed let me know what you guys think about these new processors in the ncomments down below i m eber with hardware canucks thank you so much for nwatching make sure to subscribe for more similar content nstay tuned for a very cool itx ryzen build guide for under 1000. It s what in nthe works. But yeah stay tuned for that ” .


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