Ryzen 5 2600X vs Intel i5 8600K Showdown – Which Is Better?

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“Ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to tech showdown. My name is kevin. This is is my adorable co host city and today. We re putting the amd risin 520 x.

Up against the intel i5 8600 k. And see who comes out on top so let s jump right into it with the cpu specifications themselves. So the intel i5 8600 k. Has a six core six.

Thread. 14 nanometer coffee like cpu coming in with a. 36 gigahertz base clock and a 43. Gigahertz boost clock.

It is also fully unlocked the risin 520 600. X is a six core 12. Thread 12 nanometer rice and cpu with a. 36 gigahertz base clock and a 42.

Gigahertz boost clock. And it is also fully unlocked. So let s take a look at the test rigs the 2600 x. Was tested with the gigabyte x4 70 or ass gaming.

7. Which is a fantastic motherboard and i ve had a great time with it x4 70 brings nice things like a bit of power delivery and store mi. Which is something i may take a look at in the future the 80 600 k is tested with the msi z 370 gaming pro carbon and i really like this mud water it s my personal motherboard and it is a very good one that is for sure now memory. Wise i tested them both with a 16 gigabyte gskill ddr4 memory kit at 3400 megahertz for all the tests.

They were both tested with the msi gaming xgt x. 1080 ti and both were tested with the arctic freezer 33 120 millimeter air cooler so let s move over and talk about the overclocking and the. Temperatures so the 2600. X here managed a 42.

Gigahertz overclock..

You may think well. Oh. That s exactly the same as the boost clock well it is and it isn t the boost. Clock the.

Air which is actually more like 425. Which is what i really saw with it it will kind of go up to the and then it may drop down a little bit it won t sort of hold it the whole time. But it does for most things it depends on the application. If it s loading up all the course.

And you generally will set come down. But if it s only loading out one or. Two then you ll see it sort of hold. That 425.

A lot of the time. There. The little i 580 600 k. However.

This thing over clocks. Like crazy this guy went up to 5 gigahertz on all six cores. Which is a pretty incredible overclock given that the stock boost speed is four point three gigahertz. So a big difference.

There in clock speeds for the 80 600 k. When it came to the temps. Though you also see this the 2600 x. Was pretty good in terms of temperatures away the 86 hundred k.

Once it was overclocked started getting pretty toasty. So for this i ran the i 264 cpu stress test for five minutes and as you guys can see the 2600 x definitely wins. Here the 8600 cake getting quite toasty. There who once it was overclocked so let s jump into the benchmarks.

Then and see how these two cpus perform so once again like i said in my 2700..

X showdown. Which if you haven t watched yet go back and watch that video the 2600 x here i in games. I didn t see any gains with it overclocked. Wow.

That was a mouthful because as i just said a lot of times games will only use say one or two cores not all. Games but some and because this would go up to. 425 gigahertz by itself with xx of i to the 42. Gigahertz.

Overclock would mean that it pretty much schooled the same sometimes even a tiny bit less. But it was all sort of margin of error territory so i only showed the overclocked results for the 2700 x. When they were actually different from the stuck results and otherwise. I just wouldn t show them because it was just the exact same results.

The 8600 k. Here. Though did show a big difference between its stock results and its overclocked results. So let s jump to the benchmarks and see how they both perform and we re back.

So. What do we make of the benchmarks in well the 2600 x. Does a pretty good job. There especially in the multi core test of the productivity type stuff.

It does a pretty decent job as i said before the benchmarks with the overclocking. It didn t really change much a little bit in the productivity stuff. But for the gaming. It didn t do anything at least in my testing with the settings.

I run. However the 8600 k. Does a very very good job. They re a very good job especially once it was overclocked it started to really close the gap and those multi threaded applications.

The productivity stuff..

The 8600 k started to a very good job and in gaming. It just ran away with it especially once it was overclocked dat 600 k. Did better in gaming of role. So as far as the benchmarks.

Go. I do have to give it to the 80 600 k. It is going to be the better cpu especially when it comes to gaming and productivity stuff. The stock speeds of 2600 x.

Will do a bit better. But once you overclock the 8600 k. It gets very close to the point. Where there s not really a huge difference between the two cpus.

Which brings us now to the conclusion and we need to bring price into it because that is a big factor here so right now here in new zealand. The intel i5 8600 k. Goes for at 399 new zealand dollars here at playtech and that s without the cooler. The risin 520 600.

X. Goes for 349 new zealand dollars at play tape. And it comes with a wraith. Aspire cola.

Which is a good cooler. So 50. Less with a good cooler with the 80 600 k. You re gonna need at least a decent 120 millimeter air cooler which means you ve got to add another 50 to 80 new zealand onto that price so it ends up being like a hundred to a hundred and thirty dollars more expensive to go the 8600 k rail.

So you know it is starting to add up in terms of money. There that s quite a significant difference between the two cpus. So who do i say wins the showdown. Then and this is difficult because this one s hard to call in terms of value.

Obviously the 2600 x..

Is the winner because it s cheaper and it comes with a cooler. So you don t need to worry about it a decent cooler as well. But it s difficult to overclock. You don t really see much in terms of gains from overclocking and as we saw the gaming performance can t match the 8600 k.

That being said the 8600 k. Does win in gaming. And it does narrow the gap considerably. Once you overclock it right up to like 5 gigahertz in productivity applications.

But that being said it also will cost you a lot more so who wins the showdown for me. It s hard to call because it depends on what you value more you know if if you re not that concerned with the money side of it you just want pure gaming performance. And you re probably going to hit more towards the 8600 k. But if you are someone that is very money conscious about it and looking for that good value.

And you re not looking for the absolute best gaming performance out there then you re gonna trend more towards the 2600 x. So for me personally it s it s really hard to call so i want to throw it to you guys. Which one would you pick out of them i ve laid it out for you the best way. I can and i want to know in the comment section down below.

If you have to go out and pay with your own money right now. Which one would you pick would you go for the bit of value 2600 x. All the better performing 8600 k. Especially in games.

I d really like to know because this one is actually quite close to call now i thank you for watching this video. I tried really hard on it and i try lay it out the best way. I can for you guys if you haven t subscribed to tech show down. If you could it would be great because it shows support for me for teddy obviously.

And it gives me motivation to keep making these videos for you guys. Because i can see you know people are subscribing people are enjoying the content and it just gives me that drive to keep putting out more show downs for you guys and as always ” ..

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