Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (T-Mobile) Unboxing Review

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“Thanks for tuning into my channel in today s video. I will be unboxing the the samsung galaxy j7 prime as well as doing the initial setup and some overview the specs of this device alright. So let s go ahead and begin so if you notice the version. I got is for t mobile.

And it comes in this white box still sealed and so let s go ahead and open it alright so let s see what comes in the box seems to be a fairly standard cardboard box and i ll keep in mind. That this is considered more of a mid range phone from samsung. And the color that i have today is the champagne gold and it s only color that they have for t mobile. So as you can see here s the phone got a nice shiny look to it.

So. Here we have the 8 megapixel camera with the. F. 19.

Aperture. And then here. We have the 5 megapixel front facing camera..


The proximity sensors the microphone right here. The volume rocker. This is the home key and then here unfortunately these do not light up. But this is the back key and then this is the resent key and then on to the side.

We have the power and the lock key and if you notice here these little openings are the speakers right here. And then also the led flash and if you notice this little opening right here. It s actually to access the removable battery. Which is rated at 3300 milliamp hours.

So let s go and take the wrappings off this shall we i can make this be so. I m gonna go and show you what the battery compartment looks like so just put your finger. There and then let s push in and lift up so here s the battery compartment and then over here is the micro sd card slot. And then right here is the sim card slot and to put it back you just align.

It oh you hear it click and there we go all right. So that s the end then here is the sim card and here we have the t mobile start guide as well as i believe this is the terms conditions paperwork or packet and also the samsung galaxy j7 prime health and safety and warranty guide here s the 3300 milliamp hour battery. The wall charger and of course..


The micro usb kable. All right so let s go ahead and put in the battery. So we can go ahead and get this powered up let s get out of the way for those of you also wondering another name for the galaxy j7 prime is also dsm j7 270. This one has the samsung exynos 704 seven eight seven zero rated at 1600 megahertz or.

16. Gigahertz it has a 55 inch hd display. But this is only 1280 by 720 resolution alright. So make sure you look for these pins and match.

Along with this portion of the battery compartment there you go then put that back cover on i must say that this gold color is actually pretty nice much nicer in person than it looks like in the photos. So let s go and power it on so i can also show you what the initial setup process looks like so press and hold there you go you feel it vibrate. So while that s booting up. I m gonna also redo some more the screen has gorilla glass.

4. It has 16 gigabytes. Memory which is expandable to 256 gigabytes micro..


Sd it also has a 35 millimeter. Headphone jack down here. And then also if you notice. This is the micro usb charging slot.

And it also has a 2gig system ram. Which should be sufficient. If you were using this phone for just basic call. Text you know running some apps.

Like social media. And maybe. Watching some videos listen to music. And maybe you know playing some games.

Alright. So let s see so we have the welcome screen. And this is a little message about having phone calls over wi fi..


So we re just going to skip that right now and then here you have the wi fi. The networks that are being detected. But we re going to skip them right now skip anyway terms and conditions agree to all google services next. Then this is for the lockscreen type whether you want a pattern a pin or password.

We re gonna skip that for right now and then of course if you have a samsung account. We re gonna skip that and then some more useful features then we hit finish later and this is some miscellaneous notices from t mobile. Here they talk about the device data collection issue. Assist and personalized offers all right and we are taken to the home screen.

So this has been the unboxing initial setup and an overview of the samsung galaxy j7 prime on t mobile. So if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more content. Like this in the near future and once again thank. ” .


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