Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera in 2018: Rose Colored Glasses?

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“It s just rose colored glasses for all of my crankiness about non removable batteries batteries fetishized bezels and glass back designs. I often point to the note. 4. As a high watermark in phone design so while collecting samples for my p20 pro camera review.

I brought the note along to replicating some of my test shots to see how well this camera has aged a bit of history. The note. 4 was one of the first phones. I ever produced a 4k camera review for and while i was focused more on video samples back then this was nearly the complete format.

I would arrive at for future camera reviews samsung did almost everything right improving the note 4 over the note 3 and galaxy s5 almost everything this was early days for android phones capturing 4k video and back when more image sensors were natively capturing 16 by 9 images to match a new collection of quad hd displays a time when it really mattered. If the q and q hd. Was capitalized or not over those previous galaxies. We got a larger image sensor.

We got larger pixels and we got optical image stabilization from one year to the next. It was a completely different photography game. But time moves on for years in my brain. Feels like a long time and for all the hype each successive phone generation receives.

We should be lightyears ahead of what the note..

4. Can accomplish right well you should know that s just not true. Why would i even be making this video. It shouldn t come as any great surprise that the note.

4. Is still a competent competitor today core auto mode photography fits in well with the current trend of auto. Awesome hdr slightly over saturating and over exposing lens quality is surprisingly good potentially a benefit of the slightly smaller aperture while we ve rushed to increase that iris size the note. 4 manages crisper lens flares in our creepy tunnel shot.

We also don t sacrifice much in the way of depth of field blur natural bouquet looks fantastic opposite modern shooters. But software bouquet looks pretty terrible. Compared to what we can achieve today on newer phones things only get slightly here at night optical image stabilization helps tremendously. But the note for arrived before a lot of the fancy image.

Stacking and processing tricks. We take for granted. Today. Samsung.

Was ahead of the curve in doing a slightly longer exposure and using software to try and refine that image..

But more often than not that introduces more handshake and blur than image correction video of course is absolutely stellar 4k capture extremely impressive. Seeing this performance out of a four year old chipset with some stutters and a few dropped frames. But nothing overly destructive while shooting in very challenging conditions spending all day in 100 degree heat. I captured one clip that got really wonky one just one and it only took a couple of minutes for the phone to cool down and everything was back to normal.

But for all of these positives all of this praise. I was still wearing some rose colored glasses in remembering the note for camera for this fantastic hardware the software doesn t quite live up to my memories. This was a samsung just crawling out of the dark days of point and shoot feature camera modes no dedicated manual mode or raw. Capture.

Individual options were available to adjust white balance. Changed. The metering mode and a slider could help adjust exposure. But those separate features were never as easy to control as a standalone pro camera mode going on for years now the note.

9. Is out with a ton of new tricks and yet there s still something fun about the note. 4. It was built well ahead of the curve and survives far more gracefully than many phones.

Which came after it we didn t know at the time that the dark days of the qualcomm 810 were right around the corner now we ve certainly seen improvements to smartphone photography since the days of the note for better hardware much better software faster autofocus smoother image stabilization..

But returning to this phablet has reinforced the feeling for me that many of our improvements since have been iterative not revolutionary. If only our phones were better supported. If this note could get a kota paint and a new operating system update. Maybe.

It s worth looking at lineage are flashing some other kind of custom rom because this hardware still feels willing at the very least. I don t feel like i d be held back by this camera as always thanks so much for watching below this video our links on how you can support production on this channel. I have a master list of partnerships and affiliates on some gadget guide. Com not the least of which would be checking out my patreon.

Campaign patreoncom. Slash some gadget guy you d get early access to new videos production diaries behind the scenes contests. And it s the home to all of my future camera and audio deep dive reviews did you like this look back at the note. 4.

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