Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Death Update to Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile

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“Guys i m sure a lot of you heard right now but sampson has been been sent an update that essentially breaks the samsung galaxy note seven the making it you can t charge your phone anymore and obviously guys a bit sad. I mean. This is an excellent phone. Although i think at this point pretty expected there when do this now t mobile.

In united states are the first ones to be sending out the update with 18 team verizon. They re gonna be doing that on january 5th. And sprint on january 8th..


Now verizon this network. I have initially thought initially they said they weren t me sending this out. But they went backing out a couple weeks ago and as just mentioned sending out on january 5th. So yeah guys i think for this update.

I m not positive but i think that you have to download it i think it automatically downloads to your phone automatically installs previously i got other updates from samsung. So i see right here at the bottom now that would send a couple months ago. But i know that update does do a lot of things on your phone that you don t want well it gives you a lot of pop notifications telling you basically to return your phone..


I think in maven the charging is well we re not positive on that but yeah for that i didn t install it with this new one again correct me if i m wrong. But i think that you need to install i think it automatically installs on your phone. So essentially send me making the phone 100 useless and guys i mean even even if that s not the case like i was just on that took a couple fights and you know flight attendants they told everyone that you can t have the samsung galaxy note. 7 on the plane.

I think it s actually a federal crime at this point to have it on the planes. So yeah. The phone s basically useless so for that reason..


I will be returning it probably before the fifth definitely in the next few days. But i still want to make a few more videos on it i know a lot of you guys don t care. By now and a lot of you guys are saying you know the phone s useful. What s the point.

But you know we re kind of at a dead period now in terms of phones. We seen so one has some historical videos. Some stuff that people can look back on if they re interested in the phone syria guys just let me know in the comments..


What videos you want to see because i will be doing videos in the next few days definitely looking forward to your suggestions and again guys would definitely suggest if you still the phone to return it all right. ” ..

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