Samsung Galaxy S4 Active TPU Case Round-UP 5 Cases Reviewed Showdown at the TPU Corral

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“Is a full tpu case review for the samsung galaxy s4 active this is not not the normal s4 this is the s4 active it is the more supposedly rugged s4 as far as cases go i usually go out to ebay and i get one of these cheap tpu cases for two or three bucks and for everything from the galaxy. S2 s3 s4. Normal version and they actually are some of the best cases. You can buy they re extremely well formed fit the buttons work really well that they have kind of a relief.

So they they press. It through the case. There they work really well protecting the phone and and making it so it s not too thick. Something like an otterbox or some of the two part cases they just make the phone too big and bulky in my opinion.

There s no point carrying around a brick. If you don t have to here s an example of one for the note. 2. A white plastic one with the kickstand like i said galaxy s2 s3 are for standard versions.

These tpu cases generally work really well unfortunately i have to report that when it comes to the s 4 active versions. They didn t quite get it right. And it s mainly in the volume rocker relief. There on this galaxy s4 active the volume button button does stick up more than on the other phones and this seems to be an issue.

They didn t quite give enough room there on this volume rocker. What i found is the the basic s..

Curve. One is actually working without any kind of modification that one works and ironically. I have been sent this s. Curve version like three or four different times.

Trying to get this x version. Or the excited man version and i call that like the burning man or the super. Excited guy because it looks like an excited guy. But this was the version.

I originally ordered and i ve been sent this s. Curve version and over again. And i keep complaining. They keep sending me new ones are refunding my money.

But what it comes down to is the s curve version. So far in terms of one with relief buttons is the only one that worked right out of the box. And i m guessing. That s why they keep sending me this one because they know the other ones have issues not that they can t be fixed.

But the problem is when you put the phone in the case. Basically you ve got a constant pressure on the volume switch over there..

And if you got the flashlight mode on your phone. Where if you hold up the volume button it turns on the flashlight see i m pressing volume down right there and it keeps wanting to go out there s just not enough room in there. It keeps wanting to press on the volume buttons right there. Unfortunately.

I m finding that to be true on two out of three of the designs. So the x1 the excited man it s got the pressure the kickstand version it s got a cool look to it but it also had the pressure on the buttons. But you know it s got a cool kickstand. It kind of looks cool with the green coming through the clear.

There basically all these blue ones look pretty cool on the teal. Looking s4 active. There aren t too many options available for this for active in terms of the general cheap chinese tpu cases. We ve got three styles.

I got the x the s. You got a solid colored one and then you ve got the s stand. One and then they have some other variants like this is a checkerboard shirt pattern that one kind of gives it a unique look. But this one also has issues as far as this one goes.

The the issue is that it doesn t quite go all the way up around the edge of the phone and it s not quite large enough it could be that with a hairdryer or with long term use it will eventually curl over. But it s not quite fitting over the phone and it also does have not quite right on the volume it wants to be pressing both buttons at the same time and i ll show you how to fix that here in a minute then you get into the actual decorator designs the ones that have a colorful printed image on them there s lots of girly patterns out there there s all kinds of hearts and butterflies and like weird clearly looking colors..

This is the most manly looking thing i could get that wasn t like a confederate flag or an american flag. So and it kind of does give it a cool look. I ve been using that one for a little while now i like that except for the fact that the tpu doesn t have relief buttons. It actually has cutouts and it is usable.

It s actually out of the box. It s more usable than the cases that have the pressure on the buttons. So it does work and it does give it you know kind of a special look and if you re into the feminine look you can get all the hearts and flowers and stuff as well so in terms of straight out of the box. I would recommend either one with the cutouts decent case or the basic s.

Curve. One. For you know two bucks shipped from china that s a it s a decent case it looks good on the phone and all the all the three. I got as replacements.

They all worked right out of the box. Without issues in the volume button. You know if you get one that has issues in the volume button and you want to fix it i have a solution for you what i do we get out my trusty old soldering iron here and i ve got basically like a wood burning tip on it or a plastic melting tip you can put probably use any tip you have but this is more design for melting over a large period or a large surface area set it on as low as possible you re gonna use that tip. And you re just gonna get into the volume recess.

There and you re just gonna use gentle. Even pressure to kind of push it out and melt it out a little bit just a very small amount it s easy to melt right through it and break it i just want to heat..

It up a little bit and kind of work it work it down and out and test. It after every you know push it out a little bit test it see if it works go back because the the power button seems to work on all of them. And it s mainly the volume rocker. It s it s only a small amount you need to melt it out.

But that is an option if you get one of these cheap cases and you want to make it work get yourself a little heat soldering iron and either rounded or a broad surface tip. You re gonna use that to kind of push out the volume rocker relief area on the tpu case. So that s your option. Unfortunately.

They didn t quite get it right on the s4 active. But that s what you got there unless you want to go into like an otterbox or similar. Other case. They all look decent on the phone and they all perform okay with the modification to the volume.

” ..

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