Samsung Galaxy S4: Setup your Phone as a Remote Control for Blu-Ray DVD Player

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“To set up your samsung galaxy s4 as a remote control to the dvd player player or a blu ray player now what you need to do is to download latest software. So that you can use the sensor on the phone. The remote sensor is at the top here. I m just going to take out my case.

You can see so basically the remote sensors at the top here this is the sensor so whenever you want to control your dvd or tv. You need to make sure you point it like that so that it works now what you need to do is to go into play store play store here. So you need to go into play store and download a samsung watch on on tv app. So this app is already pre installed on your phone.

But it might be out of date so you need to download the latest version so make sure you to update. The software after you have update. The software you need to go back to the home screen. Then go into apps and then tap on watch on now once watch on started it will come up with a swing will show you a tv guide to your region.

In a video tab. This video tab basically shows you all the videos available for it. Now. We are not really interested in this basically.

What we want to do is to use select the remote control function so tap on the remote control icon on the top here. Then once you do that a new swing pops up because you haven t set up any device on your phone. So we will come up with my universal remote control dialogue tap on the setup now button at the bottom. Now you need to first set up your tv in order for you to set up the dvd player next.

So choose your table you want to set up. So. I m going to choose lg as my tv device here so just turn on the power button and then tap on yes. This code one works if it works for you so what sauce do you want to use you receive this channel.


So i m just going to choose my lg tv. So now that i have successfully set up the tv. What you want to do is go back here then tap on a mini okay tap on settings and then go down to the bottom. So go back here go to the remote control.

Then turn the menu key and then tap on add device. So from the pop up menu tap on add device in here. Now you can choose whether your dvd player is a normal dvd player or a blu ray player. So choose your specific device.

In most case. It is a blu ray player and then next you need to choose your type of brand for your player. So if your brand is not from the one it s not a shell under the top brands section. You can tap on the shell auto brands button at the bottom and basically this will show all the compatible brands that will works on your phone.

So the list is quite big so you should have one of your brand in here. Now. I m just going to go back and choose a samsung as my brand and then after that you need to point the device at the dvd player and tap on the power button. And if the dvd player turns on i mean it accept the content from your phone to the device it works tap on yes this cut one works.

If doesn t work then tap on no test next cut number two or you can send this cut one again to try to get so in my case. It works. I m going to choose yes this cut. One works.

So next is that you have set up more than one multi device activity. Configure your table iv input for now. If you want to configure. Now you can tell on yes.


And then just tap on the input that you want to configure so input one and just kept on done and tell them done configuring philosopher blu ray player you can choose yes and then just tap on done as well now that we have finished set up the remote control for tivoli in dvd player. Now you can use it to control your tv in your dvd player as well so basically if you want you to switch the control you can tap on the milky at the bottom here and then choose change control. So in here. You can change you want to use with a dvd player or tv player.

So. If you want to go to dvd tap on watch. Blu. Ray.

And this will now. Change your remote control to a blu ray device. Now at the bottom. Here.

You can tap on the our icon. This light up eye panel. And this panel will also allow you to quickly switch between a tv control or a blu ray player or dvd player. Control.

So you can easily choose using a quick tab here. So with my blu ray player now i can now i can turn off turn off the dvd. If i wanted to so you can see i can turn off the dvd player now. I can also turn on the dvd player.

So then now you can use all this ham k. Here to start playing the divot. A stop moving forward. I ll fast forward skip to the next track then.


If you want to have further control like if you want to go to the menu options you can slide the pedal up so there s a small arrow here you need to slide up once. The panel goes up you can then tap on the menu key click onto the dvd menu and using the navigation. Panel. Here.

You can move around the menu using the up and down left or right and you can use the ok button to make that selection. So you can see here i m using the up and down ok to control my dvd player now. So i can move the menu up and down. You can see i can go in there and choose what i want to do for dvd.

So basically this tivity that i have i put in it doesn t have any movies in it so we can watch any movies. But you can see the idea is am using the button here you can control how your dvd works and then you can just tap is it so that s basically how you can easily set up your phone to remote control the dvd player on the samsung galaxy s4 is pretty cool thanks for watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more video. it s 049. Inches of thickness matte finish aluminium case and its lightweight body makes a my slim pro stand out from the crowd.

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