Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge Plus Leather Wallet Case By Shieldon

galaxy s6 edge plus wallet case This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge Plus Leather Wallet Case By Shieldon. Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s up youtubers. This is eric for me to computer solutions. If you re still still rocking the galaxy s6 edge right great phone. But you re looking for a.

I might have one for you today. I got the sheldon genuine leather case here by sheldon. This is a sponsored video so we re going to unbox this and install it on my galaxy s6 edge. So get your popcorn ready and follow me on this journey.

Let s go you what s up god. This is like again with another video. So today i m going to unbox this premium genuine leather wallet case that was sent to me by shielded so let s go down unbox this case. So let s go down and take the tab off first of all i want to give a shout out to children man.

This is a premium box guys nice and pretty just flip it open pull it out like a draw right. And what do we have here. Wow..


I so they give you a protective case here right for your case. So we will take this out the box. This is nice. I saw inside the box guys.

We have a thick you letter to my dear customer and yes. So let s go they ll pull this off. And it s looked like a thank you card. So yes they give you a thank you card and shielding and it should give you some literature.

Hear about the material. So that s a good look right there. And this is your surface card right. So you kind of give you some service stuff here so we ll pull all this year to the side.

I let s get it going on they get to the case. There we go open this up. And oh wow..


I so this look at this for a second guys. This is pretty high. So let s go down to take a peep at this as we zoom out a little bit. So you got the children bread in here.

Nice little portfolio case alright. So it is a nice little premium. And it is genuine leather feels real good and we opened it up you have your credit card slots here so then sydney inside guys say feel the nature alright. So that s pretty nice so we re gonna take this out.

We going to grade on and put our device in we do have something here. We need to take off take that off real quick. And yes. So it s a kickstarter cover mail by design by children.

It s so exclusively by shielding and they do have their site. Which is ww sealed in case calm alright. So we gonna put the device in and it just snaps right on then guys galaxy s6 edge alright..


So you do have all your cutouts at the bottom. Here. You do have you outputs and on the side you can access everything there. And you close it up booya yes.

It feels real good and it does have a cutout if you want to talk on the phone and have the kids clothes right so yes. And you do have you cut out for your camera. And again. You do have the children brandon here.

And it doesn t add to too much bulk and it feels real good so yes. There you go nice little stylish case and you open it up in while i alright so you have everything here. You do have a slot for your paper. Money dollar bills in the building.

Right and now yeah for the most part. I m digging this case and i m going to utilize this case for a minute. You know put it on my phone and rock with it when i go out nice and classy..


But my suit on this is the case. I will rock i got sure amazon this case right now on amazon is 22 dollars and ninety nine cents. So you can stop this for 2299 right. But if you follow the code that i have in the description right you get twenty percent off of this case.

Guys so if you are going to get a hold of this case and this expires. 11 30 of 2016. So if you want to cop. This case.

And you want to pay a super cheap price for that twenty percent off cold. That i got down in the link in the description going on the cop. This case guys again shots out the sheldon for sending me out this case guys. This is there for me to computer solutions.

See you guys on the next video. ” ..

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