Samsung Galaxy S7: How to Cut a SIM Card Down To Nano SIM For Immediate Use

s7 sim card size This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Samsung Galaxy S7: How to Cut a SIM Card Down To Nano SIM For Immediate Use. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“To cut your sim cut down to a nano sim cup size for the samsung samsung galaxy s7 so here is the size that you need to have to put your samsung galaxy s7 this really small size is called nano sim card and this is a micro and this is a standard size. So if you either have a standard size or a micro sim card. You need to cut it down. Now you can see the nano size is smaller.

So therefore you need to cut down now most people have a tools to cut down. If you don t have the tools to to the d. Il. Then you need to use is scissors to cut it down place.

A tool. Here you can simply put the sim in and punch. It down. If you don t have one of these two i ll show you how to use a standard scissors.

And this is this will do and you can see here..

What you need to do be careful is when you cut it down remember. Where the corner is this corner. Indicates. The right way to put in a sim card.

So on a micro sim card here. We re going to cut it around the edge here down here down. Here. We also cut a corner down here across so that we know it s okay so we re going to try to mimic the original sim card.

I m going to cut along the metal piece right there don t cut it too close. Because if you re making mistakes. At least later you can try kill them trim. It down a little bit more then these are you cut corner down here.

So immediately cut the corners..

Easy don t forget which way it goes in and then you can see there is the small white here. So you want to cut it down here with a little bit of plastic still on i m just showing you the cameras in a little bit. So you can see so we leave a little bit of plastic in then we trim across a little bit the cross like that recognize an 8. And then we trim down the top as well just a tiny bit not too much just a tiny bit hope you can see it right there and down to the side.

So we just cut it on here as well die to the side and trim it down trim. It down a little bit more and we also want you top the corners off a little bit do you make it nice and smooth. Now remember this is the corner that we re using so you re also helpful if you want to use a texture to market. See the advocate.

So we were just marking on the side here. So you remember because they all look the same once you cut it so if you just mark the corner. Then you remember now. I m going to eat check this in trade and we re going to give it a test and see they fit so with this mark corner.

It s supposed to sit in here like so you can say it s still not fitting properly..

So let s do a little bit extra right there. So that means we need to trim this top. It down a little bit. So let s trim it down clear down a little bit more.

So let s just do it slowly trim. It and then put it on if you market on the corner. Then you knows where it goes to so supposed to go into this time corner right here with the mock collar. So this macro name need to be cut a little bit more so we just get them bit more now just a little bit more up here.

So you can stream. It down a little bit and a little bit on the corner. Now you can say. It sits nice and flat on the same trade and that s how you can cut the standard sim sighs.


A micro down to a nano and you can see here on the side it fit perfectly in and if you just do slowly. Don t cut it too much in and then it later if it doesn t fit you can start to slowly stew. I start trimming it down to the correct size. And this is the original one so this is cut by the machine.

And if we put in here. You can see it fits nicely in with the original one and if we turn around you can say. It s pretty much similar and this is the one that we cut down so i always mark the corner. See you remember where it is and after that when we use the scissors to do with do it with and i said.

That s how you can cut down your sim card from the micro sim card stand. The sim card micro sim card. And we re going to cut down to a nano sim card size and that s it thank you for watching this video. ” .


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