Samsung Galaxy S9 Honest Review

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“Galaxy s mind the camera reimagined does this phone do enough to earn your dollar dollar or is it just another samsung phone let s find out right now let go so. What is up guys nick here. Galaxy s. Nine.

Let s begin with the key specs that matter five point eight inch 2k super amoled display 12 megapixel 4k variable aperture camera a snapdragon 845 or exynos 9810 with 4 gigs of ram and a 3000 milliamp hour battery would expandable memory up to 400 gigs at the design level. What did we get here well we re talking about maybe a slightly refined version of the galaxy s. 8. With a beautiful curved display a little bit shorter slightly wider stereo speakers do come here.

So. This is a nice touch for the s9. We do have the inclusion of a power button on the right. But the bigsby button remains.

Which is questionable for some but to me. It s ok because you can t turn that off now at the back you can have now a heart rate monitor with blood pressure sensor and the fingerprint moves to the right location that we ve all been asking for the new lilac purple is a stunner and definitely a looker you are gonna get questions about this one. But the build quality of the galaxy s. 9.

Is still one that needs a case due to the glass on the rear. Which can crack quite easily if you do drop it on these rocks as you see in this video. I had to hold under this very tightly just to make sure i did not crack this device so definitely this one will need a case in everyday use it does have gorilla glass. 5.

On the front. So you might not need a screen protector. But i still recommend one anyway especially when you re paying this kind of money for a phone on the front of the device you re gonna see that beautiful 2k display. And it is brighter than ever before on any galaxy device and has the highest pixels per inch on pretty much any phone on the market great range of brightness can be easily legible in the sunlight.

If you do put it on auto brightness and it gets very dim. It does have a little bit of flicker at the lowest brightness. If common thing of olla displays and in display settings. There s plenty of things you can do to really get this display to the level that you will enjoy it comes with 1080p out of the box.

You have to go to screen resolution and put this at wqhd plus. If you want the full enjoyment of this display under the screen mode. You have the ability to tweak this into amoled cinema. Amoled photo and basic.

This is essentially what apple s true tone. Does but allows you to you know tweak it yourself..

And samsung actually had that feature prior to the true tone feature on the iphone. So this is an incredible feature. If you do want to get to display right to the point that you like and the text on this display is extremely sharp. There s very good contrast with the colors and the immersive video experience is great also we have multi window.

That s actually more feature rich than the one on like a stock android device you also have pop up view which allows you to put two apps side by side basically. However you want and you do have the one handed mode. Which allows you to basically use this one handed and a cherry on top is the infinity wallpapers exclusive to the s9. So.

The s9 has the best display on the market hands down for a smaller. Phone now we do have android. 80 oreo. On board with samsung experience version.

90 and while this is android 80. Oreo. Underneath. What s really on the surface is a samsung experience you re not gonna see too much of a google influence here you re gonna see a lot of samsung features i mean look at the notification tray there s a lot to see they re going into your settings.

Well there s even more to see there and if you ve never used a samsung phone. There s a lot to learn here. Although it s more clean and intuitive as ever so don t let this scare you off it s very easy to use this stuff. But there s just a lot that s going on with this device compared to a more simple ui but how fast is the galaxy s 9.

Does it give you the speed you re looking for in 2018 and i can guarantee you yes. It does is extremely fast. Four gigs of ram is enough for this smaller phone and day to day. You re just not gonna have any issues with performance.

I ve had this thing for a month. And it s not breaking a sweat at all no matter how many apps. I m using now the s9 plus will give you a little bit better ram management. If you want to have 25 apps.

Open in the background and everything to not reload. Then get yourself the s9 plus. But over here. I m a small boy.

It s gonna do just fine on the day to day. And then going on to some special features there s even more fee..

We need to talk about if you go into advanced features. Because he s smart stay games. One handed fingers print sensor gestures. There s the vice assistant at multi windows.

Smart. Capture palm swipe to capture direct costs. My other easy. Muted swipe to call send message to a messenger.

Send sos message. I mean are you getting the picture. It goes on after on but some of the more useful features. I found is the fingerprint sensor gesture.

Which allows you to pull down the notification tray the one handed mode which makes it very easy to use the s9 with one hand. If you cannot reach at the top of this display. I understand if you got small hands and the double click to open. The camera is an amazing feature as well so those are some of the ones.

I really like now when it comes to security. Samsung also threw in a bunch of features you have intelligent scan. Which combines the iris and the facial recognition to give you a more you know accurate opening of the lock screen. You have secure start up secure lock settings you can go ahead and encrypt the sd card smart lock google smart lock is here secure folder is even here where you can store files in the secure folder.

Which nobody can access. But you thor biometric security. I mean this thing is a secure phone with max behind the scenes. Helping you for never get your data stolen.

So you do also have some good audio. Experience. Here as. Well you have a 35.

Ml. Headset. Jack and stereo speakers on both the bottom. And the top.

But to really get the most out of this you have to turn on dolby atmos. So go ahead and have a listen for yourself of these speakers for functional durability are you getting it it s definitely a very loud speaker..

One of the loudest on any phone. So what about battery life with the s9 well i can tell you right now that it s not the best in the planet. But it does give you good power saving modes mid and max and to me. This is a day phone maybe it might not make it fully through the day.

But most of the day at least till night time you re gonna have to hit the. Charger but it s gonna not go 15. To days like a s 9. Plus.

Wood. So if you want more battery life. You gotta go to the plus version. But this thing is definitely gonna get through most people s workday.

No problem namsom decided to go ahead and improve. The keyboard. Which was a good move because on the samsung. S.

9 you you get all new emojis you also get this on 80. With other android devices. But these emojis just look so much better than the prior versions of the samsung keyboard you also get new sticker packs which you can download some more and you also get new gif animations on this keyboard so really it s a nice keyboard update and something i definitely had to include here if you do get an s 9 it s a nice keyboard update so the camera reimagine is it really reimagined well at least the hardware has been reimagined software not so much. But you ll never probably even notice this if you never look at the back of your phone.

But it has a variable aperture that opens and closes to let in more light in different scenarios. Making for better detailed photos than ever before now shooting. What this phone has is great because it s a small nice size and you can shoot with that volume rocker and it s basically on the level now as a pixel. I think when it comes to overall photo.

Quality and you also have great moza. The pixel doesn t even give you like promotes you know great food modes. It also gives you even more. You can download and it s very well laid out you also have a super slo mo that goes up to 960 frames per second and you have a are emojis.

If you want to get into that whole you know ar emoji. An emoji type stuff. And you also have hyperlapse here on the front. There s also some nice features as well in addition to bixby vision.

So this camera well again just like the rest of the phone. It s loaded with features at least you can get to those features right within the settings of this software..

And i think a lot of people are gonna enjoy this wide selfie mode that comes on the front of the s9 along with the bixby vision like we just mentioned. But overall. It s a pretty good camera software experience. It s just that sometimes when you re using this camera.

It will go through features on accident like it s a little sensitive on the touch screen so just keep that in mind. But i m gonna stop talking now about everything this camera offers and let s show you some examples of the photographer. You can get out of the s9 right now so i had to mention phonecall quality because the samsung galaxy s 9 actually impressed me in this area it has pretty good signal strength and it has an extra volume mode. When you re actually in a phone call that makes the phone calling even better.

And i never had one drop call using this phone. So it s an excellent phone for phone call quality if you care at all about that so the galaxy s. 9. Is it worth your time who s it for well if you want an extraordinary design.

While it s not the most innovative anymore. Because it s been out already for a little bit of time. It s a very easy one handed phone as they made the phone. A little bit shorter and a little bit wider making a little bit more grippy now that camera is it really reimagined while the hardware is definitely reimagined.

But the software is just slightly tweaked. It is a samsung experience version. Which is gonna give you a ton of features some might like it some might hate it. But at least you got a commend samsung for giving you a lot of useful things and not a lot of junk like they used to do in the past now the speed and performance is really good you also get one of the best mobile payment systems on the planet headphone jack remains.

Which is a dying breed on all smartphones and you have speakers that are very loud pretty good battery life that i m not gonna say is the best. But does well you also have great amount of storage which you ll never run out and ip68 helps you to not really worry about the phone getting wet. So the s9 is the total package for most people looking for a standard sized smartphone. If you find this video.

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I ll catch you on the next one and pace. ” ..

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