Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019: Best Accessories & Keyboards I m Using

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“Though the samsung galaxy tab a 80 is a very inexpensive tablet. I think it it s quite a good one considering it costs trust 150. I m continuing to it until my next. 8 inch tablet arrives to be reviewed well and since i m asked a lot here are the accessories.

I m using with this tablet. Among those are cases stan s bluetooth keyboards and a micro sd card let s get started by the way as usual. I bought all of these accessories. Including the tablet myself enough linked to these accessories on amazon in the description.

Below the needle. 8 inch tablet. Sleev..


Who works was pretty much every 7 to 8 inch tablet. I like the design of it and i also liked it as and as a pouch for small accessories. The inside is made of a very soft fabric that should protect the tablet away. According to the manufacturer the sleeve is waterproof.

However i did not test that they need to 8 inch tablet. Sleev cost around 12. I also got the thin tee case for the galaxy tab a to test. I m still not sure which style.

I will end up using maybe both. But the thinki one is certainly better if you wanted to be protected. While you use it all sides of the tablet are covered and it has cutouts for the speakers cameras and ports..


You can use the case as a stand too. And it has room for some cash or cards. It s a findi case costs 12 us dollars together with this samsung tablet i started to test the foldable jelly comp bluetooth keyboard because you can fold it it s much more compact than standard bluetooth keyboards at the same time it s keys are big enough to use comfortably. However it took me about an hour to get used to the gap and the design of so waiting for it.

While my first impressions are good. I still have to test it a bit more before i can recommend it to everybody. But if you re looking for something small check it out the jelly comm keyboard seems to be quite useful for 8 inch tablets. It costs.

27. The microsoft universal mobile keyboard on the other hand is a keyboard that i can fully recommend i ve been using it for over two years already and it continues to work where we were the battery life is long. It has an integrated stand into its cover and just works..


The keyboard is similar in size to most keyboards aimed at 10 inch tablets. But you can get used to it fast. I ve written well over a hundred thousand words with it usually you can get it at around 40 that were ways a lot by market because microsoft seems to not make it anymore. It cheap simple and sturdy stand sou queen tablet stand it cost around 10 and this made of plastic.

But don t worry i ve been using it since mid 2017 and it continues to work where we were sadly the galaxy tab is charged using a micro usb port that means you can connect usb a or c accessories without an. Adapter i m using a very simple usb 20. Odg adapter cable that i ve had for 10 years or so i don t know where i got it however these cables. I very simple and say all works the same.

I ve linked to a cheap and simple one on amazon with that you can connect card readers. Hard drives or even a mouse yes pretty much every mouse is supported if the 32 gigabyte. Internal storage is too small for you you can extend the storage with a micro sd card..


I m using a 128 gigabyte sun disk xtreme a christy that offers lots of storage space. But it s not too expensive. I paid around 24 and you can use it was pretty much every tablet alright these are the accessories that i m using with the samsung galaxy tab a 80. If you have any questions.

Please feel free to write me down below and also write us if there s an accessory that you are using with this tablet. I m sure every owner of the galaxy tab. A will be interested in that i m angie thanks for watching. And see.

” ..

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