Samsung MU7500 Curved 4K UHD TV – Hands On Review

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“Today we re reviewing the samsung mu 7500 series tv. It s 4k hdr and and this model is curved. When the last few you ll find this tv is really well especially considering samsung s mid tier tvs tend to outperform the competition. Let s see how this one stacks up the mu 7500 series comes with a light silver aluminum bezel and curved stand to match the curve of the tv.

The curved screen itself is rather striking from the profile. But the curve isn t obvious when sitting directly in front of the tv. There are three hdmi inputs available one with a rc which will make connection with a soundbar really easy a couple of usb ports a digital optical audio out and compositing component inputs when these breakout cables are used the tv runs on samsung s tizen os one of my favorites out there..


The tv will run you through a setup wizard at startup. And here is where one of tyson s best features come into play it will automatically detect the devices you plug into the hdmi ports. Real able s those inputs accordingly. Whether it s a blu ray player.

Cable box or game console. And will almost instantly be able to control the device. All automatically no codes to punch in whatsoever..


The mu 7500 is very quick to respond to controls and apps load extremely quickly thanks to a powerful built in processor. You won t have to do much waiting around with this tv for picture settings. I choose the movie preset because that dials in the most accurate picture with the correct color temperature. But if that setting is a little too dim for you try out this hdr plus mode.

Which applies an hdr like effect to non hdr content and results in a brilliant picture in any case. The one setting. I highly recommend you adjust is the motion smoothing under movie mode it defaults to three points of d judder and i turn it off completely with hdr plus turned on it defaults to auto..


And also has to be turned off the tv offers pretty smooth motion with no help from processing. But with motion smoothing on everything tends to look like a soap opera picture performance from the sweet spot is really impressive. This tv has outstanding brightness and that shows an hdr and non hdr content color is vivid and with hdr content you get great color brightness as well this is tv that pops and satisfies. But it doesn t go overboard with over driven color or brightness.

It s just right especially for the price. One thing to be aware of however is that if you view the tv from too much of an angle. Either you stand up or step off to the side..


The contrast and color performance take a bit of a dip this is typical with many lcd tvs. But i feel like i see a little more washout than usual here if the tv is at eye level. And everyone is seated mostly in front of the tv and not off to the side of it it looks its absolute best and it s vest is terrific that s it for our samsung mu 7500 series review if you re looking for a bright brilliant tv with some curve tossed in for flair. I highly recommend this one it s going to impress you and your friends for years ” .


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