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” s going on guys. My name is mariano if you re new to the channel channel welcome if you re not new still welcome because it s been almost three since i posted last all right so we re going to get right into this video and the last video. I made we talked about samsung pay and i thought at the time it was a really really interesting service. Which is why i decided to make my first youtube video on it even though samsung paid did promise to work anywhere you could use your credit card to make a payment.

We actually saw that it didn t quite work flawlessly at the time so what i really wanted to do was make an update video. It s been about three years since that video was made and three years in the tech world is such a long time services get updated the hardware gets updated and so now we have the latest and greatest samsung galaxy s 9 plus with the latest version of samsung pay we re gonna try to take it to as many places as possible and really see if in 2018. You can use samsung pay as a replacement for your wallet. Basically.

We re gonna go to some gas stations to some atms even to some fast food restaurants. We re going to try to make payments in the drive through and then we re also gonna go to some popular convenience stores and we re gonna see really if you can reliably use samsung pay to replace your wallet if you left your wallet at home could you confidently take your phone to make payments with no worries and without further ado. Let s go ahead to those places. I ll see you out there remember to grab your receipt it i ll fail credit right so now we re gonna try here at walmart.

There s no stock of your stores. Not definitely thought so be a good place to pass getting a life alone hopefully helps me recording now there s no problems for apple pay or anything like that so we ll just try to make sure or that let s see except some oh. It s like we re good. Samsung kate worked pretty flawless stay a moment so if you ever.

Hear definitely try it out it looks like the work scan your shoppers card enter your alternate ipv4 touch no thanks that s why for insert card remember to take seriously perhaps up in chief. That actually need so go ahead. And go so check out. See how this works yes.

Please. Thank. You know please see what works yes. 10.

59. Okay. That alchemy or simpson. Oh.

You just do sam something yeah. Okay and thank you okay. So that s actually really interesting. Usually when i try and use samsung pay to pay in a cvs.

They re pretty dumbfounded because they know that they re tapping pay readers disabled and i just hold it up to the credit card swiper and it works. But this guy actually knew that samsung pay worked he s like is that samsung pan. I m like oh you don t accept apple pay and he s like no just samsung pay so that s pretty cool that shows that some progress has been made and people actually know how the service works. And that it does work.

So we ll try a few other places now all right so now we re gonna see if samsung pay works at the gas station. Got my card loaded up here use my fingerprint hold it up to the card for you you can see nothing s happening on the screen. What we re talking it doesn t look to work some reason deaths..


It should still don t support samsung thing when you have these kind of card readers it makes you insert your card in anywhere that you have to insert your card samsung doesn t work alright guys so i just pulled up to the bp gas station and the reason. I m not getting out of the car is because it already doesn t look too promising. So we ll just see from the car. If it works so as you can see here this looks to be one of the credit card readers.

Where you have to insert your card to make it work. So we re just gonna go ahead. And from the seat of our car. See if they ll even let me get going so i have used my fingerprints to authenticate and i m gonna hold it up to the reader here and as expected absolutely nothing happened so this bp is a no go let s go try and find another place all right guys so here we are arriving at a nearby shell gas station and looking here i m not even gonna bother um if you can kind of zoom in on that credit card reader there it s the same kind where you insert your card and so it shouldn t work now.

There is something interesting that i am gonna try what i ve read is that if you stick a card into the credit card reader just to make the credit card machine kind of recognize that a transactions trying to go on and then you try and use samsung pay with the card in there it works now how beneficial that really is and why you ve randomly have a point card on you i m not sure well we ll go ahead and try it here just to see if it works so i m gonna go in and get out the car. We ll see if we can get gas from your doing that so i m just gonna use my movie pass card as something to stick in there card. I don t really use too much except for movies. And so i ll put it in backwards here.

And i ll activate sam something on my phone. And see. If this won t recognize okay. Sspc cashier.

So that didn t work we ll try it one more time taps have you tried maybe i ll bump this up first no. It s not clearing. I will give it a moment. So let s go ahead and try putting the card in and removing it as well with this already running okay.

It said seek su. So it looks like that s not gonna work so now we re at the atm at charlotte metro credit union. This is my personal bank so we re gonna see if we can make a withdrawal from the atm using samsung pay as if we didn t have our credit card on us. So i ll go ahead use my fingerprint get it authenticated and hold it up to the credit card reader and see you fill let me do anything all right nothing s happening yet try a few different angles.

Here all right so timed out. I was about 25 seconds. Nothing happened it didn t work and there s nowhere else on the atm that tells you to use sap and pay it doesn t support an nfc and samsung pay doesn t work for the credit card reader. So i m just gonna have to go ahead and use my actual debit card.

But i ll go to a few different other atms with different bags and see if there s any that support it well now we re at suntrust bank. This isn t my personal bank. But just for the sake of it we re going to see if samsung pay will work here. And if we can make withdraw using samsung and using the mst or nfc from this moving around the different angles.

Nope didn t work. And there s also nowhere else to put it so it looks like that was a fail for here and if you notice. It has the same type of reader where you have to insert the card. So we re gonna have to go to the next place alright guys.

So now we re at bank of america. Arguably one of the most popular banks in the us so you would think if anywhere is gonna support samsung pay it s gonna probably be this bank so we re going to go ahead and try it first we ll hold it up to the credit card reader. See if anything happens there s a car behind us..


So we won t take too long nothing worked so let s restart it and if you notice here. It actually says use mobile device. Here contactless reader and on the screen. It did advertise they re supposed to support it so let s try it out and if you look at the screen.

You see. It says now select your language looks like it let us in and i don t have a bank of america card. So it didn t let me go further. But we can confirm that you can use nfc you can use samsung pay apple pay google pay at bank of america.

So that s pretty cool all right so now we re going to go to the wells fargo atm. And we re gonna see if samsung pay will work here just in case. I didn t have my card maybe. I was in an emergency situation and i needed to make it withdrawal.

Oh look at that alright first things we notice of course. There s the credit card reader. Where you insert your card. But that s not gonna work.

But it actually advertises a paypass type service. So it should accept samsung pay so let s go ahead swipe up for the card. We ll actually use the iris scanner just for the sake of it see how fast that was alright and then we ll hold it up here confirm that that s not going to do anything we already know that if you have to insert your card. It doesn t work and now let s try the patch while that was immediate and it definitely worked but it wasn t a wells fargo card.

I don t have this bank anymore so it s not gonna let me go past this point. But it actually works at wells fargo. So there s one other bank. We can add to the list.

We ll just get out of it yes please dollars that we buy oh to climb it didn t go through let s try it one more time. Do you want the receipt alright. Let me join the other part. Thank you i ll get a jelly doughnut.

Let me get out talking stubborn don t support. It. Yeah. Chalmers.

Something is every time. Just go. Interesting. No he received a yes look at that great it s not what interests me yes.

We we re okay so that was definitely interesting i tried to use samsung pay the first two times it completely failed it tried to recognize it. But it just said that it failed and then the third time that it recognized it it went through and then he tried to use apple pay right after and it just wouldn t go through at all so i can say that samsung pay does work at dunkin donuts. It clearly supports it so you won t have any issue with at least trying it there until it works..


But i think that credit card reader was just maybe becoming faulty or something because then he chose to use apple pay. And it wouldn t even recognize it anymore so i m just gonna blame it on the reader itself. But samsung pay definitely does work at dunkin donuts. So if you have it go ahead and try it and we thought mario electronic dance.

Okay fold. It up to the credit card you like running this credit and then you just hold the phone up i m sorry now we re gonna do it okay alright guys. So that was really interesting. I definitely tried my hardest to get the lady to take the phone and use samsung pay with it and try to make it work.

But she kind of freaked out. And she didn t know what i was trying to do and she called for the manager and the manager said no so actually my friend here who s helping me record this video. He actually tried it a few years ago. When he had a galaxy note around the time when samsung pay came out and he just didn t ask he activated samsung pay on his phone and he just reached his long arms around the counter and held his phone up to the swiper and it actually went through so.

I can confirm samsung pay may and did work at wendy s. If you were able to force your hand behind the counter. But there they weren t important willing to let us try it so in that case. I m gonna definitely have to mark that as a fail because they ve just may not allow you to even use it so we re gonna go ahead to another place and shouts out to jennsen that one was for you and it was definitely awkward so i hope you appreciated that they just throw a frosty on the ground do a front alright.

So i m actually still hungry. I only got nuggets from wendy s which i didn t really want so we re gonna try a place nearby this is actually the hardee s drive thru ever going to see if samsung pay will work in the drive through and what happens welcome. I know i let that bacon cheeseburger. No thank you um can i just get an apple turnover.

You wanna do just one all right thank you so hardee s it s actually expensive um. I decided at the window. I didn t really want to order any food from here so we re just gonna get an apple pie that should hold me over now i have no idea what s gonna happen here they do have this weird credit card reader oh wait they actually took it out there used to be a little swiper right outside the window that nobody used and it looks like they completely removed it so i did i was going to see if that would work. But now we won t even know we ll see what happens.

When i asked to try and pay with samsung pay just do the drive through window and just a side note. If you did have a membership card at a store or a restaurant and you had it added you could just hit that membership button here we pull up with drop down here and you just pick which one you want and then it pulls up the barcode to scan. So that is pretty cool so looking at the windows here first thing. I noticed is there s no stickers that say they support apple pay or samsung.

Pay. So this should be really interesting if not awkward tight. Yeah i wanted to pay with samsung pay i m just gonna hold the phone up there sure it s actually not advertised. But they headed jiki well that s actually crazy i did not see that one coming.

I was almost sure this was gonna be a failure. But as i asked to you samsung pay. I was expecting her to kind of freak out and be like what do you mean. But she actually pulled out a special credit card reader that accepted tap and pay it was like here you go so hearty support samsung pay make a note of that i don t know if everyone does but that one definitely does so that s pretty cool so we re gonna go to another place now and see where it works okay.

It ll be like apple pay here alright. So that was pretty cool. We went there i asked her if they took samsung pay just to see if she knew anything about it and she actually said we don t do apple pay..


But we do samsung pay so that was pretty simple. She already know it worked and apparently a few other people before me have already gone in there and tried it and that s how she knew so samsung pay does work at taco bell. If they have the new credit card readers that aren t behind the counter and those were relatively new right so now we re gonna try the taco bell drive thru we already went inside and saw that it worked. But now i m just curious if we pull up to the drive through we know they have the credit card readers.

But will they let us try it i m doing good um. I was just wanting to get a watermelon freeze. Thank you all right so we re gonna come up to this window and see what they say i m gonna ask them like a new samsung thing and hopefully they ll let me use it all right good. I was one of the people sam something huge something okay okay here we go again.

I hope they don t get the same girl. We got at the cash register. Because that would be really awkward so she s asking if i can try it we ll see what happens. The fact that she s asking maybe.

It s not the first time. She s heard that question okay so they re gonna try it you just hold it up to it yeah just if you see on the card. You see that button it s a little restart. Thing yeah.

It timed out so just tap that okay oh just hold it up to it for a second to the right a little more did it work no problem. A lot of time doubt let me try one more time you just hold it up like where the credit card swiper. Is you know you guys okay cool. Yeah thank you all right so that s pretty cool and they were actually willing to try it it was a little i guess you could say awkward because obviously they ve never really done it before.

But hey they were willing to try it and it ended up going through all right guys. So. That s just about gonna do it for this video. Um.

I hope you guys enjoyed it found it informative really to sum. It up samsung pay in 2018 is great it works in most places anywhere you can kind of self service you have a credit card reader right in front of you samsung pay is pretty much gonna work all the time with the exception of gas pumps. Atms being a toss up any retail stores convenience stores and most fast food places. You re good to go with samsung pay.

So that s really great to see you could almost leave here. While it comfortably behind or maybe. Like i said even a couple years ago. Throw a wallet case on your phone put one credit card in there as a backup.

And you ll be all set to just have your one phone your one device for everything so i hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did leave it a like subscribe drop comments below with your feedback on what you re gonna see in the next video. I will be reading all of those comments just for that reason so i hope you guys enjoyed it again. And i ll see you guys later take care.

” ..

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