Samsung Q6F 55″/65″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV w/ HDR & 2 Yr. Warranty on QVC

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“Ago. It was what s the very first tv you ever owned i think it it was a 21 inch sony that my father got when he opened his cd in the 80s so it was a big tv. It was always 21. It just it was big.

But it was also big because you needed a buddy or two to help you carry it up the steps. Yeah first tv. I ever had first tv. I ever had cable with 13 inch black and white tv.

We ve we ve made a few jumps since that haven t worked tv has evolved to become more than an experience. It has become an immersion of senses with with picture quality. Like you have never seen before our big deal during black. Friday weekend across the hall.

At qvc. 2. Is a brand new samsung 4k television set that offers you and if i m wrong on this craig correct me you re the electronics expert will do offers you more than a billion colors. That s right quantum led hue led that samsung s technology that gets you the most lifelike color experience first of all it s a bright and gorgeous screen.

But what you really want when you re watching television especially if you re watching sports or anything. It s a documentary you want to get the actual colors that you re gonna see in nature. And with this quantum. Dot led television set that s what you get think about this we used to get excited i remember we sold some tvs.

Several years ago 720p. We would talk we or we would talk about a million different colors about 50 million colors over a billion colors. Available on this television set. So you see that giraffe right there chewing on the leaf.


It looks like you re actually at the zoo waiting for him to nibble on your fingers. There that s how realistic this look is the samsung. It s not a tv. It s a window a lot of ways that window.

Now what we re offering is unheard of for under 1000. This is the 55 inch. And then the big boy. This is a 65 inch 4k q.

Led television from samsung. Now granted this isn t gonna be right for everybody. Because it s gonna take a pretty good sized room to put this in yes. Well but at this price at 1299.

On easy pay. We also have a special 12 month financing program on this one as well. If you have your cue card. This is the true experience of what tv can be it is if you think about the main reason for that dan is the brand when you go out and shop for tell them the great sets especially this weekend.

This weekend is an exciting time for electronics. I also view it as kind of a scary time for electronics because you see those bargain basement deals on some brand. You never heard of well here s what s happening and we re fully aware of it listen we re a retailer that has been at the top of the food chain for many many years hmm people who sell televisions for a living this time of year will drive you into the store for a price tag of 299. And they re advertised everywhere the 200 tv.

You re getting a 200 picture. Often times that you are that is the case often times this could very well be the last television set that a family needs to buy for several decades. Oh yeah. Because high definition as glorious as it was still was missing that full depth of the color black by the way is not one color.

No okay any shades of black..

If there are any other color. So this is 4k yes and all the video that people are shooting youtube. There s amazing. How many 4k videos are on youtube.

You can shoot 4k video on your iphone now yes. This is as future proof as any tv that we have ever sold and granted tvs are more expensive today. But it s about watching your favorite sports program. The nascar season just ended in miami.

I would have loved to have seen that race on that tv. Sure and 4k if you re new the technology. There s two different terms that are popping up all over the place once called 4k. The other is called ultra high def.

They mean exactly the same thing. It s just different ways of wording. It what 4k and universe or ultra high def mean is that we re actually quadrupling the number of pixels on the screen from a 1080p television set so for the longest time think about when we made that jump from standard def to high def that was a good decade decade and a half if he more like wow. I got the high def tv.

It s amazing you re gonna have that same leap and wow. Experience when you see something in 4k. It s that much crisper that much more color. Accurate your tv has to have the capability to generate that many pixels that many dots.

So what samsung has come up with is something called quantum dot technology. They re the only ones in the marketplace. You have by the way samsung was the company that was as much responsible for creating 4k as anyone else and you and i were both out of the consumer electronics show yeah not this year but last year when picture quality like this was being unveiled for the very first time look at that yeah. It feels like you re in venice.

Right now..

And that s the difference maker with that quantum dot led we have the led on the end. What that s talking about is the actual light. That s being used so led lights in the back of this television set give you those super brights. Give.

You also the ability to get great darks. This seems a great one right here as we can see you look at the shadows or moving on to the next shot here with this giraffe look at the shadows in the background. Just as i started talking about venice. The darn giraffe jumps.

Oh. That s a little scary yeah well these are the aggressive giraffe there. But we could see the bright to the giraffes face you still get to see these darks in the background here what you ll notice this feels like you re at the zoo. Because this is it pitch black here this is different shades of darkness in the background.

You still get all the brightness of the sun reflecting off the fence and also the brightness on the giraffe himself that s the advantage of having a 4k television set with that quantum dot led you see brights and darks at the same time. And that is a very difficult thing for a television set to do right to get bright and dark in the same scene at the same time human eye does television that s where thousands of times per second well on the vintage video that we saw of venice. If you saw ten doors. All painted blue regular tv shows that makes exactly the same color.

But plays of light and a rays of sunshine create shadows and subtleties that that our eyes pick up and this is the first television that we ve seen at a price like this i can t believe under 1000. For the 45 inch 50. 50 55. Yes.

55. Yeah. This this is the 65. It and by the way.

The whole tv is thinner than a book..

Oh razor thin and all around the outside of it it looks like it s all screen. That s pretty much what you re getting here is all screen also this is a smart television as well so all those great apps that you love to stream. So whether you have netflix hulu. All of that content is available for you as well this thing is jam packed with features.

I know we only have a sneak peek of it today dan but we kick this off sunday at 9 pm. We ll dive into all that great stuff you don t have to wait till sunday at 9 pm. To be able to make sure that you ve got yours because we have a small number that will be available you can pre order it right now at the exact. Same special big deal of the day price that craig will feature at 9.

Pm. Sunday imagine being able to give the ultimate gift and tv is how we interact with the world. Nowadays. That s it s just an amazing television.

Don t forget that you can take advantage of a special 12 month financing program available with the q card no interest if paid in full within. 12 months. If you don t have a q card. Then maybe today is a great day for you to do it you know so many places are closed here on thanksgiving aren t operators are here we re ready to help you we re happy to help you welcome to another sale price right here gabrielle.

What do you have well dan. I have another black friday sale price preview item and it comes from cuddle duds. So we re talking pjs. Today.

Always a great gift idea and this price under 28. So this ” ..

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