Samsung Smart TV with optical output connect external speaker with 3 5 mm jack and

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“And welcome back to another video on sensitivity media and behind me you can see see a really big valuable 70 inch tv. Led by samson. But wait these sound will work that. Clear and there s no place to plug this 35.

Millimeter jack. So what do you do don t worry you can connect the sound systems onto the tv like these two buffers here and here and this up over here. But the problem is if you want to connect the sound system to the. Tv you have to use the 35 millimeter jack.


But unfortunately that guy says. There s no place to plug it in so. What do you do no solution to connect the sound system to the tv so you have to buy this give to 2 analog audio converter this is a unit you have to buy on ebay on amazon and the links are in the description down below. So there were 2 puts a the this is the input side and this is the output and this input side you have to connect this to the tv using this optical cable and on the other side.

You have to connect this onto ok pair up tv. And now the second step is this usb cable over here. This usb cable. You have to connect this on the output side this time you have to connect this on the dc drive v.


Which means. 5. Volts and on this usb cable you have to connect this on the tv hey hey we can use another cable. But is this aussie.

A cable. Which you can buy it separates on ebay and amazon and link in the description or down below. So these two don t come together they come separately so what do you have to do is with this red power. One and this white one is on the output side on this digital to analog audio converter you have to connect the red one to the red one of course and the white around the white one so what do you do on the other side.


Well. Then you put this here and connect this on this amp. Over here. There we go i connected.

Our cak was also connected now i have things set up. But still the sounds don t work so i m going to turn on the tv. So that s my next up. I m gonna do and i m going to go and now.


If you want to make it a bit more loud another trade you go for settings that goes out. Then you go on and select speak up and here. I don t go let s go down to what you re out saffron school click on that and now i go to close and then you can t hear any sound. I click on export settings go down.

Don t be don t be difficult i switch on this out so whatever it is click on audio format and go up it is pcm would you buy jellyfish perfect so yeah. And that s to connect to someone else s procedure. I hope you guys because videos free subscribe like we don t see ” ..


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