SanDisk Extreme Plus microSD Card FOR GoPro and 4K COSTCO Item 1320128 REVIEW

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“Is going to be a video review of the sandisk 128 gigabyte sd card micro micro sdxc pick this thing up at costco. They re an item number on here ll get you the item number. I ll look for it on the receipt. There it is over there item number 1 3 to 0 1.

To. 8. Yeah. That s over there ok so review how can i do a review.

If i have not even used it i do use it i use it my gopro. I just bought a package a couple weeks ago when i bought the new gopro i use the 128 gig. I bought my panasonic 4k camera did a review of both of these to check it out on my channel. And i also did a review of the acer predator 3000 computer.

That i just bought also from costco bought. This online picked this up from costco ok. So why do i use the sandisk first off you need to use a memory card that has the 10 rating on it and i m trying to find the 10 rating on here. I don t know where it s at should say.

This is class 3. Over there. But you need something that s gonna handle 4k 4k. You really need something that s got fast writing and reading speeds.

If you don t have that you you re gonna have a heck of a time transferring your files right into your sd card..

So if you re shooting 4k. You re shooting massive amount of video frames per second. And it needs to write to the sd card if you have a slow sd card the sd cards gonna bog up you re not going to get your video written to the sd card. And you re gonna have a bottleneck and you re probably going to have a humongous mess of recording on your hands.

So i went out and i bought a second one why did i buy a second one well i really wasn t gonna buy a second one until. I had the gopro was out there put it on the bike. Did the the chest strap and click the button to record and i got a message. It said error.

You must format this again and formatting 128 gig s. Key card takes about an hour and a half to two hours on a computer and also on the gopro and so i wasn t able to shoot my video by the time. I finished my bike ride. It was an hour and a half and it couldn t shoot the video not the problem of the sd card.

It was the problem with how i deleted the files ended up causing a corrupted file format and that s what i decided go out and buy these they re on sale even even if they re not on sale. You re gonna need these things one of these days. If you re out there. And you re looking to take video and your sd card.

If you fill it up with 4k. Which is very possible by extra batteries. I did. The video also a video review of the extra batteries for this and i think i have a video for the extra batteries for the panasonic um.

My extra batteries and get that memory card..

I mean it s it s not that expensive and if you need to if you want to shoot video and you can t that s the item number if you want to shoot video. And you can t then you re really going to regret. It just say why didn t it just spend the extra money and have it as a backup. So i bought this today.

I m gonna take this out. I m going to it comes with two so it s a really good deal i m gonna format one and keep it for the gopro i m gonna format another and keep it for the 4k camera because when you re shooting 4k video. It s unbelievable. How fast you fill up the the sd card.

And that s why i had to buy the computer that i just talked about that i did a review on because you are gonna need a faster. A fairly new computer. A computer that s powerful enough to handle 4k editing and rendering. Otherwise.

It s going to take you forever for me. I shot. A 30 minute video. 4k took me 12 hours to render it so that gives you an idea how how difficult this stuff is so my recommendation yes.

I have used these i am you right now on the camera. That i m shooting with i m using an sd card from sandisk that s a 64 gig. But then i ve got a few extra of those too. But when you re shooting 4k you really want to have some extra backup just in case.

So i m gonna leave the item number in the description and i m also going to leave the amazon link so if you want to click on that i ll get some maybe like two cents from the amazon affiliate program..

If you order it that way if you like my videos do a thumbs up subscribe like share comment. If there s a product you want me to review. If i can get ahold of it i ll do the review and if you want to donate to my channel ask for my paypal info. So i recommend go out and get the sandisk sd cards that is honestly all i have bought that s all i ve purchased.

I ve been buying sd cards from costco forever. When these things come with a 32 gig card. It s surprising because years ago. I mean like a decade ago.

You used to be able to buy a camera would come with a four gig video. A four gig card and you couldn t fill it up if you wanted to now you can shoot. One photograph and it s three it s huge so go out and buy the card and just have it as a backup get it all formatted keep it in your your package. It comes with the regular sd card and it comes with the adapter.

Some cameras like trail cameras need this for most trail cameras will not accept 128 gig. The new the gopro will handle 28 gig. The 4k cameras will handle 28 gig 128 ops. Some of them won t go past 64.

Some of them won t go past 32. So check and make sure that your whatever you have will handle that this works in drones action cameras. Video cameras. What does it say usb class.

3 u3 trying to find the the 10 rating..

Which i don t see over here. So what will this hold let s check it out it will hold 800 photographs. It will hold a lot more than that let me. Vidia 320.

Will probably hold a lot more than that ten hundred and 4 10. 1040 songs. It s gonna hold a lot more than that i don t know what they re talking about but this thing is absolutely humongous and it holds massive amounts of data. There are cheaper cards out there.

But the whole thing is up to 170 and i know that s the catch up to but you want you need a car that s fast up to 170 and where is it there s the reading and the writing up to 90. Meg s right speed for continuous fats so if you re shooting. If you re taking a bunch of photos and you have a slow memory card. The camera is gonna slow down so i can write the data to the sorry cameras going to slow down better lighting.

The cameras going to slow down. So i can write the data to the sd card and while it s doing it the camera is gonna for use and you re not going to get your continuous photos same with video. If you re shooting video. And you have a slow sd card.

While everything is being written to the card. The camera is just gonna freeze up so it can do what it needs to do kind of like while you re watching video on the internet and it s buffering or on the computer or on those online video things so buy a good card spend the money you ll be happy in the ” ..

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