Sansa Fuze+ Review

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“Guys. This is andriy us with anything bribe calm and move me today. I have have the sandisk sansa fuse. Plus.

Which is the supposedly updated version of the old of use and also this is the click plus of course just for size comparison you can see that the fuse plus is definitely the biggest of the three players and both quite a bit thicker taller and about as wide as the old sense of use if you look at these two players you would actually if you didn t know the name of the two you would really think that these are related in a sort of way because they are pretty disabled. Our players as you can see um cosmetically speaking the scroll wheel all of the old sounds has been replaced with a capacitive touch pad. Sort of like a touchscreen just without a screen underneath. It the screen is bigger.

And it s also been rotated 90 degrees. So it s 240 by 320 pixels compared to i think. 220 by 176 on the old views. Which makes a lot of difference in terms of video.

But these days even such a screen is very um. It s very high resolution compared to many other players both of them have the micro sd card slot. So you can expand it up to 48 gigabytes on the bottom you can see that be a proprietor proprietary docking port has been removed and actually replaced with a micro sd micro usb sorry a connector and so basically won t be getting any proprietary docks for the fuse or any sort of a lineout functionality. But you ll have a lot and you it ll be a lot easier to find cables for it so um as i said you have the new touch pads compared to the old scroll scroll wheel and new touch pad basically sucks.

It is a horrible horrible experience to use i can turn both players on just so you can see what i m talking about but touch pads have never been a good idea. I ve tried many players to have them ranging from samsung players that look a lot like the fuze plus and also some smaller players that have sort of like these usb stick players..

And i ve used them and none of them are really any good at all so first off you can see the startup time is actually exactly the best you might have something do with the microsd card. But one thing i am going to given credit for instant you menu. It s all over it looks a bit like the microsoft zune. This is the desktop software and the background is actually made up of several album art images from music on the player and and this menu.

Just looks a lot more polished and a lot lower more 21st century than the old sense of use. But as you can see it both it s both slow to navigate and awkward to use the touch controls is easy it doesn t really react alright well. But while on the old fuse you can just go nuts with real and it would keep up so if it s a lot. It s a lot slower than navigate.

Which can be a big problem. If you have a lot of songs and i ve also had it sort of just freeze up and then when it started reacting again it just went nuts with all the inputs. I actually can see that right now. It s just going not because obviously the processor.

They put in this thing can t really keep up with the operating system. So it s a pretty slow experience. And i have to think that this albemarle thing and generating thumbnails and all that takes up quite a bit of processing power as well. I mean.

It s nice to be able to do like i m doing right now and switch through photos and music right there in the main menu. But if that s the reason..

Why the player is so slow. I d rather they just keep the old menu and i mean if i do go into the music men year. They ve also made a lot of changes compared to the old player as you can see the old player just had artists albums on etc. And so just like a boring list oh come on this is what i m talking about with a player being slow.

I m already done thanks so they have sort of like this tab music interface where you can scroll sideways through various sorting methods and then for instance on albums you actually see their album art. Then you can go deeper and deeper into the system. But as you can see it s just stupid slow. I mean.

This isn t really usable at all if you ask me. But if you just put it on shuffle and put it in your pocket. I m guessing it s okay. But it s just way too slow to really be very useful.

But anyways. The interface is better. It s just a lot slower. Let s take a look at one of the videos that came with the players.

I haven t really put a lot of my own stuff on there because i have tablets and stuff. These days that i use for media..

But um does come in a couple of videos pre loaded and it s pretty much a typical and quarter. We vga video player it has some issues with the viewing angles. If you tilt it or watch it from the top the other angles are fine. But it s from the top that becomes a problem and video mode.

The topside topside becomes left side so if you really want the best colors you have to hold it slightly tilted towards you like this this is an add video for the player. And since that the video actually froze. Which also goes a long way towards proving. What i m saying about this player being way too slow to actually be on the market at all yes i want to resume this advertising media is actually quite funny because you can see they using the touch gestures on the touch pads and it s a lot smoother than the player actually so and this is running the latest firmware.

It came preloaded with an alpha version of that firmware. I thought that the alpha one might be the reason why it s so slow so i upgraded it to the final version. But it s still just a piece. So you know so yeah.

So we have photos radio books. Which is actually audiobooks and podcasts. Again just stuff. That was on the player actually came with a couple of podcasts for some reason.

I guess is to show people. What podcasts are but also the markers..

The car has its own section. Which is basically just a sub or a copy of the main menu for files that are only on the microsd card. But those files also integrate with the player itself so you don t really need it. But the reasons.

There is that sandisk as its sloped radio system everybody microsd cards preloaded with music and put them into the player. So yeah sort of like having a radio without using the radio just random music. I think you can get like a thousand songs or something on those cards. So and the click.

Plus also comes with that functionality or functionality. It s basically just a fancy name for a microsd card box. So basically that s the fuse plus. I have to say that given the choice between these two players or the old fuse.

I would choose to fuse plus last because as you can see the controls are horrible. It s slow as just it s way too slow to be usable and it has better capacity about that s it so make sure to check out the ” ..

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