Scarlet Red Nintendo 2DS Unboxing & FIRST Look An Awesome Color Scheme! Raymond Strazdas

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“What a minute so i found this really cool surprise. I think you guys are are gonna like seeing what is that my friends it s right back here and a look what i have in my hands. Here today actually i don t have anything currently but i do have right here the brand new scarlet red nintendo 2d ads not gonna tell you guys i fully did not expect to get my hands on one of these new colors. So consider yourself incredibly lucky to get to see this thing firsthand up close and personal get so very height.

So. What is new in this new model compared to the old one. So you might be asking yourself well for starters compared to the others. It includes.

A copy of new super mario bros. 2. Pre installed on the system. Which is nice.

But other than that there s absolutely nothing different except for the color which i gotta say though is totally cool..

Because the original 2d ass. Really didn t get that many different color schemes over the years. So this red and white combo really makes the 2d s look incredibly sleek. I am totally digging this color scheme.

I mean look it matches my phone just perfectly white on the front and red on the sides. It s just like perfect. What you get in the box. Is the same as every other 2d s system your standard manuals ar cards fables ac adapter which oddly enough that 200 new 3dsxl doesn t even include and of course.

These system itself with new super mario bros. 2. Pre installed. I mean i don t really know what else i can say about this system that hasn t been said in my previous two ds videos.

As you guys know i made like hundreds of videos on that original system..

It s solid well built and gives you access to that massive library of 3ds games. For such a cheap price overall taking a look at this thing in 2017. I still completely stand by my words. When i say this thing is a steal of a deal and one of the best values.

You can get out of a video game console. For only 80 especially. Considering the fact that this thing comes with a 30 game making the system only 50 bucks. It s a steal i mean think of it this way you re getting a console on a game for only 10 more than the price of a switch pro controller and only 20 more than the price of a standard switch game.

That s how good of a deal. This is the 2d has literally has everything that you can ever hope to get out of a console for under 100. If you re on a budget and don t need any of the extra bells and whistles of the new 2d s. Or 3ds.


The original 2d s. Is an even better you than ever before. I mean unless you don t like the game boy like form factor of this i really can t see anything wrong with this deal at all it is perfect already guys have to put in for this video hope you guys enjoyed it if you liked it you know the drill be sure to give it a thumbs up also be sure to leave a comment down below letting me know what you want to see on the 2ds. I know a lot of you guys are requesting 2d as videos.

So what do you want to see me do that hasn t been done with the 2d yet make sure you leave your comments on the comments box down below and who knows it can be turned into a video. Very very soon already guys sucks. But it make sure you subscribe for new videos every thursday sunday. Sometimes more you know it is going down over here on the channel.

So many ideas coming to life. And you guys are just on the receiving end of it until next time. I ll catch you guys later peace ” ..


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