Sceptre 4K 55 inch UHD TV (U550CV-U) Unboxing and Overview

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“Everyone i m doing an unboxing of the sceptre yu55 4k hd series tv you you can buy at walmart i m doing this unboxings x. My first time ever anything like this basically because i never could find any information and very few reviews online. So i wanted to show everybody the box on the outside that i believe it has four hdmi outputs. It has the optical audio out all the components inside just the normal box art and then some of the information here on the side.

Yeah. It has the mobile high definition link. Which was great the 4k led everyone says they use the sound bar so the channels per speaker and will make. A difference but also that it s hdmi.

20 and hd cp 22. Required and the 120 hertz. Which is important for visual quality. So i m gonna unbox it you get to take a look so i just took out of the box and place it on its face looks like it has these small attachments for the stand.

So you can see those looks like you bolt them screw them right here on the bottom portion of the the tv. You haven t looked at the instructions..

Yet but around here so looks like it has your standard optical out here on the left. I can t tell if it s optical out or in excuse. Me a the left and right audio in looks. Like you got your component.

Inputs line out. This is your 4k at 30 hertz. Then your hdmi 4k at 60. Interesting and then you have here your other two hdmi inputs.

This is the 4k. It s 64 k. At 60. As well as well as your mobile input mhl.

Then your digital cable and usb input. So again off to the side is html hdmi..

One and two three and four. It looks like there s 130. At 30 hertz. Regular power in the package.

Contents displaced and screws power cord. As i said here at the bottom of the base is the attachments for those that name mounted looks like it s the four hundred millimeters by six hundred millimeter screw size m6 just for planning purposes. It s got a graphic of all this all these inputs just like we went through earlier looks like that usb does allow for a flash drive input. And you guys can use this to read over at your leisure.

It did come with the remote and the screw driver interestingly it own it has its own generic battery pack. Let s take this out here looks like it s standard buttons here kind of full functioning. A remote app. I ll use my directv remote to control the tv.

But alice s full functioning. It looks like so here it is on its stand and a lot of people worry about how wobbly..

It is but looks pretty stable. I mean i have definitely seen better even on the carpet. However it stays it looks pretty stable you know pretty low doesn t really come off the ground very much but depending on the placement on your tv maybe on the console it may be okay. But yeah let me hook it up and then i ll show you some content.

So here s the directv set up on fx. Just happens to be showing the avengers and it s in actually 720p. Which still looks pretty good still a bit of graininess. But in reality considering the cost and how big this is pretty dang cool.

I think we re sitting about 5 feet away. And this is at least as good as the ones that i ve seen in the stores. Kind of mid range westinghouse physios. You know never going to match.

Samsung s and probably not the sony s at this price point in size but or at resolution. But we ll be trying 4k probably in the next couple days..

As best. I can get a hold of it and try to get on them on the stream. But let me show you some of the menus. So it gives you the picture.

Which it allows you to check the color temperature from normal warm and cool. And then a user as well. I m off to play with that a little bit more and brightness contrast. If you re into adjusting it online.

I d read that a lot of people do adjust it calibrated appropriately sound. It s like it s got all the surround sound modes. Based travel all the standard stuff so i was just figuring out the it s as a menu language menu transparency clock kind of your basic stuff then source labels and ” ..


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