SCUF IMPACT PS4 Custom Controller Honest Review

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“Is up everybody you asked for it you got it you no nonsense. No bs bs review of the scuff impact. We look at that bra. We have previously reviewed scuff infiniti four ps pro 4 playstation.

4. And the scuff vantage today. We will finally have conclusions on which scuf controller is best in my opinion anyways for playstation. 4.

And how well these scuffs stacks up against its competition. And we have more competitive controllers in the lineup as far as custom builds coming in the future on the channel. I want to go ahead and cover some of these similarities and differences that you find between the scuff impact and the scuff infinity for ps pro. I really don t want to include any similarities or differences to the scuff vantage.

Because in case. You didn t see that review you might want to go have a look most definitely the biggest difference is that the scuff impact has four paddles on the back the hair trigger mechanisms on both of these and the trigger stops on both of these are identical. The remapping function is the same for both of these controllers. So all you need to do is pop the magnet on the back.

Hold the paddle. You want to remap click the button on the front. Whatever you re planning on remapping. It to and then release both remove the magnet.

And it s remap. So it s good remapping on the fly. And it has never failed me in my year and a half two years of using these scuff infinity for ps and it hasn t failed me with this new scuff impact. Adjusting the hair triggers is the same you remove the cover on the back go ahead and take your point nine millimeter scuff key insert it in and then you ll want to have the game that you re playing up and running you will calibrate the spring on the inside of the trigger by twisting it clockwise and then it will slowly press down the trigger to where you have it barely add a hair trigger press and then just the slightest input will go ahead and actuate that hair trigger.

I actually did this live on stream. When i received this scuff impact. It was pretty dope it just came in the mail in the middle of my stream..


And we d like unboxed it live super sick if you guys don t miss content like that make sure that you support and these honest reviews and subscribe like share the content. I greatly appreciate it we have grown so much together. And i look forward to doing more awesome things with you guys little difference gonna know is that the case is a little bit bigger on this but it is for sure a standard sony controller build that they ve gone off of a little bit bulkier of a bill. But overall it s still very very easy to use in everything lands right.

Where it s supposed to as far as my fingers in the back. Now this could be different for people with smaller hands they might not be able to get full access or ease of use of the paddles in the back. And that s something definitely to note that if you have smaller hands. The standard sony playstation controller in the infinity will probably be a better option like we saw in the infinity with the quick hot swaps of thumb sticks.

You can do the same thing. And i actually prefer this method over some of the magnetized options that we ve seen in different controllers like the xbox elite. Which i did a review of and tried out on playstation 4 via converter yeah i definitely prefer the hot swap method with the lock rings here on the anti friction ring. So you can just loosen that up pull off the anti friction ring go ahead and pull out your existing joystick.

If you want to go with something higher like a control freak style. You can go ahead. And do that on your aim side and you can order any colors that you want you can see the layout. I ve got here it s actually a beautiful controller.

We did get the grip in the back because i wanted to try out the grip. I had never had scuff grip. I m gonna go ahead and say that it does add a more textured feel to the back and it works and it s beautiful. It s just not as grippy as i would really expect it to be especially for the money.

I kind of prefer a silicone grip over this but silicone grips kind of pick up more grease and oils from your hands and this feels like it s gonna stay really really clean so it has its pros and cons something to build upon i think a little food for thought for scuff would be that we want to go to where these paddles are more grippy and they have a little textured bumps on the paddles themselves. But it d be so nice to feel them with a little silicone or rubberized layer so that your finger actually grips and doesn t slide off of them so easily. I think that d be a great addition of course you can hot swap and remove easily any of these paddles on the back all you need to do is push from the bottom of the paddle and then twist out it s that simple that easy so say i find myself not using this paddle at all i can go ahead and remove it in that way i won t accidentally press. It and it s not cluttered or in the way.

If one day. I decide hey this other game. I really need this paddle super easy to pop back on so definitely got its functionality..


There everything that came with this controller. The case itself that it comes in is its carrying case. You don t get a carrying case for this scuff. You get your magnet for remapping.

You get your allen. Key. Here your scuff key for calibrating your hair triggers in the bag. And then you get extended triggers as well and i find these not to be useful.

So i don t use them. Unlike. What we saw with the scuff vantage. There s no usb cable that comes with it overall gonna have to say that this is the most diverse and functional scuff that i ve gotten so far and that it is working properly.

And i haven t had any issues. Only real complaint would be that my home button gets stuck. I don t like that at all. I don t like my home button.

Getting stuck. I know y all. See that closed up. And i have to like pull it back down.

I feel like somebody should have pressed all the buttons once and been like fix that for you. But everything else feels pretty solid. No dead zone issues. No noticeable input lag of course.

This is built off of a stock. Sony playstation controller. So we wouldn t expect to have any input lag and now that i ve had my hands on all three scuffs that are on the market for playstation 4..


I m gonna have to go ahead and call this one the breadwinner just because it is the most functional and it s the most diverse even if you only want two paddles you can go ahead and remove a few and if you want more paddles later in time you can go ahead and add those in the hair triggers work flawlessly. The remapping is flawless. It s wireless and wired. And it s got a great feel and design gotta say this is the one if you re gonna be shopping with scuff now that being said if you re going to shop with controller companies you need to look into their warranties and how well they re standing behind their products definitely want to note that when looking at things that get built custom.

There s going to be quality control issues over time and scuff kind of makes that blatantly apparent in the warranty section of their website. So we re gonna be having a real real quick look because if we re spending hundreds of dollars on customized controllers. We want to be seeing how well those investments are going to last and how well that company stands behind its product in the long run. Which is what s important right so out of the gates cuff has a 12 month warranty on the paddles as far as breakage that does not include the warranty on the actuators beneath the paddles.

So if the paddle breaks within the first 12 months you re covered. They will send you out new paddles. All you need to do is show them some sufficient evidence that a i was using it pulled it slightly to the side and i broke my paddle and 12 month warranty you can go ahead. Get you a new paddle for free to ship them right out if we go.

One section lower to what is not covered under the 12 month warranty of those paddles. You re gonna see right away through normal wear and tear or deterioration of the actual actuators back here they aren t really made to last forever. You ll see in the comment section of a bunch of my scuff reviews that upward burn bosco repetitively that i ve been burned by scuff multiple times their warranty was crap their customer service was crap. It is just all over my comment section.

All the time and ultimately. It has to do with these paddles not working in the long run. And i don t think that there s a very long window on the lifespan of these paddles. My paddles worked pretty good on my stuff infinity for about three months and then my left paddle started to go out slightly.

But it still worked for up until about six months and then it was out forever. But then the right hand paddle worked for over a year and a half there s really no telling how long the actual lifespan of the actuator on the inside is going to be that s with a lot of elite customized controllers those added on actuators aren t the same quality furthermore. If you are not happy with the build and your item is defective only if it is defective you can return your stuff within 14 days. That s all you get 14 days on your 150 to 200 investment.

The return so you better act quick if you re not happy with the build of your controller. And it is not working properly return it as soon as you can. Which is what i did with my scuff vantage to hit that 14 day window..


So i could actually get a return yes. I had to link everything that was defective with the product and if it isn t defective then they re going to send it right back to you at your dollar. Then you find a lot of custom controllers just one day sitting on the shelf. And that s the worst thing of all i really tried to map out every single paddle so jump reload swap weapons crouch leaving panic knife or melee right there on the front it s definitely a big bonus.

The more you train with it the more you re going to like it i promise. It takes practice. A lot a lot of practice well guys. This has been your no nonsense.

No bs review of the scuff impact. I hope that you have enjoyed it and that it s helped in your decision. Making process and if it has please make sure to like subscribe and possibly share the content with your fellow gamers so in the future. We re going to be reviewing the battle beaver and of course.

The razor ride. You we have to take a look. And see what these guys are doing and if it lives up to the hype. I hope you guys tune in to those.

We also have some dope. Monitor reviews coming up on some really high tier monitors. Like tournament. Status.

I look forward to seeing you guys in the next. One anyways that s it for me guys peace. ” ..


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