Seagate Expansion 500Gb External HDD Unboxing – Seagate Technology

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“Scissors productions today. I m gonna be unboxing. The seagate expansion. External.

Hard drives 500 500 gig simply just opening the seals on there. This is urban first thing. We in the box are just standard warranty. Information.

And used to be quickstart guide of the external hard drive. Itself and then we have the external hard drive in itself. It s got to open is to be plastic protection on the side and in plastic protection cover..


We have the external hard drive itself next in the box at the end. There s two holes. That s why i like all the accessories is you yep that s it in the box. We have an ac adapter in a small plastic cover here is the usb cable for the mixer.

Harddrive and here. We have the pins to be something that plugs into a plug socket and that s it it s just cardboard protection. So we have in the box. We have an ac power source.

I ll plug the plugs into the wall. A usb cable open up in a minute. The external hard drive itself..


The quickstart guide the warranty just open the high drive. Now just show us move out as you can see. When you first opened the casing around this external hardrive you see another their protection. Which is fuchsia plastic.

Again yeah. This is to protect the shiny surface. As you can see with the light shining off it the input so on here an ac input. A usb camera camera a paste for the usb basically a place for this to plug into the back.

Which is a second one long and then we have but i m not sure what that one is there look like anything goes into that. But yeah the plugs to show you that what s in here. Now more clear..


I did say what was in here was a usb thing. But i ll show you more clearly right as you can see you have usb the pubs in gp seriously. And we have the part that plugs into the external hard drive like so simply like this find the way it matches. We good simply plug that in plug that you computer.

And you have 500 gigs of storage. That s simple as simple as that that s why it s advertised as on the box. It is advertised as see this where it says plug and play that simply means you don t have to install any sort of drivers you just literally plug it in by a usb and you re done so thanks for watching the unboxing of the seagate expansion. Asks external hard drive 500 gig.

There s something quite strange about this power ac. Adapter as you can see as a connection. Like this this is so that this well this power connector can simply just slide on to that like so just pick..


The one that you need simply find slide it down here the clip. And it s locked in and that just plugs into your wall and gives power to the external hard drive itself. And that s what it s the same thing just to remove this there s small like leave. A thing here you just push down and slide off and replace with the one that you need.

Which is going to be this hole now slide down here that click and now you have the other power connector on your ac. Adapter thanks for watching again the unboxing of the seagate expansion. ” ..


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