Sennheiser PC 360 Headset Review

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” s up guys paul here today. I m going to be doing a review that that s right a review of this sennheiser headset pc 360. So first off this actually been out for quite some time now at least three or four years. Not currently available everywhere.

I ve seen them come and go on newegg yes. This is like a little bit of a nostalgic review. But if you are looking for newer versions of this sennheiser has come out with a pc. 350.

The game won the game zero. And the pc 360 3 d. Which is the direct successor to this headset. You can still find this one it s it was about 250 originally at retail.

But you can find it discounted at times. I ve seen it for as little as 150 bucks. But that might have been more back around black friday time now as far as accessories. There s really not a whole lot to speak of basically in the box you get the headset that s just about it you get a rubber cable here a rubber coated cable which is just shy of 10 feet long it s got gold.

Plated. 35. Inch microphone and headphone jacks. There on the.

End and then for..

Specifications you have a 15 at to 20000. Hertz. Frequently. Frequency.

Response. Range. 50 ohm. Impedance.

Get a. Mic. Frequency. Response range of 50 hertz to 16000.

Hertz and finally a 2 year manufacturer s warranty from sennheiser. Now the headset itself physically speaking. It s fairly large which is good for me. Because i have a slightly larger than average head or so i ve been told you also have 300 gram weight.

Which is pretty lightweight also very flexible the plastic housing on the outside it does maintain a lot of flexibility and it s hollow on the inside so again fairly lightweight. Now that s still very sturdy. Though so very nice build quality throughout. It s got sort of a matte black finish.

As you can probably see right there silver logos..

So you got like the sentence height sennheiser name on the top little as the game logo g4m e. Pc 360. There on the sides as well as sort of an inlay there on one of the ear. Cups.

It s got an open design. So the ear. Cups. Here are open on the back.

Which will let ambient noise through which means. I can hear when my wife is calling for me. While i m playing video games. I also got a bit of metal grilling.

There on the back of the ear cups. And that adds a little bit of protection. There for the drivers themselves and on the left ear. Cup over here.

As you can probably see is where the boom mic lives. So. The moon might first of all has a flip up design. So you can tuck it up there out of the way and it will tell when it s been tucked up out of the way and it will automatically mute itself.

Which is pretty intuitive and keeps from you having to reach and find a mute button..

It has a glossy finish overall as well as a flexible point here at the center. So you can sort of position. It there to be closer to your mouth not a whole lot of flexibility. But still better than nothing the right ear cut features this little knob here.

Which is on ear. Volume control. So you just reach up and twist that around to turn the volume up or down. I find it s very intuitive once you get used to the placement and much much much preferred to an inline sound control mechanism.

Because i really don t like those they just tend to get in the way. The ear cups themselves are large xxl. According to sennheiser. They are oval shaped.

Which works out pretty well very very nice soft velvety fabric covering all of them. And it s padded so it ll form around your ear. I find they re extremely comfortable. There s more plush fabric up here on the top of the headrest and i managed to wear these for hours and hours without even really noticing that they re even there so a very nice design overall.

Very comfortable and that s really what you re looking for in a headset is the comfort level. So you can wear them for long periods of time. While you re gaming as far as sound goes. I want to point out that i m not really what you would call an audiophile as as i guess they like to call themselves.

These are probably the nicest headphones or headset..

That i have actually had the chance to have extensive listening experience with so these are kind of acting as my zero points or so to speak when it comes to talking about headsets or headphones. But basically i ve been testing these with the asus xonar phoebus sound card while i ve been using them extensively with an asus xonar phoebus sound card i would recommend using a sound card with these headsets or maybe a nice external deck. Because that s where you re gonna get the best experience particularly over onboard sound. But they have very solid bass.

It s detailed of that necessarily being muddy or overpowering. It s not that crazy super bass you get with some headsets. But that is to my preference that like overpowering bass. I like to be able to hear all the different sounds mids are fantastic as well excellent reproduction of like vocals and acoustics acoustic guitar in particular i really really like listening to on this headset and the highs are bright without being too tinny or washed out or anything like that so excellent excellent sound overall and lastly.

This review would not be complete without a microphone test so here it is i am testing the microphone on the sennheiser headset pc 360. And that was gonna wrap it up for this video guys once again this has been the sennheiser headset pc 360 a bit more higher end gaming headset. But if you have the money to afford. It definitely some fantastic performance particularly if you re working with a discreet sound card.

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