Setup & Review of the VIZIO V-Series Flat Screen TV 50″ 55″ 60″

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“This millennial review. We re gonna go over the 58 inch. V. Series.

Vizio tv. Tv. This is v 5..


8. 5 g. 1. That s the part number and re gonna unbox.

It do the whole setup process and go over how the tv looks so be sure to hit that subscribe button that way you can see more videos like this into the future and also follow along and let me know your thoughts about this tv down in the comments would the tv turned on it automatically starts right up. But let s go ahead pop open the remote here pretty nice looking remote and very interestingly actually comes with duracell batteries that s kind of a step up from pretty much anything you might see so we can go ahead pop those open. And then it looks like the back of this kinda pops right up to reveal the spot for the batteries..


And it should just kind of hook right back together. There we are so let s go through the setup on this tv start off english home use continue with ethernet for now all right. And now the network is set up it s gonna take a few minutes to update the entire tv. Now that it s done all its updating we get to go through check out each of the terms of service.

Should you want to see them you can go ahead and click accept and then this just gives the information about their viewing data. Which we also need to accept and then if you want you can add your registration. I m going to skip this portion and again click ok on all this stuff..


Now you can see that it s giving you the options to be able to run the apps like amazon or youtube. All the stuff as you go through. I m gonna have different movies that sort of thing so if we jump back up and we even have youtube for tv. So now if we cycle through we ve got the input button.

Which will now allow us to change our inputs oh whoops i hit the voodoo so instead input button. It s going to allow us to jump through watch free is gonna be an internet version of tv. This is gonna allow you to hook up to all sorts of channels here so you can see you can scroll through all these different channels and nice to have all that available you also have input we can jump over to hdmi which so this is going to have chromecast built in which i have there it s also gonna have my and it s also gonna have my roku which i have attached to this and you can go through you ve got tv..


You ve got smart cast a whole bunch of different functions to go through and it looks pretty nice so. I ll update you after about a week of using this and let ” ..

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