Sewing Patches Onto Pockets & Sleeves

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“I m tripp with pat stop. We re going to show you a couple of of possible ways to put flags and other patches on the shoulders. And on pockets your jacket or vest. American flags come in two directions.

If blue fields always got to be forward so this flag would go on this shoulder. This flag would go on this shoulder. So the blue field is facing forward each time. What we do is we simply use a little glue position the flag.

We re going to show you how to sew it on a regular machine and on a pocket machine boom in place. Make sure we get them straight. And this was going forward. Now.

Both flu fields are facing towards the front. We re also going to show you now you can sew on a pocket with a special machine. We re going to put this one down here. And this one will end up sewing with this pocket machine.

This one here. We re going to show you how you can put something like this on a sleeve. Now when they re riding down the road. The arm out this will be shown that they can see it so we re going to put this one over here this way this okay.

Now first you can sew on a machine that the armhole is big enough you can pull it out and put it under your machine and sew it on a regular machine. We ll show you how to do that okay by pulling the jacket in under we re pulling the liner flat from underneath. So the liner s not wrinkled in any way. So that when we re done and we re sewing through the hole of the arm from the underside.

So we ll start over here so across now as you rotate you got to check your liner again make sure the liner stays flat. Because when you rotate the vest. The liner gets wrinkles now that s how you can sew on a shoulder and isoing through the armhole now we re going to use the long arm machine. This is the old machine.

It s used for sewing soles on shoes. But we use it for pockets and sleeves. They made these machines in the 1800s late 1800s and they re still with the same working mechanisms..


Today. By doing again you got to make sure that the liner is flat on the underside. We go in through the shoulder and start at one corner and we re going to sew the patch on with the long arm now this is a 360 degree walking foot. So we don t have to turn the material.

We merely turn the angle of the needle and we re back to where we started cut our threads and again on the underside. There s no wrinkle in the liner. Okay now we ll go down to a pocket. It s the same thing as in the shoulder.

Only this time. We we unzip the pocket you put your hand make sure the liner of the pocket is flat come up and start on one corner of the star and we re just going to stitch around the edges staying close to the edges hitting all the ends of the corners each point of the star. So it doesn t upper wrinkle and we re back where we started we always overlap our stitches at least four or five then that way it doesn t come apart on us cut our threads down on the inside all right now that s the pocket. Now you still have a pocket now it has been closed up.

So it s still usable now we re going to go to the arm. It s the same thing as as the pocket with the arm. I like put my arm and arm in the puff sleeves that helps me hold the liner straight. We can do the same thing here.

We re going to start here at the end again. I m holding the liner straight with my fingers on the inside. A wrinkle binder will end up causing. You problems later.

So it s very important and on this one here s got a lot of little curlicues you just follow the edges and we re back to the beginning. We re done and the liner on the inside is not wrinkled because i ve held it flat just cut your threads. pherals. You know it s a simple way to connect i really have no need for it we go back to dashboard and as you can see here.

I have guest access turned off. I really don t have many visitors to my home. And if i did i would actually enable it to allow my guests to log on and to let them use my network. So basically i have those both turned off as you can see i am not broadcasting.

Any of my guest networks. You could go ahead and have that enabled your guests password you could go ahead and change it right there as you can see mine is my lunch 65. So to get allowed you can actually change the total guests allowed from five to fifty now..


I don t know why you would allow 50 guests in your house. Unless you re having some massive block party and everybody wants to upload to instagram at the same time parental controls. I really like this feature where you can control a device. I do have a three year old in the house and that s this guy here you just go ahead and block specific sites you can block manually you can actually block this on a schedule.

And this is really really useful for parents with teenagers who are always on their smartphone. They re always under laptop and they re coming home from school and not necessarily doing their homework. So you could also you know just limit the time for schedule. The times.

Which they are allowed to use the internet. More importantly you know when it s time for bed. You really don t want them just laying down. And you know hopping on my channel or can you go instagram facebook or twitter.

So you can set the schedule on your router to disable internet access for them. When it is bedtime. So they can get to bed. And not stay up till.

Tuesday o clock. In the morning. So we go back here to dashboard. We have the bike prioritization now this is an important one so i have 13 devices on my network and i m sure the reason why i bought any of these ea or wrg routers.

Is because you are demanding the best and bandwidth and you probably have a comprehensive network. So you re allowed to prioritize specific devices so i have 13 devices on my network. But i want my xbox one to be prioritized and i want my desktop pc to be prioritized and the reason being is is that theoretically if all 13 devices are on the network. The router will set prioritization for be specific to okay so.

If i have my tv running netflix and is using up a lot of data. But i need to play video games and stream video games for you guys to watch. I ve wanted to prioritize my xbox one my desktop again if netflix is running i wanted to prioritize my desktop because i do a lot of uploading to youtube so you guys can watch my videos. We ve actually a bunch of other features here like router administration now if you ve seen my 30 day router review.

Which i will clue in a court above check that out you will hear that i talked about the firmware update. Now when i initially set up this router. I did a firmware update..


And it really screwed with my download speech. So i reset the router and turned automatic firmware update off. But whatever reason the guy that linksys and the guys at net neck. Here you know tp the seems like they have very little to do so they just pretty much push out a firmware updates.

Without doing any testing. Which really sucks. But i am not going to update. My firmware and as you can see here i had automatic firmware update turned off you could change route of password and hint from the router administration.

And you could look at router ip. Details take a look at that array so my connection type is dhcp. My ip address and the ip address. If this device is point zero point three should we go to advanced settings.

And here. You can do port settings. Now you can do single port forwarding. Port range forwarding and port range triggering here you can add a role if you will like the router to remember a port a specific device is used for sending data to the internet now this is useful for the bikes is like slingshot.

I hear a lot of people talking about slingshots. How they re not getting a connection to their router. You might want to check out your port range. Triggering and check out slingshot for instructions your port range forwarding.

Again. If you would like to send traffic from a range of porsche to a specific connected device you would typically do that with your xbox. One you know there or for xbox live s there s specific range of porch. That you would need to forward.

And you can do single port forwarding. Now. This is like where specific app like utorrent or something like that where you would like support to forward so you get the best bandwidth usage. So we ve got wi fi mac filter status.

I have that turned off and we have basically the health and logout feature. Now let s check out the help you see here we have getting started with the links of smart wi fi frequently asked questions you can browse. By topic or feature..


You can even contact support from this app. So the links and smart wi fi app is a great companion for your wi fi network. You don t have to log. Onto your computer and you know type.

In. 19216811. You don t have to do all. That you simply fire up this app gain access to your network and customize it to better suit your network needs so this escape is for you dork.

I hope this pretty uh make sense for you guys are hope. It made it helpful and i hope it helped you with your decision in migrating to linksys. As your networking device again the linksys ea family and wrog family. Our first class devices.

And you really can t go wrong with any of these devices and also i might make you aware that linksys does have a new router to the ea family that is the ea 7300 hp. Ac 1750 so that s 175 pre commit throughput and the alexus wor to 3200 ac. 3200 which is basically a 32. Group in throughput and that s new and you could find it ozzie linksys website for 249.

Now. 3200 is more than enough for most people. I ll be honest. Unless you are just a demanding gamer.

Just a techie that commands the best out of your network and if you really do demand. The best and the ea 9500 also known as the hp 5400. It s a device for you make sure you check out my reviews. And my unboxing include those links in the color.

This just gave with servidores. ” ..

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